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Field Report: party, flubbed the close

mASF post by interact

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Field Report: party, flubbed the close
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mASF post by "interact"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hi, I'm Interact. This is my first post. I don't do very many approaches, so
like to post small interactions here and get feedback and learn as much as i
can with what little practice i'm getting. My goal right is to find an LTR (and
lay women in process, if I have to!)

Scene: House party with art students, saturday night.
Target: Very cute brunette HB8 in jeans and jean jacket.

Lots of EC from target. Opened her direct. Great convo on sensual topics:
yoga, modern dance, etc. Light kino. EV'ed a little bit. We both used to live
the same neighborhood of New York City, and she went on about liking New
Yorker's directness because they don't beat around the bush (heh). After 15
minutes, I wanted to hit up another (I was actually on my way out when I
opened her). First I invited her to come, but she told me she wakes up really
early even on the weekends (something about her yoga lifestyle). Talked some
more and then I decided to jet. "I gotta go to this party, you should give me
your number we'll hang out." As soon as I got her number she got kind of
weird and immediately ran to the bathroom. It was a total change from the
tone of the conversation, which was playful and flirty. She did give me her
number, but I could tell pretty much 100% that it would be a flake. It was
weird, like she was offended or put upon. Called this afternoon (next day) and
left voicemail. As expected, no response.

I'm wondering if there's a problem with my #close tech. I think I have an idea
of what happened, but some feedback would help. I might have
subcommunicated that I was going to stick around same night. Was my
#close too abrupt? Would that set off player-alarms? Maybe I didn't spend
enough time with her. There was no real solid interest in a meet, but I did EV
and she did qualify to me and there was good kino. Also, I totally blew out
other guys who were gaming her (shy boys) and they left the party. Maybe
she felt like I screwed up her other prospects.

Any good recommendations for reading up on #close technique? Could I have
calibrated this better? I thought about sticking around and gaming her more,
except I really did need to go. Could I have tried to turn it around in my
voicemail or SMS?

many thanks,

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