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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams

mASF post by Alpha Romeo

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Lay Report pt 3: Montreal: Taking 2 from Tam-Tams
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mASF post by "Alpha Romeo"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I also wonder about his looks....what I REALLY want to know is WHY is he in
Montreal of all places? sound exactly like a good friend of mine...except I know you're
not him....he did the exact same stuff as you....and he believed in what he was
saying 100%....he could say the most ridiculous shit and the girls would love
it...I believe it is because HE believed only makes sense....I think
the best way for me is to go on my confident approaches....and then bust open
with your rapport style....I've done it before, but convinced myself it was
bullshit....i'm gonna crack the world with this shit...

-Do quarters bounce off that?-

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