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mASF post by Señor Fingers

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mASF post by "Señor Fingers"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2004


Time to wake up from your drooling slumber, folks. Beautiful women are nothing
special, just lucky. The truth is that a lot of pretty people let their looks
do all the work for them in life and beneath those great genes they are
actually spoiled, under-developed children. Dont let good genetics impress you,
instead make that chick WORK for your stamp of approval! You must rewire your
mental circuitry so that instead of trying to impress her, you approach to see
if she meets YOUR expectations.

Your whole attitude should be that she has passed your visual test, but you are
not quite convinced she is the goods yet. Say “hi”, ask her opinion, comment on
the environment or even command her to “Stop!” and talk to you. It honestly
does not matter how you open, as long as you approach from a position of power.

Frame it so that you are not entering her world, she is entering yours! Once
she steps inside, be sure to treat her with the same irreverence you treat your
friends so that she can enjoy the refreshing change of being HERSELF around
you, instead of what you imagine her to be.

WTF? Why are you still drooling? Gotta reverse this mindset! Imagine that YOU
are the gorgeous model and picture her as the smelly, 300-pound heffer who
wants to get in your pants!


You can’t pretend to be the prize, you gotta be able to look in the mirror and
honestly say “I LOVE this guy!”. However, this does not mean you should have a
large ego. In fact your ego is one of your biggest obstacles and you would do
well to rid yourself of false pride. What I am saying is..why pretend to be a
great person when you can actually BE one? Work hard to excel in all areas of
life. (health, wealth, relationships) Make your dreams happen and most
importantly, realize that happiness is a choice!

By the same token, don’t let self-improvement be an excuse not to handle your
biz. It can be very easy to make excuses like “Let me get a good car first” or
“let me lose/gain 10 pounds, THEN I will try this!” Don’t fall into this trap,
cuz you will just keep procrastinating, looking for reasons not to get your
game on.

As you read this post, scores of beautiful women are banging ugly losers who
have no future. Why? Simply because these fellas didnt let their
shortness/fatness/brokeness/etc keep them from going after what they wanted!

Improve on what you can (health, fitness, style) and embrace the things you
cannot change (height, race, etc) Insecurity is an ugly thing, so confront the
roots of your warped self image and banish this negativity from your mind. No
excuses, dude! Only you can make yourself worthy of the best things in life!


Face it buddy. Girls are horny. VERY, VERY horny! It may come as a surprise to
some of you, but even the shyest girl will think sexual thoughts within seconds
of seeing you!

For example, my ex-girl was one of the most modest, quietest chicks I ever met.
We were talking about first impressions one day and I told her the truth...I
thought she had a nice ass! She countered by confessing to me that within
minutes of our meeting, she imagined me grabbing her by the hair, pulling her
down to her knees and forcing her to give me a blowjob! Needless to say, I was

Don’t let society fool you. Between the G-Spot, clitoris and the multiple
orgasms, women are capable of sexual pleasure we can only dream of. The fact
that they supress these desires only makes them hornier beneath the surface!
What they need is someone who can set them free from the judgemental eye of
society. A natural man who can break through their fears of being labeled a
slut and liberate the wild, natural woman within!


So how do you become this natural man? Well for starters, you have to be
totally comfortable with your own masculine desires. There must be absolutely
no shame to your game!

A common misconception is that women are put off by horny guys. This is a
totally false bullshit lie! Delete this horrible social programming from your
mind and install the update..Women are turned off by NEEDY guys who are
insecure and compensate for it by acting sexually confident. Big difference!

Hammer it into your head that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being
horny - sex is nature’s precious gift to all of existence! Think back to all
the negative influences that have made you believe that sex is wrong/dirty and
damn them all to hell. None of us would be here if it wasnt for this “filthy
act” and nothing will keep you from your goal more than your own shame and

Half of this battle is simply killing your hangups because she wont be able to
accept your sexual side if you can’t do so yourself!

Note: Accepting your own sexuality does not mean you should jerk off more.
Quite the contrary, too much of the old knuckle shuffle is not helpful at all.
It kills your drive and also gets you far too accustomed to your own rhythm. A
big part of this game is being a good lover and that requires you to tune into
HER rhythm as well as your own. I know guys who have major problems keeping
girls interested because all they do is masturbate using a female’s body!

This is not to say that you should never wack off either... everyone is
different. Just pay attention to your body. If you don’t have a boner every
morning, or get occasional wood throughout the day then you should really cut
back. If that doesn’t help, then your testosterone levels are set to “Sissy”,
which means you are probably in bad physical shape and need to get off your
ass! Exercise, eat well and get plenty of rest. Inactivity is your libido’s
worst enemy, so be sure to balance out those long TV/computer/playstation hours
with at least an hour’s worth of sweaty activity a day.


