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Girls - lies - dealing with it (long but..)

mASF post by ijjjji

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Girls - lies - dealing with it (long but..)
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mASF post by "ijjjji"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2004

Here are som snips from 'all girls lie' thread in general, and some deeper
things I'm beginning to understand about girls. I hope you agree with me that
this is powerful useful stuff that deserves a thread of its own here in
advanced section:

On 3/1/04 9:20:00 AM, ijjjji wrote:

>Was lying in bed with a girl
>when another girl who saw us
>together earlier started
>SMS'ing me like crazy. The
>girl I was with says to me.
>"You can lie - GIRLS DO THAT
>ALL THE TIME." She said it
>like it was a scientific fact
>that everyone knows.
>It got me thinking about girls
>I have talked to and married
>girls I have fucked and it hit
>me like a ton of bricks: LYING
>GIRL - ALWAYS. She will not
>even blink twice about it.


On 3/2/04 1:31:06 AM, Fatass wrote:


Good point, but girls won't think twice about it. If their lying was part of
emotional process, there is no guilt issue whatsoever.

I'm not saying this is bad/evil. Lying about relationship stuff always seemed
like a very bad thing to do, but this view is changing in me cos I'm realizing
that complete honesty about relationship issues create TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL


On 3/1/04 6:24:00 PM, Vinnie wrote:
>Many girls have a different
>definition of lying. If their
>words and emotions at the same
>time are congruent, then to
>them they aren't lying.

Yep, this is how it works! Reminds me of a married girl i used to fuck. She was
at my pad one night and was rung up by her husband. The girl started crying
after ending the call. She told me "I didn't feel like lying to him!"

When she finished crying, I fucked her brains out. Then we went to a restaurant
and her husband called again. Again she lied, but this time she SMILED AND
REALLY ENJOYED IT, and afterwards she made a comment to me about how lame her
husband is. THis time her emotions must have been congruent with the lying.


On 3/1/04 4:59:00 PM, TylerDurden wrote:
>But in the same way that a
>drug addict runs out of money,
>and borrow from his friend
>with full intention of paying
>it back, and then does so with
>all his other friends, and
>then resorts to stealing
>eventually (again, with *full*
>intention of putting the money
>back later on, even though it
>never happens), they go down a
>slippery slope of just getting
>used to lying, and becoming
>good at it. So they can lie
>with the same proficiency as
>street scum.. (j/k)

Yes, I believe in this analogy!

>The level of lying they can do
>is SCARY. And for me, I can
>read a lie from a girl now.

Hehe sometimes I can too.. Well, actually its more like; from observing her
emotional state, I can tell that if I ask her question X she will tell me lie
Y.. in which case I always shut up, cos I don't want to be like all the chumps
she has to lie to.

Also, I love it when I notice a girl is honest with me to the extent of letting
me know when she lies to others. I always try to get to this point with girls.
The easiest way to do this is girl coding to her that you know and understand
the chick logic in situations that occur.. girls never lie in girl code, and
when they realize that you speak THE CODE, they realize they cant fool you.

If you read the report, notice how HB9.9 starts being honest when she says
"check this out" and go to get drinks from looser AFCs. (Informing me she is
gonna fool the guy in advance) This type of thing has happened a lot to me
lately, and it comes more easily when I let her know I 'speak' GIRL CODE. TD,
you or me should make a post about this..

>I'm like the kid from 6th
>Sense - "I see dead people".
>And its hard for me to hold a
>relationship now, because I
>can read the lies so clearly.
>The girls can't conceive of a
>guy with a lie detector like I
>have, because they would never
>figure the background I have
>with social interaction (I
>only learned this because I've
>done thousands of pickups).
>So its hard for me to feel
>trust or love anymore. I have
>a girlfriend right now that I
>was in love with, but because
>she broke my trust a few
>times, I lost my a lot of my
>feelings for her.

TD, I'm actually getting this thing handled.. I felt exactly like you on this,
but now I'm beginning to be able to love girls for what they are.

I know how emotionally driven they are, and that you thus never can really
thrust them to hold their word, or honor an appointment, or stay faithful. And
I'm finding that I'm more and more able to love girls regardless of this fact.
This makes me happy, cos I've been kinda depressed at times while realizing
girls are not like I thought they were. I also find that this 'attitude' is KEY
in preventing flakes.

