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New to this site... under a tight schedule!

mASF post by Agrisafi1

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New to this site... under a tight schedule!
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mASF post by "Agrisafi1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Hey guys, my name is Anthony. I am 18, been at sosuave for four years, looking
to take my seduction lifestyle to the next level. I have read the PlayerGuide
in its entirety. I am here because I will be leaving for college in just under
four weeks and frankly, the last few months have been dismal. I went from
laying 4 girls in five weeks (out of the 6 I have layed in my life) to being in
a SHITTY LTR, being swamped with schoolwork, a host of surgeries, and then
FINALLY over the last month I have been showing signs of life and my previous
pua dexterity!

I am a good looking guy... 9.1 on face and 7.5 on body. I have a very fun,
energetic personality and a firm grasp of the seduction basics... 9.5
personality 8.0 game. I have only actively been practicing seduction for two
years, and I have been made 500 TRUE cold approaches (opener, fluff, exchange
of names, rapport). Closed 200 times for 100 numbers, 1/4 of which I did not
call, 1/4 of which did not answer, 50 of which resulted in dates. Ive gotten
head 20 or so times (as opposed to sex due to insecurities relation to
age/experience) and been layed 6 times with 6 different girls (none higher than
8.5). I am inexperienced giving head and having sex.

I leave for college in a month, and I promised myself I would surpass my
previous success and meet my collegiate experience at the top of my game... I
hope you guys can provide the constructive criticism Ill need!

To break the ice... a confusing FR:

At the mall shopping for shoes I saw HB 8.7 walking in the opposite direction.
I look to her eyes, she avoided mine untill we were 10 yards from eachother and
our eyes met. She quickly looked away, then back again. We were 5 yards from
eachother when I smiled, she smiled back and I mouthed "Hi." We passed
eachother, I made a mental note of what she was wearing (and where she would b
shopping) and kept looking for my shoes.

Walking past A+F I saw her again and decided to wait in a similar knockoff
store nearby. Sure enough, she walked in. I see her walk in and walk over to
her. We make eyeontact:

Anth - Hi!
Andrea - Hi!
A - I noticed you while I was window shopping... you are absolutely adorable
HB - Oh thank you!
A - And I was wondering if you had a personality to match, so whats youre name?
HB - Andrea
A - I am Anthony Grisafi, its a pleasure to meet you
HB - Thank you, you too
A - So, what are you up to... buying the place?

I find out she is shopping for two weddings and is REALLY stressed out because
she is holding onto her adventurous youth but her friends are all tying the

A - I know exactly how you feel... a great friend of mine just married his
girlfriend of four years... a traditional russian ceremony and a crazy rave
afterparty! I know, before the weddings you might wonder if this is the end of
all youre fun times and the wild life you led in college... but believe me,
that couldnt be further from the truth! As soon as they settle down you will
be able to relax and enjoy yourself again.

She isnt holding eyecontact with me, but she is blushing and mirroring my
energy, body language, and tonality. She tells me she will be speaking in both
weddings. I ask if she is nervous, she tells me she was class president in
college and public speaking doesnt bother her. I joke about terrible speeches
I have heard, she smiles and tells a short story about a speech she gave in
college. My cell phone rings and I take it out of my pocket...

A - Oh gosh, my friends just arrived in town, I should be going soon
HB - Me too, Ive got so much to do
A - Andrea, I had a really great time talking with you
HB - Me too, it was nice meeting you
A - Hey, do you like coffee?
HB - No, and I really dont have time!
A - Jeeze! Not for today silly, but I would like to continue this
conversation sometime in the near future, do you have a cell phone?
HB - I do but I REALLY cant give it out

WHAT THE HELL?! Everything went smooth, she was STILL holding my hand 45
seconds after I said I had to go... but STUPID ME didnt press her at all, I
just exited!

A - Well that stinks, I think it would be a lot of fun getting to know
HB - It was really nice talking to you
A - By Andrea
HB - By Anthony!

All be it the approach was only five minutes... but things seemed to be going
REALLY well... any thoughts?

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "Agrisafi1" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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