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Fidentia» (CROATIA) review

mASF post by Alek

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Fidentia» (CROATIA) review
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mASF post by "Alek"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, June 6, 2005

OK, disclaimers first. I've been on mASF with this nickname since
February (I think I had another nick previosly), and have been in the
community for 3 years now. I'm not getting anything for writing /
posting this review, and I don't have any connections to any of the guys
in the workshop.

Ok this is going to be my review on the Fidentia» (CROATIA) workshop.
It’s written exactly 1 week after the end of the workshop. Mostly it’s
going to deal with me giving you a rundown of the actual workshop
without revealing things that are exclusive to the workshop. Secondary
is noting on the quality of the workshop and instructors. Then are my
personal thoughts on how much, and to whom I would recommend this
workshop. And finally how good is the post workshop support, i.e.
success. This review comes as an extract from a 30 something page
handwritten summary and notes I have of the workshop in my journal. So I
feel like I am castrating the workshop by trying to shove it into a
readable number of pages. So there are unbelievable things I would like
to share, but unfortunately I am only going to share the best, most
interesting etc…

Ok starting first with the obligatory background (Pre-WS) intro on
myself. I was a guy who up until 18 years old was an obese computer
geek, who never socialized outside his “circle of lamers” and never was
really all that interested in girls. Then at 18 I started for some
reason improving myself, dressing better, losing a ton of weight and
getting some decent muscle. At this time I also fell for this one girl
so I did an online search for a nagging question I had about her and
found all these politically correct forums where I got answers that even
though they sounded logically correct, they didn’t ring true. So then I
discovered the Don Juan boards, they gave me the answer that I could
feel was true in my guts (and it worked with that particular girl). So
then I started reading the basic articles on rapport, conversation,
getting dates etc… The really simple and to-the-point articles (this is
quite important in relation to what I discover on the Fidentia»
workshop). I would read one article; I would go out there, apply it and
get AWESOME results. I would read another, apply it, and double my
success. I was meeting girls all around me and I had girls developing
crushes on me, I had developed this natural charisma. Girls were
approaching me, asking their friends to introduce us… Hell I got my
first kiss when a girl grabbed me and started making out with me. Life
was good. But THEN all of a sudden it all crushed down. I got hubris and
I got shut down HARD by the circle of lamers i.e. society. They
installed so many fucked up beliefs in me, they could have been NLP
experts for all I know… At this time I also fell into the trap (because
of the initial success)… That “hey more reading = more results”. So I
developed this thing where I was buying 4-5 books on self-help a month.
I was spending 3-4 hours a day KJ-ing on the “community” forums. I was
subscribed to every single newsletter. I was buying seduction products…
The whole lot! God I am ashamed of even thinking back to those years. I
learned everything there is to learn and never ever even so much as went
out and said a Hi to a stranger… Yep… I failed at the DonJuan (Saying Hi
Mission) bootcamp 3 times… To summarise, I have spent the last 2 years
in the place of a KJ, a seduction materials junkie, and never so much as
did a single cold approach or even met girls in social circles. Then
some 2 months ago… I finally broke down and said this is it, I have got
to start to build a life. I severely cut down on the computer, reading
etc… It improved somewhat… But then I did the ultimate act… I
unsubscribed from all newsletters, deleted all materials from the hard
drive (including porn), commited to not be able to do anything else
until I at least approached a certain number of girls, stopped
masturbation cold turkey. And then I had the most success in the month
before the WS, I did a lot of meeting girls in social circles,
befriending people, and I even did my first EVER semi-cold approach (it
was an approach invitation). In other words I finally started on the
path you need to walk to ultimately become a successful integral, social
person who is good with women. Then due to some circumstances it came
out that in that exact month I got an email from shark that it was most
advisable for me to take the WS then… I had deposited for it a long time

My first day in Zagreb, the day before the workshop, starts with me
informally meeting Ranko Magami a.k.a. Shark. First… my impressions.
When I first saw Shark I was like… Ok this is not it… This is… Like,
this can’t be Shark. At least he’s probably toning himself down for the
WS… I am getting thoughts like… He can’t be THIS average looking and
casual… He probably wears better clothes usually. He probably wears his
hair or facial hair differently… Naaah, he’s faking this… “He wanted to
appear as casual and average looking as possible for the WS” – I’m
thinking. Compared to the general public he’s the exact average guy…
Compared to the community… He looks less than average, I mean… Most of
everyone in the community is much better dressed, groomed and showing
off their assets than he is, yes even the Keyboard Jockeys. There was
(in my thoughts) not a single thing about him that would if you were to
see him walking down the street indicate he’s a playboy… At least
that’s what I thought at that moment with the social conditioning from
before the workshop. Today after the workshop I look at things much
differently, and can much better recognize who the real deal is. But I’m
getting ahead of myself here. We talk some general stuff. I am exhausted
and unfortunately have to cut this conversation short to get some sleep
for the WS.