Social intelligence is the foundation of your game. You dont have to become a
party animal or trendy hipster, but in general you should learn to communicate
and vibe with people. The problem is that many of us are trapped in our own
heads due to extended periods of isolation. We work and study alone, get worn
out and go home to plug into the television or internet...alone...again! We
have to make a conscious effort to be social.

Chilling should be a major priority in your life. Hang out more often with
friends. Find places that pique your interest where you can let loose and have
a great time. Bars, restaurants, stores, cafes, streets, classes, gyms, clubs,
etc are all excellent places to mingle. Learn to make friends of strangers and
keep expanding your social circle till you are totally at ease in the company
of others. Without some degree of social skills, you are pretty much useless!

There was a time that I suffered from social phobia, then I realized some of
the mistakes I was making that kept me from vibing properly.

- Talking/moving too fast.
- Not maintaining eye contact.
- Not talking at all, lost in my own thoughts and spacing out.
- Nervous fidgeting, closed body language.
- Censoring my words, being insincere.
- Getting offended when people poked fun at me.
- Worrying about the impression I was making.
- Over-selling myself, trying to be “cool”

All of these things conveyed personal anxiety and neediness. Is it any wonder I
could not make any friends? Nobody likes a desperate try-hard, so take another
look at the above list and do the complete opposite. Do yourself a favor and
RELAX because the world is your living room! You don’t have to be a clown or
entertainer, but people will enjoy your company when you can make FUN of

The cool part is that once you get a feel for this vibe, you will discover that
you really don’t need to rely on patterns or routines and will invent new
material on the fly. If your vibe is right, then your game will be tight!


Let your eye contact and physical touch show her that you are a sexual being.
But don’t stop there, keep upping the ante and don’t worry about being
offensive. Be persistent and quite often you will be surprised to see just how
much she will let you get away with!

Be playful. Tickle her. Spin her around. Make fun of her quirks of character or
style of dress. Accuse her of seducing you. Give her conflicting messages by
telling her she is cute as you withdraw, and that she is not your type as you
feel her up. Treat her like a spoiled child who desperately needs a good

Sometimes you can escalate like this all the way to the bedroom. But more often
than not, you will notice that when you cross this line with certain girls,
they will feel one of three things

- Creeped out because your actions seem forced and out of character
- Validated by your attention and feel like they already “have you”.
- The need to be more of a challenge so they don’t come off as being too easy.

In either case, you will notice them losing interest, playing hard-to-get, or
flat out ignoring you. A great way to get them chasing you again is to qualify
them. This is when you set up obstacles so that they have to jump through your
hoops to get on your good side again. For example:

YOU: You are kinda hot...but you could never be my girlfriend.
HER: What? Why do you say that???
YOU: I only date nice girls and you have trouble written all over you.
HER: No I am nice! Really!
YOU: Right...sure. [/color]
HER: (Trying to convince you she is nice)

The above is just an example, instead of “nice” insert whatever quality you are
looking for. You can even say the complete opposite, that she is too nice for
you and what you really need is a bad girl! It doesn’t matter as long as you
are giving her something to strive for. Set your standards and let her try to
make the grade so she has to actually work for your affection. Once she jumps
through your hoop, be sure to reward her with hugs/kisses/ass-grabbing and keep

This type of approach works exceptionally well for those crazy party girls who
are just looking to have a good time. However, if you are looking for something
deeper than a one-night stand, then you need to put some more effort in...


A more virtuous woman has to feel a connection in order to share her body with
you. On a certain level she has to know how REAL you are before she will part
those thighs! This is why you need to pry her soul open and see what she is
made of. Once you do this, you will be able to reach her on an emotional level.

HINT: you won’t get there by asking her where she works, how old she is, etc..
This will only reinforce her image of you as a stranger in her world. What you
really want to do is instill a feeling of FAMILIARITY!

Once you have a little rapport going, ask her things that you honestly would
like to know......the craziest thing she ever did...her most embarrassing
moment...the last time she was totally in love, how it happened.... sexiest
body parts, etc. Trade dirty little secrets & fantasies, compare scars, and
swap war stories. Stimulate her FEELINGS! Your objective is to take her on an
emotional mission that disengages her logical mind by giving her a taste of
laughter, sadness, lust, anger, joy, etc.

