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Theory of Sex and the Lover's Mentality

mASF post by Unchaste

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Theory of Sex and the Lover's Mentality
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mASF post by "Unchaste"
posted on: mASF forum: Sex Discussion, July 7, 2004

I write this because I believe that true lovers possess a concrete
philosophy about sex. I write this because I want thoughtful and
substantial responses (of any kind . . . positive or negative) and so
that further posts by me will seem clearer.

It actually comes indirectly from a woman -- a brilliant woman: Ayn
Rand. I read "Atlas Shrugged" and then Leonard Piekoff's "Objectivism:
The Philosophy of Ayn Rand." Excellent books . . . highly recommended.
The bulk of Rand's philosophy concerning sex can be summed up in a
sentence by Piekoff,

"Sex is the celebration of our ability to attain values and of the
world in which we attain them."

Here is Wikipedia's interpretation,

"Sex is a physical response to intellectual and spiritual values - a
mechanism for giving concrete expression to values that could
otherwise only be experienced in the abstract.

One is sexually attracted to those who embody one's values. Those who
have base values will be attracted to baseness, to those who also have
ignoble values. Those who lack any clear purpose will find sex devoid
of meaning. *People of high values will respond sexually to those who
embody high values.*"

Consider the average frustrated chump. Such a man will bemoan his
libido, because it drives him to attempt for values that he cannot
attain. He cannot attain these values because he himself is not
valuable. He is not one with whom women would like to spend time. He
is not a MAN. Such a man will curse his sexuality, because he will
find himself stooping to baseness to satiate himself. An average
frustrated chump
will sleep with women to whom he is not attracted. He
will attempt to celebrate values with those whom he does not value.

As another example, consider a man and a woman who meet and discover
that they value each other. Since the man values her, he decides to
*delay* sleeping with her. "I really like you, so let's just wait."
This can only make sense if the man has damaged his "sexual
self-esteem", if he has slept with women whom he does not value. Such
a man considers sex to be a *dirty* act. As such, he would not want to
soil a woman for whom he has esteem. He identifies sex as an act
shared with women he despises, because it is only with women whom he
does not value that he could satisfy his sexual needs. Such a man
could never be a true lover, since he does not have the Lover's
Mentality. Similarly, this is the true reason why many men are not
attracted to promiscuous women. A promiscuous woman is one who engages
in sex independent of the values that are presented to her. It implies
that she does not value herself, and as such cannot share any values
with her partners.

The Lover's Mentality is my phrase for one who possesses a sexual
outlook such that it is congruent with the definition of sex. The
Lover's Mentality carries with it the following implications:

-A lover does not consider sexual acts to be transgressive.
-A lover has great esteem for himself (herself) and his partner.
-A lover is dedicated to the pursuit of sexual fulfillment and the
perfection of the act.
-A lover wants to sleep with someone if and only if he discovers that
the person is a suitable partner.

I'll flip out of formal mode now. Such men are *rare* finds, and if a
woman is lucky to find one, she will fight like hell to keep him. As
you may see, I don't find any type of sexual act to be *dirty*. I have
a problem with women who think that sex is "dirty" or "wrong". Read
the Marquis de Sade. Very arousing prose. However, I don't consider
him a superior advocate of sexuality simply because he thinks that it
is wrong. It is apparent in his writing.

A lover, of course, would want to perfect the act. Otherwise, he is
not a lover. It would be akin to saying that a painter doesn't paint,
or that a writer doesn't write. Too many men go at it only for
themselves, because they are selfish bastards who have no one to
celebrate with.

I want guys here to post up any thoughts whatsoever relating to this.
I want to refine and perfect my sexual philosophy.


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