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opening in loud clubs

mASF post by peeaayempee

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opening in loud clubs
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mASF post by "peeaayempee"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Heres what I do to get my into the right state before going to clubs. Just warm
up with street approaches. First ask a girl for directions or if she knows a
fun club around here and then eject. Do this a couple of times but each time
you hang in the set a little longer. First you ask one question, then two etc.
By the time I enter the club I am so fkking hyper that I couldnt care less if i
get rejected or not by a girl, because I am feeling so great.

And why are you are trying to have these long conversations in a club? Get on
the dancefloor man! All you'll need there is kino and eyecontact.
Just dance there by yourself or with friends. If you notice a HB make
eyecontact, smile, and start dancing with her. Match her pace. Then make some
kino to turn her on and eventually kiss.

All questions you will need in that process are: hi!, whats your name?, Lets
Thats it. But if she digs you its highly likely she will ask them if you dont.

If a chick doesnt want to dance with you when you come closer, who cares. At
least you are having fun, man. Its her loss. Try another chick. The club is
full of them.

Dont worry about leaning in too much. Thats not very practical in clubs. Just
grab her shoulder or head and scream in her hear, if you are going to say

BTW. Go out to clubs with some naturals from work or school or just observe the
other people in the club. You will learn ten times more from that than from
talking on a messageboard.

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