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Re: the board reeks now

mASF post by ox

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Re: the board reeks now
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/8/05 8:38:33 AM, Alessandro wrote:
>ox wrote:
>Hey man, I largely share your
>sentiments except that I don't
>care if
>someone is commercial. Usually
>I HATE boring lay reports
>where the guy
>sounds thankful he got some.
>FUCK THAT. I much prefer to
>read about a
>guy with TONS of attitude and
>no game :-D
>I like people who try
>something different, something
>new. We all can get
>pussy if we suck up to some
>bitch and stick around for
>long. But who
>wants to read about that? who
>wants to write about that? who
>wants to
>fuck a chick after waiting for
>her for very long?
>I enjoy writing about my "FUs"
>because they're usually of my
>making. Sometimes I act very
>childish with girls just to
>see how they
>react, a few evenings ago I
>opened a chick and started
>acting weird on
>her in mid conversation:
>Her: yeah, me and my friends
>are ..
>Me: mmmmmmmmm pussy
>Her: what?
>Me: so do you guys go to club
>Her: it's a little too crowded
>for us but we ..
>Me: mmmmmmmmm pussy
>Her: what?
>Me: what? you keep saying
>mmmmmmmm pussy
>Her: no, YOU said it
>Me: I did? mmmmmmmm pussy
>Her: get away from me
>See, that was no fuck up, that
>was just me having fun, and I
>reporting that shit.

sure man. whatever. i do enjoy your field reports. i always read them. if you
are in the field you have an instinct for what´s real, even if you read it out
of a fr, and i know you are a crazy mother fucker. i can see that in your fr.
after writing lots of frs i know when something is biased. mind you, i am
biased at times, not conciously though. if you read the review i did about
loverboy bootcamp you could say i was totally selling loverboy to the board but
still i was very honest in that review that´s how i felt about the bootcamp.
still if you read that review you can see i post all the fuckups and how my
state was lingering at times and real shit that happened. i thought that
loverboy did a great job and i said it. i dont have a problem with that. i dont
get money from loverboy. so it was all in true spirit.

there was a guy who went GM style and posted his fuckups and i did enjoy that
fr. i could see where he failed and how his style could be improved, even
adapted some of it to my routines. but the point was that it was real what the
guy wrote and i could really see genuinely and learn.
i am going out tonight and probably implement some of that.

keep it up.
see you,

you still use the hat?

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