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Lay Report: Holliday in Italy

mASF post by EnergetiC

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Lay Report: Holliday in Italy
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mASF post by "EnergetiC"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

This report is about a lay that happened while I was on holliday with my
wingman in Rimini, Italy. (two weeks ago)

We had been sarging the night before, without too much success. It was our
first night out in Italy and we discovered that 95% of the Italian chicks
hardly speak any english at all, so there's no way to communicate with them
apart from full-on direct club-game, grabbing them at the dancefloor. That's
not really my game though (but I'll work on it!), so didn't get very far, apart
from some approaches on non-Italian chicks. We were still very tired from the
trip there (we went by car from Holland, 18 hour drive and didn't sleep at all
since we left) so that didn't help much either.

It was early in the afternoon now, and we just got out of our apartment and
decided to chill out at the pool a bit. We spotted two girls in the pool,
HB8.5short and HB8blond. Since me and my wing both have a very different taste
in women we both knew it would be HBshort for me and HBblond for him. We
approached them with the standard holliday-fluff talk. They turned out to be
Dutch as well and started giving us massive IOI's. We were busting on them a
lot and they were really fighting for our attention. It has been mentioned
before, but I'll say it again, if you do things right, most HB's will close the
deal for you, without too much effort. After only a few minutes the girls
invited us up to there hotelroom for the night. We said we'd be there and bring
some wine along.

In the evening we went up to their room with the wine and did some more fluff
talk. We set down on some lounge-chairs on their balcony, me with HBshort on my
lap and my wing taking care of HBblond. The latter turned out to have a BF at
home, and despite my wing's good effort he couldn't close her. He stuck around
to help me get it on with HBshort though, cudo's to my wing for that!
I got a call from two female friends I know from home who happened to be on
holliday in Italy close to where we were, inviting us to come to a big club
nearby. So, we took the girls with us and went up there.
Great club, good atmosphere. We met op with the girls there, who gave us
massive social proof. Both are HB's and it was just great to meet them there. I
just noticed HBshort's buying temp shooting up when those girls arrived.

After a great time in the club we went back to our appartment for some chilling
out with slow music and wine. The four of us (me, my wing and HBshort and
HBblond) ended up on the beds which we had pushed together. It was getting
early in the morning and HBblond wanted to leave and get some sleep. HBshort
was clearly in doubt over wether to spend the night with me or going back with
her friend. I sensed that her friend would make a fuss over it, cos she didn't
want to be left out, so I told HBshort that it was all good and that she could
come wake me up in the morning. Kissclosed her and they left.

Next morning they didn't come to wake us up, I assume cos of HBblond not
wanting to meet my wing again, cos she clearly liked him and she was affraid
she'd go too far with him and didn't want to cheat on her BF.
We went down to the pool to get the last effects of the lack of sleep and the
alcohol out of our bodies and found them there.
We had to go to town to get some groceries and we asked them along. When we got
back I said I was gonna change into some other clothes and just walked into my
room. My wing walked on to his room with HBblond (again, great to have a wing
who knows what to do!) while HBshort just followed me into my room. Again
showing that most girls will know how to create the opportunities when you play
them right.
From there on it was a done deal. Heavy makeout on the bed, followed by the

Most important aspect for me:
- Great leading from my part. From the start on I displayed alphaness, a cool
frame and a good control of the situation.


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