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Re: Introducing DHV in short Sentences!

mASF post by Viper

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Re: Introducing DHV in short Sentences!
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mASF post by "Viper"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, April 4, 2004

"So, I just got back from Hong Kong two weeks ago and I want to get fucked up
so I was doing cocaine in my Ferrarri on my way home to Londonderry Place from
my plastic surgery clinic where my girlfriend, Kobe Tai, just got her implants
redone. Anyway, I'm in Beverly Hills when this cop I know rocked up and spilled
gormet coffee on himself. I said, 'Damn, I haven't seen anything that funny
since my days at Harvard Medical School where I graduated Magna Cum Multiple
Times.' The officer then asked me to ride along with him to shakedown hookers,
but I said I'd pass since I was going to party with three anyway. I just took a
Dating Reenhanced workshop, which taught me, Dimitri, how to not be an Average
Frustrated Chump
. Some guy calling himself Harmless from Texas taught it. In
fact, if you want to meet him, he's right over there. But you'll have to stand
in that line... he's waiting to get in that club there...hah, I havn't waited
in line at clubs ever since I battled and beat Roger Sanchez in Ibiza two years
ago before I composed a track for the soundtrack of my movie where I play along
side Clint Eastwood and Sir Anthony Hopkins who just happens to be my Seduction
teacher since I didn't learn squat off Harmless and Dimitri'.

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