Only time you can trust a girl's words is when she obviously has strong
emotions for you, and even in this state, a more alpha guy can come in and just
steal her away, by making himself the target of the feelings you have created
in her. (In the case of you and me, TD, I don't think such a clever AMOG
exists, but in theory its like this!)

Being able to accept this without seeing it as negative in any way, is THE
ULTIMATE NON NEEDINESS, and when you do accept this 100%, you become a FULL
MEMBER of the Secret Society.

>And yet, nothing in our
>relationship is really bad. I
>just have all these fucked up
>projections that I've gotten,
>because I've seen too much

You need to reframe yourself, TD. It ain't 'shit', its HUMAN NATURE. Its the
way of acting that so far has proven to be most successful for reproducing.

Hell, if girls were more faithful, you could not sleep with these girls in the
first place. You should be grateful that girls are like this!

>Obviously this is something
>I'm going to have to get past
>if I ever want a relationship,
>and I'll have to tolerate
>lying and not bringing it up
>that I know. Because the lies
>that these girls tell, even
>THEY don't know they're doing
>it. Like this is literally
>pathological. If you call
>them on it, its like a glitch
>in their brain hits, they
>can't compute it, and their
>hard drive crashes. It's
>fucking weird to see.

TD, read the stuff I say above about sub communicating to the girl that you
know what is going on on a chick logic level in the situation. If done
properly, you can make her realize that lying to you is futile in that
situation. It is not hard! Often you can just do a 'plant and stare' thing when
you sense she is starting to BS you. Just plant your feet and penetrate her
with a knowing smile that says you know she is up to something naughty. Try it!

>It makes me sad sometimes,
>because I came into the game
>just wishing I could find a
>girl that I liked and who

Yeah but you were an AVERAGE FRUSTRATED CHUMP at that time, and you still are
whenever you let these thoughts get to you.

>liked me, so we could hang out
>and have all the benefits of
>healthy human touch/contact,
>etc.. And if I address this
>with the girls I'm seeing,
>they'll say bullshit like "I'm
>not like that.. I know what
>you mean, but that's not me.."
>And I'll want to believe it,
>because I want a girlfriend so
>badly (a girl that *I* think
>is my girlfriend, not just
>some hottie I'm telling that
>to in order to hook up with
>her more). But then I'll
>catch them in the same
>bullshit. And guys will say
>to me "My girl isn't like
>that.. You just need to meet
>the right girl." And then
>I'll meet their girlfriend and
>she'll hit on me@!

OMG there is a chunk of AFC'ness still left in you TD.. GFTOW man! ;)


On 3/1/04 2:22:00 PM, Pimpjuice wrote:
>The more chicks I fuck the
>moreI realize that all the
>things they say about men are
>" men are liars, men are
>cheaters, men can't be
>trusted, men will stab you in
>the back"

Hehe, I realize that both men and women are these things, but women don't feel
bad about it cos they have done it to a much greater extent all their adult
life, since they are all part of the secret society. (Yes, I'm suggesting that
all girls think like secret society members at all times.)

Most men who get the chance to bang a hottie can't say no, but this happens so
rarely the men get lots of guilt feelings.

Girls, OTOH, are constantly on the look out for the more alpha stud, cos they
KNOW THEY GOT GAME once they spot him. In this lies the difference between
secret society members and nonmembers.

They know they got game so they are always searching and thinking about finding
a better guy and doing him. They do it on a more regular basis than men, so
they get more trained at avoiding bad emotions from it.

>I hate lying and being in the
>secret society hasn't turned
>me into a liar, just someone
>who keeps his mouth shut.

I must admit I lie more and more. Last week was like:

Tuesday: Telling FB2 I'm sick.. in reality I feel more like going to gym,
eating a ton of meat and watching my favorite TV shows, than having her over.
Wednesday: Telling a lesbian that I don't have a problem going to gay parties
with her.
Thursday: Telling a black girl I think she is nice and I will visit her next
Friday: Telling a SHB I'm ok with no sex if she spends night at my place.
Telling FB1 that I'm alone while sleeping with the SHB.
Saturday: Canceling meet with FB1 cos 'tired'. Call was made from toilet in
pub. I leave toilet to continue makeout with a HB7 I met in december. End up
dragging this girl home after many venue changes, but in the end she leaves :(
Too tall for my taste but BEAUTIFUL eyes so would have banged her.

I'm more and more choosing the words that generate the best short term
emotions. Am I becoming a girl??

Comments PLEASE!!

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