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Lay Report: HB Taiwanese

mASF post by LuNoTiCK

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Lay Report: HB Taiwanese
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mASF post by "LuNoTiCK"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I felt like I wasn’t getting any better, all these approaches
weren’t getting me as far as I had hoped. I was approaching nonstop for
a couple months, getting a ridiculous amount of numbers, but not a lot of day
2’s. I call up the girl and can’t remember who she is. My
approaches were generally very short, and were just # closes, I wasn’t
going for the instadate as much as I should. Although when I did, they
generally went pretty well. After getting some inspiration and deciding I need
to work on other parts of my game, I shouldn’t just leave as soon as I
feel uncomfortable. So I decide to go out for about two hours and sarge, see
where it goes.
I see HB Taiwanese get on the train, I was sitting down, and was actually a
little nervous. I tend to get nervous on my first few approaches of the day.
Anyway I justify it by saying I’m sitting down, and don’t want to
lose my seat. I say if we get off at the same stop I have to for sure. Well,
it ends up that she gets off at the same stop as me, so I figure, I must.
I go up to her, and say “Hey, I think you’re really cute.”
She barely speaks any English and has only been here for 1 month. She is also
leaving to go back in 2 days; a # close would be worthless. We walk for a
little bit and I tell her lets go get coffee. She refuses. I talk for a
little while longer, and than say lets get coffee again, she refuses, I say
“come on, it will be fun”, I than grab her hand and we go to get
some coffee.
Well we are at Starbucks, and sit down. Talk for a bit, and I kiss her.
After about 15 minutes, I’m tired of Starbucks. I suggest we go to the
park, and she’s a little hesitant but we go anyway. We’re walking
around, and I tell her I want to see where she’s staying. My logistics
are bad so I figured hers would at least be better than mine. But my idea gets
better. I decide we should walk there, it is about 3 and a half miles. Every
few blocks, I would just stop and we would make out. After about a mile and a
half, the train sounds like a good idea. We get off at her stop, and we get to
her place after a little more walking. As soon as I’m there I sit on her
bed, and tell her to come here.
We start making out, and she gave me LMR saying we just met. Her shirt came
off pretty easy, but the pants were very difficult. The total time from the
initial meeting to the lay was about 3 hours.

Things that helped me get the lay, I’m sure I missed:
Actually going out and approaching
Good Body Language – We weren’t able to communicate with words too
easily because she spoke very little English

I would like to thank Woodhaven, Sebastian and Spirit Fingers for all their

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