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Re: Lay Report: Hypnotist got second GF

mASF post by dustpuppy

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Re: Lay Report: Hypnotist got second GF
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mASF post by "dustpuppy"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2004

Highly inspiring :)

In article <[email protected]>, Hypnotist wrote:

> Nothing much to say about this,
> after lunch i did call the dancer to set up a meeting, she wanted to see me
> right after lunch (Super average frustrated chump, lol) i told her i am busy
> we'll see each other later
> Then i was doing direct in street, got another istant date with a blonde,
> got her #.
> ditched my gf 1( i was going to be with her),
> gamed more chicks in street with my wing, called dancer, she said i am late
> (LOL)
> and got day 2 with the her.
> As soon as we see each other i grabbed her arm like i am her bf, no
> i grabbed her hand. No resistence (jeez? Do she like me? I hope so!)
> We did move to some pubs while she drinked a little bit, eat something, i let
> her talk for hours (she love to talk a lot) i listened to her, i gave her my
> view on society womens, etc, girls are staring at me, since she is dressed
> smoking hot, guys are drooling at her all the time.
> We did sit in inside pubs, me with alpha BL, laying on chairs, foot on
> head on her legs, etc we are the center of the attention of the pubs.
> We walked inside a pub and one guy near us that got gf looked at the dancer
> drooling, and she know about that, so we did pretend that i was gay, and she
> got mad at me because she just discovered that i am gay and me and dancer
> laughed at this guy because we saw in his face that he
> started to think: maybe i have a chance with her!
> We talked about seduction (she is basically a player like me)
> then i we did sit on street, she wanted to go somewhere i didn't ler her go
> where she wanted and grabbed her alpha way.
> Then i tryed to kiss her, she refused and said i am bad, i grabbed her
face and
> forced her to kiss me 3-4 times, after that she loosen up and start to
kiss her
> (but without toungue shit!)
> She tested me for controll many time's i was totally relaxed and keep my
> then we make out in street, then i moved to her house, then we fucked, then
> talked about each other, about how is weird since we feel like knowing each
> other for ages (my rapport skills i suppose) how i am different since i act
> normal around her, and she can't use her sexual power to influence me, since
> am in controll,and how i am a bastard, how i have many many rules, how i
am the
> only one that persuaded her to not do what she want since every man will
try to
> please her,etc.
> She challenged me telling me that every man after 2 weeks in relationship
> her will become her dog following her all the time, i told her that after 4
> weeks with me she will change totally stopping to drink, smoke, being more
> healty,etc, she told me that i am a super asshole,and asked me if i am an
> asshole like this all the time, and i replyed YES! with super smile
> So i have now another gf.
> And of course i am gaming more chicks.
> Hypnotist/Neo

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