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What's she thinking? Who cares?!

mASF post by Vince

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What's she thinking? Who cares?!
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mASF post by "Vince"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2004

To the Group:
I used to wonder what women were really thinking. I believed that knowing
what was going on in her mind would help me get close to her. I wanted to
get better results than I was getting, and concluded that "psychic"
connections would help me.

Then I found out that what she was thinking was irrelevant. In fact,
breaking her train of thought was the ticket to getting better results.
Only a guy who was trying to please her, in advance of her proving her
worth, would want to know what she was thinking. In point of fact, she
needs to figure out what you are thinking.

Any guy who develops the communication and attitudinal skills that Pick Up
Artists master become the prize to be sought. An AFC, Average Frustrated
, suffers from the Romantic Fallacy that he has to provide something
of value to be desired by women. A PUA demonstrates value, without
'providing' anything in advance. The way he moves through the world sends a
message that this guy is "the goods".

Money, fame, looks, social position can only get you the first thirty
seconds with any given woman. A PUA gets more than that with no money in
his pocket, looks that are less than capitivating, no chance of making the
Social Register or the cover of People magazine. He gets as much time as he
wants, because he has his head screwed on straight and has a reality that
draws others into its radiance.



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