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Sticking Point: What I believe about myself

mASF post by ACoolGuy

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Sticking Point: What I believe about myself
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mASF post by "ACoolGuy"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

I am not troll :) Anyway the problem more or less took care of itself yesterday
- I did 10+ approaches almost all except the first few were really good. Thing
is - when I don’t approach immediately when I go into a club I often get stuck
in a negative loop and think negative shit about myself. But when I start
approaching immediately and don’t wait too long between approaches the opposite
happens - I get very social and no negative thoughts at all. I guess I am
bipolar in a way :)

On 8/6/05 8:17:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:
>ACG's posting style reminds me
>that troll "charlestheis3."
>else see similarity?
>OE's First Law: Any
>sufficiently long thread on
>mASF devolves into a flame war
>about SS.

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