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Product Q: Screening Students

mASF post by JohnHenson

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Product Q: Screening Students
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mASF post by "JohnHenson"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hi Handsome Man,
Long time since I logged on here but I was just speaking to Juggler about this
earlier today. You must be prescient.

So far, I've spoken on the phone to every single bootcamp student we've trained
except for three, and I'm going to start screening for almost every event we
do. This is because I want to make sure of a few things before we work with
- They're not crazy and they're not deadbeats
- That they don't have deeper issues than we can address
- That they will vibe well with other students that weekend

One time that I didn't speak with someone before they signed up for an event,
it was bad news and we indeed had a weird vibe with the guy all weekend. We've
found that the #1 contributor to a client's success during the weekend is if
he's having fun, and it is bad for both client and instructor moral if there is
a "bad apple".

John Henson, Business Manager
Charisma Sciences, feat. Juggler

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