It’s also great to establish expectations on both sides. Find out what she is
looking for in a lover, then look at your life to see which of these qualities
you possess. Try not to qualify yourself to her using adjectives to describe
yourself (I am smart, funny, sensitive, etc), instead use stories and anecdotes
of your life to convey these values indirectly. This way she can reach her own
conclusions about you, instead of being spoon-fed your own perceptions.

The best part is that this works both ways...tell her precisely what you look
for in a woman and watch her do the exact same thing!

You connect with her like this for various reasons. To name a few:

1. It makes her see that you are not JUST after the sex and actually value
2. You touch on parts of her life that some of her closest friends don’t know
3. You engage her emotions so that later on she can rationalize the two of you
hooking up.
4. You are actually screening her the whole time to see if she is cool enough
for you!

The above suggestions are merely an idea of subjects to talk about. Don’t force
them or ask them too soon. If you are pressing her for her life story before
she shows genuine interest, then you will only push her away! Always maintain a
relaxed and laidback vibe, as if you are merely humoring her and not really
into the conversation. Reward her with more attention/affection when she
says/does something cool.

Whatever the case, don’t fall into the trap of being too eager to talk about
yourself. Let her fill in the blanks sometimes. For example, during your
conversations you will inevitably get interrupted by someone else, or some
other distraction in your environment. When the distraction goes away, don’t be
so eager to continue where you left off, instead go off on tangents and leave
the previous topics hanging in the balance. All of these unresolved plots help
keep her hooked into your world and sparks her curiosity even further.
Congratulations, you have become a mystery and she will now be compelled to
unravel you!

But don’t bust out the party hats just yet, buddy. At some point you are gonna
have to bite the bullet and man up, or you will be taking the express train to


The sexiest thing you can do for a woman is LEAD her.

From the moment they set eyes you, chicks can tell if you are dominant or
submissive to them.

Dominant = Masculine = Potential Lover.
Submissive = Feminine = Uhh...Let’s just be friends!

In other words, establish your role from the get-go. Don’t be afraid to lock
eyes with her, because the instant you look away, she will see that you are
intimidated by her and this is not attractive. Girls are supposed to be
intimidated by us, not vice-versa!

So let’s say you do the approach and game her enough to get the number. Before
you decide to call, have a master plan in place because for a woman, it is a
huge turn off when you say shit like “I dunnooooooo...what do you want to do?”

It’s also not attractive when you look for her approval with questions. She
ain’t your momma, so don’t go looking for permission! There is a world of
difference between ASKING her “Will you go out with me?” and TELLING her “You
seem pretty cool. Let’s hang out sometime...” Let her know exactly what is
gonna happen and how much fun it will be, or better yet, just take her hand and
MAKE it happen right then and there!

As the man in this mating game, it’s your job to call the shots. You decide
where the conversation goes. You decide when/where to meet. You decide when its
time to switch venues. You set the frame of the interaction. Keep in mind that
chicks get off on submission, it is their nature to be penetrated physically,
emotionally and spiritually. They honestly can’t help getting extremely turned
on when they relinquish their control to a man who HANDLES them.

Thing is, even after they have decided they want you, they STILL wont make that
first move. They are simply waiting for you to show dominance and simply TAKE
what you want!


Social programming is a powerful thing. No matter how much a woman may be
feeling you, her fear of looking like a slut is often far greater than her
desire to hook up. This is why your goal is to remove her from the prying eyes
of society so you can both get lost in the sweet chemistry of animal lust!

Take her by the hand and lead her to another place so she gets the feeling of
you two being “together”. The more places you lead her to, the more time will
distort so it seems like you have known each other longer. If you can’t get her
to leave the venue, then take her to a more intimate spot where less people
will notice you, then draw her into a comfy, private niche in your world.

Once you are in a relaxed state together and totally vibing, its time to forget
all the seduction techniques you ever read and put yourself on “autopilot”.
Allow your consciousness to wander from your head, into your body so you can
really enjoy the sight of her eyes wondering “who is this perfect stranger?”,
the smell of her neck, emitting a plethora of pheremones as you excite her more
and more, the feel of her warm, silky skin, get the picture.

While you’re at it, imagine all the naughty things you want to do to her. Let
her see your eyes and feel your touch as you are thinking these things! You
shouldnt have to tell her that she looks delicious enough to eat with whipped
cream. The way you look, talk and carry yourself should let her know the deal.
Pure, unadulterated SEX should be the force that sweeps the two of you along
the interaction.

