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mASF post by BigShermDawg

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mASF post by "BigShermDawg"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

ESTP wrote:

>Even when you dress correctly and give
>off the correct body language only a VERY
>small percentage of bitches will choose you.

So... approach every woman in the place and figure out which ones are in that
small percentage.

>A bitch know right away whether she wants you or not.

A "bitch" wants a man who has the balls to go right up and talk to her without

>So by just recklessly approaching bitches
>you'll end up missing the bitch in the
>corner who actually wanted you, and you'll
>be wasting your time with a bitch who didn't
>give you any "choosing" body language, you'll
>just give her free attention for nothing.

You aren't being reckless if you know what you are doing. The only way to know
what you are doing is to learn through practice. The only way to practice is to
approach. I'm not saying waste your time on the ones who string you along,
learn to realize if a woman is playing you, and go to the next one.

>You missed out on the bitch who would
>have paid for the date and then sucked
>your dick afterwards.

The date you choose? And she pays? Then sucks your dick?
You must be talking about the fat ugly bitch with no self esteem.

That or you are full of shit and desperately want to impress the dudes in
here... Nobody is buying it. You are an average frustrated chump! Come to grips
with it, learn from your mistakes. Stop posting women hating bullshit just
because you are mad.

P.S. Read your post in "How to # close short and sweet" and my reply to that

You are obviously have a hatred of women, probably because you are
frustrated... Don't become Ted Bundy on me now.

"Be One"

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