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Lay Report x 3:Montreal: Trois beautées en une seule journée

mASF post by GoneSavage

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Lay Report x 3:Montreal: Trois beautées en une seule journée
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mASF post by "GoneSavage"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Shouts back:

Nostromo—I have definitely seen a transformation in my self and this art form
since I began the trip. I’m definitely more creative and expressive, more
confident, things fall in place with much less effort, the women are more
beautiful and our emo-sexual bonds are even more profound. Yes I am very
mindful during the interaction. There is a basic structure but I try to make
it seamless and allow for spontaneity at the same time. “love life” is a
personal motto. It has a dual meaning for me. Thanks for your thoughtful

Blondie—sappy, romantic, and respectful—that’s me! At first I started doing
like 6-8 hours a day of approaches and interactions. As it became more
naturalized, I followed other touristic pursuits and chatted girls in my
natural path. Now I am following so many “dates” that much of my time is
allotted for certain women—and I do not PU while in the company of a woman 1:1.
So to get the initial contacts, I make a conscious effort to PU, stay open to
tangential pursuits, but I don’t need 6 hours to get solid leads. All this is

Droots22—always good to hear from you. You always have amazing insights. You
sum up the core of me well and it makes my soul smile to realize that someone
is seeing *ME* in my posts. Generosity, positivity, heart, and openness.
These are my “higher values.” Congruency to intent—to make her smile, laugh,
enjoy the moment for what it is, and open up to me in ways that she has never
opened up to anyone. Embodiment of the romantic hero—a major motivating motif
of my life and lifestyle. Atmosphere-like soul—beautiful, poetic, curious,
make her feel as comfortable as she did as a kid on the playground. Ethos –
“love life”—Time is our only commodity and we’re all more-or-less equal by
virtue of our birth. Make the most of your 24 hours.

AjeeOne—Anticipation is a powerful theme that resonates well with most women.
Take your time, don’t rush, enjoy the moment, admire what is before you. I
love to slow women down, make them notice things that they otherwise would
never have noticed, be a cunt-tease, and have them begging for the next level
of pleasure and delight. You will love the next LR.

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