Now pay attention, cuz this next bit is VERY important. As you progress, you
must learn to recognize the windows of opportunity. These are the magical
moments when you simply MUST make your move or she will give up on you,
thinking you are either gay or just not interested! I can’t tell you when these
moments will happen, you will have to develop and rely on your gut instincts.

For instance, let’s say you have reached a point where you finally got her
alone. you are physically close to each other and the atmosphere has become
more intimate. There is a brief pause of silence as you simply enjoy each
other’s presence. She looks, feels and smells AMAZING and despite your calm
facade, you can hear a small voice in your head screaming “KISS HER, YOU FOOL!”
This is when its time to face facts, God has already blessed you with the best
seduction tools to close the deal, they are called BALLS... use them and take
that chance!


None of us is perfect, so don’t try to act like you are the
SupremeAlphaMaleOfTheUniverse. Women come equipped with state-of-the-art BS
detectors and can smell posers a mile away. Don’t get so absorbed with not
being “AFC” that you set off their “Poser Alert” and blow your chances. Give a
compliment or show some vulnerability for chrissakes!

Being an uber-Don Juan at all times is just as sad and ingenuine as being an
average frustrated chump! Once she has passed your screening and you feel a
connection, start to open up a little. Let her see that there is more to you
than meets the eye.

Women LOVE to discover the vulnerable chinks in your armor, especially after
you have established yourself as a confident, dominant fella. It triggers their
maternal instincts to care for the wounded child that no one else can see. It
also gives dimension to your character and blesses them with the rare gift of

Ya see, sincerity is so hard to come by these days that when it does, it is a
breath of fresh air. Society has us all wearing masks and playing roles so
often that we forget who we really are. As a seducer, it is your job to get
people to discard those masks, lose their inhibitions and feel more like
themselves than they have in ages. It is not as easy as it sounds because most
folks are followers. Once again, it’s up to you to set the frame by being, you
guessed it, genuine and uninhibited!

All of the tactics you will find on this site are merely tools to convey your
personality. But beware! This knowledge can be a double-edged sword, because
while it empowers your confidence, you can also end up neglecting your greatest
strengths, trying to play someone else’s game and then wondering why it works
for them and not you.

Case in point:

I studied so many techniques here that I could give you precise definitions and
personal experiences that corrolate with every acronym in the book! From C&F to
DHV to SS, I have tried it all. Did it help? To a certain extent,
yes....because I had something to fall back on, which is better than nothing.
But as time went on, I got tired of doing things this way because they seem so
damn mechanical and calculated and just NOT ME. Frustrated with the moderate
results I was getting from these techniques, I decided to give them up
completely and focus on my strengths.

For example, I happen to be a damn good artist. Sketching has always been a
passion of mine but for the last few years I have totally slacked on it.
Recently, the passion has been rekindled and I now carry around a small
sketchpad in case inspiration strikes. One of my favorite subjects are, you
guessed it, beautiful women! Lately I been sketching a lot of them..on the
street, on the bus, etc.. and after making one particularly stunning sketch, I
decided to share my artwork with the subject. She absolutely LOVED it and
begged for my number so I could paint her.

I could go into detail about the nude painting session that ensued, but thats
not really necessary. ;) My point is that this has become one of my favorite
and most effective approaches because it reflects the very essence of who I am!
I attract women doing something that comes naturally to me...go figure.

I have had similar experiences when I honed in on my other strengths
(storytelling, music, dance, massage, etc) Makes me finally see that I don’t
have to "attract" women if I am already attractive. Once she is hooked, all I
gotta do is take control of the situation, and lead her all the way to my
bedroom! Sometimes it happens instantly, other times it can take me weeks, and
yes, there are times when I fail miserably and have a good chuckle at my own
expense. Either way, I walk away happy.

Now before some of you start takin drawing/dancing/massage lessons and turning
this idea into a technique, stop for a second and think about what YOU truly
have an interest in. Take the things that distinguish you from the next man and
incorporate THAT into your game.

"The best way to find the women of your dreams is to become the man of your

What is keeping you from being that man? Fear? Shame? Laziness? Dig deep into
your soul and delete the bad programming that is holding you back.

Afraid? Remember that you are in this for the sheer FUN of it.

Ashamed? Remember that there is nothing wrong with being what nature created.

Lazy? Just envision me bitch-slapping you repeatedly and remember that you are
not gonna live forever. Better to die having taken the risks, than live with
the burden of your regrets!

Lastly, and most importantly...

Don’t take anything too seriously, especially yourself. Cuz ironically enough,
when you sincerely don’t give a fuck, you are much more likely to get one!

FINGZ ------> out

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2004 by "Señor Fingers" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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