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Field Report: Bootcamp Week 3

mASF post by Huddersfield Mark

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Field Report: Bootcamp Week 3
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mASF post by "Huddersfield Mark"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2004

Hi Cas,

On 11/14/04 4:16:00 PM, Cascade wrote:
>Bootcamp Week 3 Assignments!
>Start a PU journal and begin
>to fill it;
>Already have a PU journal
>which I regulary write in.
>Figure out where you are in
>the stages of learning;
>Looking at the 9 levels of
>youarenew/9levels.shtml) , I
>would put myself in the level
>GPUA-2 Recovering Average
>Frustrated Chump, though many
>of the points in GPUA-3 apply
>to me so I am not far away
>from there. From the GPUA-3
>list I am missing;
>"Is approaching as many women
>as he can" - I do usually
>between 20 and 40 approaches a
>week but it's certainly not
>'as many as I can', ie I do
>quite a few approaches but
>pass on a lot of sets due to
>some excuse or other.
>"Is contact closing regularly
>and finally understands the
>flake dichotomy....and deals
>with it properly when he does
>encounter it." - I am contact
>closing regularly though not
>massively (3-5 numbers a week
>usually), but the flake thing
>I definitely need to work on
>as you will know if you've
>read the posts I made on chick
>excuses in

Man, you'll be doing better than 90% of the people reading this. You'll
probably get a lower flake rate if you focused more on social circle girls, but
trying for them in other environments improves your skillset.

>"Can reasonably PU in "street"
>environments" - I can
>reasonably PU in street
>environments except without a
>wing (which I am currently in
>the process of improving).
>"Is able to provide useful
>advice to others on their path
>to improvement." - I try to
>offer advice if I've
>experienced something that I
>read a guy post about, and I'm
>ok with clubs sets and can
>offer feedback to my wings on
>the early stages of that, but
>there's a lot I'm not sure of
>or can't explain properly.

Again, you've given more useful advice recently than most people in this forum.
>Another compliment opener;
>When I read this I liked it a
>lot more than the previous one
>(just a straight compliment
>then introduction), and it's
>certainly a lot better than my
>'I like your crackers' opener
>lol. I had to find a chick I
>would actually want to sarge
>who isn't in a club, bar or
>party (damnit!).
>She was a 7 in a mall. I
>opened her 'what should a guy
>compliment you on..' as the
>assignment stated. She said
>'my eyes and my wit mostly',
>and went on to say she wished
>she would get compliments on
>her appearance on the
>occasions she made an effort
>to look good. I talked with
>her a while on this subject,
>she talked about her ex not
>complimenting her on her looks
>which is why she wished guys
>would (she's insecure because
>of that). I introduced myself
>and talked more, I eventually
>tried to get her number but
>she said 'no but it was nice
>talking anyway'. Probably
>wasn't aggressive enough and
>should have regamed but
>whatever, assignment
>Repeat assignments from Week
>I re-did working on my mental
>block and the specific
>assignment (solo daytime
>sarging and compliment opener
>respectively). I went out 3
>times solo day sarging this
>week and did 13 approaches on
>these days, not as many as I
>would like to have done.
>I did the compliment opener,
>in a street approach on a cute
>skater chick. I said I liked
>her hoody (it was a korn one)
>and said I was a big fan. I
>talked with her about music,
>we both like Aerosmith, which
>lead to talk of clubs and
>alcohol. She had to go to the
>library and asked if I wanted
>to walk down with her (it was
>probably less than 100metres
>away). I do and we talk more.
>She's going to a once-a-month
>club night I usually go to
>(one of my favourite venues as
>it happens), I said I'd
>probably see her there then.
>She asked who I was going
>with, I said I wasn't sure yet
>it depends which of my friends
>are going, she said we should
>meet up there. I asked if she
>had a mobile, she did, I asked
>if she knew the number off by
>heart, she did, I asked her to
>put it in my phone, she did, I
>Wow I did a proper compliment
>opener and good stuff
>happened! I'll try and do
>them more and get a proper
>feel for them.
>cas***2@ya***[ ? ]

You see, I think that form introduced this 'compliment opener' because it would
be an easy one for newbies to implement. Similar to what they were doing
before. The fact that you have already tried a number of different, and
probably more effective, openers means this one was a bit unusual for you. But
the fact that you managed to pull it off means that you've got another

Aiming for fulfilment in body and mind.

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