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Voluntary rAFC Declaration

mASF post by RobinGoodfellow

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Voluntary rAFC Declaration
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mASF post by "RobinGoodfellow"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

In response to the issue Formhandle raised over the inexperienced offering
advice, I've decided to voluntarily declare that I am a (recovering) Average
Frustrated Chump
. Please keep this in mind when reading my comments.

If anyone cares: I'm currently an undergrad in Alabama (2 weeks until I
graduate). Next year I'm starting law school in NYC. I like cooking, writing,
and mixing drinks. I'm 20, a virgin, and I'd say I'm about a 6, working
towards becoming a 6.5.

I've added a nice little signature (disclaimer) as well.

I'm an rACF. I rarely have answers, but sometimes I can raise interesting
This is my way of helping curb the problem of the blind leading the blind. Now
you know better. Now it's your fault.
(Who loves ya, Formhandle?)

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