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Begin at the Beginning

mASF post by Vince

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Begin at the Beginning
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mASF post by "Vince"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Begin at the Beginning

In order to begin, you have to realize that you are probably victimized by
Myths, Romantic Fallacies, and Erroneous Beliefs. Any guy who is not a
so-called "Natural" and has friends who are very successful with women (a
support or MasterMind Group) is an AFC: Average, Frustrated Chump. While he
may have relatively good experiences with the opposite sex, he really doesn
't feel he's taken control of this part of his life. He has no clear cut
plan for getting from, "Hello," to hot, naked sex. There are aspects of
women's behavior that completely baffle him. Most importantly, he realizes
that Jerks, Bastards, and Players are getting what he wants and he is
certain he doesn't want to become a rotten, no good fucker.

Take heart, Brother. You can play the game without becoming morally
bankrupt. You simply need to understand what's going on behind the scenes.
Jerks, Bastards and Players are guys who are naturals and who don't have
the feedback from a support group to fine tune their game. They're too cool
to accept advice, correction or new ideas. They learned the game like the
guy who learned to swim by being thrown in over his head: he can dog
paddle, but has a problem with learning new strokes.

The first thing you need to understand is that women and men are different
(put down that brick!). Men are objective oriented. Guys can focus in on
achieving a specific objective and tune out distractions like the
environment, emotions, etc. The rest of the time, guys are fat, dumb and
happy (I already warned you about that brick!). Women, however, are
self-referential. Gals can connect with all the aspects of a situation,
because of a rich connection in their brains (the corpus callosum) which
allows them to have strong feelings towards where the situation might lead
them. Also, women worry about everything, all the time. For guys, it's the
destination. For gals, it's the journey.

Also, ironically, despite what women say about wanting a guy who is
intelligent, sensitive, with a good sense of humor, etc., what she responds
to is a guy she cannot control. He Tarzan, she Jane. Hence, the relative
success of the inconsiderate jerk who just takes what he wants and discards
her when he's finished with her. I can't tell you how many guys are out
there, right now, wiping off their dicks on some poor chick's curtains
because they're DONE.

To begin your journey from AFC to PUA (pick up artist), you need to take
back your power. If you have been a typical, supplicating guy who puts up
with irrational crap, demands and shit tests from women, then it's time to
put your foot down. Never, ever, let your desire for a given women make you
surrender your self respect. I'm sure you can think of someone you know
(even, perhaps, yourself), who let some girl walk all over him, just
because he was afraid of losing her. I'll bet you can guess what gender
most often says, "Let's just be friends", "It's not you, it's me", "I need
some time to myself", "I'm involved with someone else", ad libitium, ad

The easiest way for you to take back your power is to realize: IT'S YOUR
REALITY. Imagine, if you will, you are a Hot Babe. Every single day of your
life, if you venture out of doors, you will be approached by men. All of
these men want you, sexually. You are the object of unrequited love. Fights
break out over you. Gifts are laid at your feet. Shopping at the mall
becomes a chore because every dumbass and his brother is going to hassle
you. Stopping off for a drink at a bar is dangerous, because the amount of
free liquor offered to you would put you in the hospital or AA. Wearing
what you think is a cute outfit is perceived as provocative by men and
slutty by women. In short, you are the center of attention, in your

You, my friend, can be the center of attention, in your reality. The most
important thing you need to realize is YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR
ALTITUDE. In other words, how you choose to feel about yourself affects how
other people, especially women, perceive you. Instead of putting women up
on pedestals, they will put you up there. Fortunately, as men, we do not
have to be gorgeous, muscular, tall, etc., to be desired by women (although
these are great assets if you are gay). We simply need to be 'manly'. This
is not to be confused with silly displays of machismo, showing off,
braggadocio or other types of overcompensation. It does mean you are no
longer a slave to looks, money, power, etc. She may be very beautiful,
rich, connected, etc., but she cannot be so high up that you cannot capture
her heart.

If you find it difficult to believe you can be this guy, be reassured. Most
guys who are real-life Romantic Heroes started out with crushing self
doubt, self consciousness and many failures with women. They learned what
the rules of the game were and began playing by them.


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