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Re: Lay Report: How to REALLY run a 2-set! :)

mASF post by mike123

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Re: Lay Report: How to REALLY run a 2-set! :)
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mASF post by "mike123"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

But dont trust my word for it, its been up on and for acouple of days, without futher ado here is my
fieldreport from saturday, Man I cant believe you forgot our first 2set
razorjack, were you that drunk aswell?

Me razorjack and two naturals all go out to this club only open during the
summertime. Its pretty big, 4 bars, 2 outdoors and 2 indoors, 2 levels and a
stage in the main danceroom. Its late and thus a huge line, we dont go out and
meet women the line however as we're on the list and waltz right in.

We've been drinking quite some wine so im getting pretty drunk.
Upon entering it isnt really that much people yet so we grab something to drink
and talk some game and strategy. UGs on my left(well theyre like 7s and one 8,
but to me theyre ugly girl's im focusing only on 9s and 10s tonight).

I get introduced to a girlfriend of a girl my natural is talking to , she looks
allright but I dont run any direct game on her so I guess im pretty fast
labeled excuser, either way I am being friendly greeting her and bullshitting
for a second.

Move to dancefloor and run the assholerockstar, getting some interest from a
hot thai-chick who is now dancing infront of me giving me looks. Razorjack
leans in and informs me of the status of this chick. Apparently she's a regular
and he has hit her up before, problem is she is looking for a man to marry or
she wont spread her legs. In other words you have to help her become a swedish
citizen and she's just using her looks to tease guys into this.

Mostly guys on the dancefloor so we decide to move downstairs to hit up some
seated sets. Walk down, look around, spot a seated mixed 4set, 2 average
frustrated chump
and 2 HBs. We walk right up, pull up chairs from another table
and sit down next to the girls and start talking to them ignoring the average
frustrated chump
, the HBs are into it. I run direct game "I like you... I would
like to get to know you". She smiles and says "thank you" and we start talking,
I ask her for her name, she asks me where I work, I tell her I work at the zoo
as a liontamer. We laugh, I ask her where she works, she tells me she has a
fiancee. I tell her thats not what I asked and I dont care if she has a fiancee
or not. She tells me "but I do care" and his name is peter and is working here
tonight as a bouncer. Shit, I know that bouncer. Immediately switch to
befriending her instead of gaming her. Talk for 10 more minutes, then they want
to go to dance, we dont.

I get a call from that chlamydiagirl saying she is at this other place and
wants to meet me, fine I walk over there. Being a regular I waltz right into
this place too, order a beer, walk around and greet all my friends and
acquintances. Spot her, walk up and say hello, grab her and miniisolate her.
Talk abit with her about how she should wear contactlenses instead she gets
pissed off and doesnt like it when people tell her how she should look. Now I
make a mistake, I could have run the svengali routine "yeah but see , that girl
there definitely has you beat in the legs department, and that girl has way
nicer breast than you, and that girl has a cuter smile.. but one thing none of
them have is those beautiful eyes, and the sad part is.. you actually want to
withhold your beauty for the rest of the world" But instead I become some sort
of an excuser, I switch the subject and bullshit some more but the vibe is
totally fucked. At one point she asks me do you want me to choose between you
and my ex? I say no, do whatever you like i'll be out on the dancefloor talking
to someone else and eject.

She obviously leaves without me, which is really sad. I could have fucked her
that night, she was the one who called me, she wanted to meet me, she hinted at
sleeping at my place that night etc etc, there was definite interest.

I move outside and bullshit with the crowd outdoors, tongue down two UGs who
seem lonely and go inside another club. Nothing happening here, walk to yet
another club, buddy just got a job as a bouncer so im let in for free. Walk in
people sitting and standing, not packed but pretty decent amount of people.
Alittle dressed up lounge rich party type of place with a dancefloor upstairs.
Immediately I walk in and walk through the loungesection, walk past a 6set, one
HB facing in my direct as I walk by no hesitation I open "i like you.. I would
like to get to know you" She gets this surprised but happy expression(leans
back for a second, eyebrows up, smile but with mouth open) "reallY?" I extend
my arm "whats your name" "HBsomething" I immediately try to give her my values
"i broke up with my GF but she was adventerous so if youre not adventerous I
could never hang with you" Her friend comes up, she introduces me we bullshit
some more she tells her GF that I broke up with my GF, i sense she is still
shocked from my strong oncoming trying to push some of the load over to her GF,
I dont want to game her, I tell her I would like to dance now so im going to go
upstairs i'll see you later. She opened well, she was happy and receptive but
kind of startled, I couldnt hang it in there though, maybe im coming in too
strong and then diminishing?

Move upstairs, same way I try to open an HB, but fuck im drunk now, so I move
in but my thinking is sluggish so theres a silent splitsecond before I chew out
my opener, she is cold, I dont even bother with working around her bitchshield
and move on. Place closes I call up razorjack to go get my jacket. Get there,
meet him he also didnt manage to find an F-close, get my jacket go outside two
HBs standing there. We open, bullshit and its going good. We're moving along
with them, two guys walk past us, my target turns around and goes after them,
apparently she had been interested in one earlier that night. Theyre walking
together, rjack and his chick are walking seperately, my society induced
thirdwheel feeling kicks in fuck this. Razorjack has got his target, those two
guys have got my target. Theyre all gonna fuck and im gonna get none(at best
leftovers). I decide to go home.

Well apparently what happened next was they all went to one of the guys
apartment, the girls however got bored and took razorjack and the guy my target
was interested in over to the girls place. The guy who my target was interested
in pushed too much for sex and verbalized it "if youre not gonna have sex im
leaving", he obviously leaves. Razorjack is stuck with two horny HBs in their
apartment. He fucks my target, I cry myself to sleep. Smoking

If I just had hung in there, relaxed, let the two guys blow themselves out I
could have had a fucking foursome.

This is the name of the game when its played shitty.. in retrospect the entire
night was filled of flaws. No more drinking when PUing.

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