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seem to be shit tested Outing Report something, what do do?

mASF post by burning_chrome

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seem to be shit tested Outing Report something, what do do?
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mASF post by "burning_chrome"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

>1. you have no game. period, you are
>sarging chicks from the internet. ( how
>lame is that?)

Doesn't matter. How lame is it that you limit yourself?

>2. YOu seem totally gamma( double beta)
>and clearly AFC.

If so then that is why I am here. If I was some PUA then I wouldn't need to be
posting this now would I? If you are unable to offer advice, then simply
don't. Telling me that I am a AFC isn't going to help, and kind of makes you
look pathetic.

>3. You seem too dependant

Feel free to elaborate, if you can. But for know I am going to have to take
this as a BAFC (below average frustrated chump) trying to bring others down to
his level.

Now here is a little advice for you, big people are compassionate,
nonjudgmental, and constructive, little people like yourself trying to belittle
and judge any chance they get and are unable to provide constructive feedback,
but instead resort to name calling. This is common knowledge, even if people
only know this on a subconscious level. Women are going to pick up on this and
you are going to remain a BAFC. My main advice is to get your life together
out side of PUing, and then come back to it. I think you will find that you
come across much better, and will be much more successful in your game.

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