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To anyone who wants to listen

mASF post by Kineti[C]harm

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To anyone who wants to listen
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mASF post by "Kineti[C]harm"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

You don't love yourself, that's the problem!

You reframe everything negative and see the negative in things and reapply that
counterintuitive and counterproductive on yourself, very bad!

The whole "preplanned response" etc is just LAME. GET THAT. They aren't playing
a "character", they are just letting lose and releasing their primal self. You
on the other hand is afraid and is holding back and running shitty stuff on

If you had just chilled, laid back, been social and normal, had fun, not cared
etc you would be banging those girls instead. AFC means average frustrated
and those guys you call AFCs that were banging those girls doesn't seem
frustrated at all, but you sure as hell do :P

- Kineti[c]harm
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