My first WS day… So my official instructor is going to be Atilla, a good
friend of Ranko and a semi-natural (my judgement)… I meet Ranko, Atilla
and my co-student (officially the coolest guy I have met in my life)
Olaf. So we start with the debriefing. I really appreciated this part of
the WS, because it showed just how personalized and how well fitted it
is to the person attending. The debriefing was basically Atilla getting
to know our backgrounds, our goals, desires and to set some basic
framework and direction for our WS. In this short conversation of ours
he understands quite well where we’re coming from. He disperses a
boatload of wisdom, advice, tips and methods… Which unfortunately for
me, I do not catch, so I would recommend that when you do the
debriefing; definitely have pen & paper handy. I learn at this point his
background (why I call him semi-natural)… He was always the guy who
approached, who had the guts to try, who had social proof… But he never
was good with the follow-up and attracting of women (self-proclaimed at
this time wussy)… so he got involved into the community to learn to be
better with women. I connected with him well because he too is into
self-help, nlp, books etc… Except he went out there and used it (ooops)
: )… In any case I would rate this part of the workshop quite highly
now, because I could see during the workshop that it was a highly
functional part and not just a symbolic act like some people complain
with other workshops. He actually made good use of all this in making
the workshop quite personalized and fitting to the individual.

He makes good use of the fact that Olaf had done a lot of approaches so
he uses the end of the debriefing to send me in with him at a seated
2-set. I officially do my first totally cold approach and it goes just
ok, as in neutral. And I get my first glimpse at how Attila does what he
does. He explains a single concept in a few sentences and it sticks with
you. Unlike some people who make 12 DVD products on just that one simple
concept (sigh). So he introduces me in this particular set to 2-3
concepts I should have known and used. Which to me are instant AHAs!!

So we depart until the official start of the workshop. In the meantime
until Attila and Olaf appear I decide to approach for directions one
girl with keeping in mind the 2 of the 3 concepts that Attila
introduced. Even though I approached with an obvious excuse (directions)
I get an awesome reaction from the girl. So yeah I decide these 2-3 are
a MUST at any approach, and actually come up with a fail proof exercise
based on these 2 that anyone can do at any time to at least start
approaching. I soon meet Attila and Olaf at our meeting place… And
IMMEDIATELLY Attila grabs me by the hand and shows me some girls to
approach, while giving me a good excuse (material)… It goes on pretty
cool actually from the start (so I get my first great opening), but then
it fizzles out as I have nothing more to say… And this is important in
how Attila works; he comes up with ingenious exercises and material on
the spot. He makes it so you do the approach with no hesitation, you
learn what you needed to learn… and it’s no longer a problem… At which
point you come back to him, asking for the next step on the sequence as
you now have a higher quality problem :D. Somewhere at this point Olaf
is complaining how he doesn’t like places where all the girls just want
to dance (was a salsa place haha), and asks Attila for specific advice.
He gets it… And then when I tell him I love to dance and get much
attention and interest when I do it… On-the-spot he gives me
(demonstrates) to me a way to get girls on the dance floor. Just like
that, instantly. In fact the explanation he gave me… If DeAngelo got a
hold of it, he’d make a whole product out of it called “Meeting women
while dancing in bars and clubs”… But I digress. The point is that he
gives you these golden pieces of advice, you go AHA, and never have to
worry about that thing ever again At this point we do a venue change and
go to a karaoke bar. Here we learn about winging as Attila shares with
us in a couple of sentences the most crucial concepts needed for
winging… And sends us off into a set… Sorry, again no 5 DVD explanations
on “Winging tactics and methods”. I do not do as well on this set so
when ejecting Attila explains to me body language stuff in a couple of
sentences and from then on I execute it perfectly for every following
approach. We do a couple of other seated sets, we do openings
flawlessly, we get into fluff talk for 3-4 minutes and then we eject.
Interesting! Before I couldn’t open right, then my problem was not being
able to stay after the opener. And now my problem was I didn’t know what
to do once I got girls attracted to me… speaking of a high-quality
problem!! At this point we make on average some 2 belief-changing
realizations after every set and Attila’s debriefing on them (not
exaggerating at all!!). He then gives us a cool exercise to do on
interest indicators, and then a really awesome exercise for coming up
with situational openers on the fly. After some 5-6 approaches we venue
change. So we approach sets and now opening is natural, no problem,
fluff talk goes awesome but I keep ejecting saying I ran out of things
to say. So Attila (again in a couple of sentences) explains to me how to
go into rapport. At this time he also quite well explains the steps of
advancing… When to advance and how… So after him doing his unbelievable
simplified magic I do my next set, get into awesome rapport with this
girl and advance smoothly from one step, to the other, to the other… and
we’re doing the basic touching at this point. Then we do an interesting
winging technique we learned from Attila and change girls at this point.
So with this other one… I go even deeper, I am caressing her hair… she’s
really into me… and I get her phone number and set up a date for the
next day. Shiiiaat. This is my first ever instant phone number and date
set-up. In the debriefing Attila gives me an awesome kiss close/test
technique I could have used.

Mid-review notice: The interesting thing to note is how fast progress is
made on this workshop. Just 2 hours before I had trouble opening right,
and now I am getting ready to kiss close, setting dates, getting
numbers… And pre-ws I never ever even opened!! How’s that for progress
haha : )

So I do a few more sets, they all go pretty well and then a big shift
occurs… I actually do 2 approaches out on my own, no-one told me to. I
just do them, spontaneously. Hmmm… interesting. The place closes and the
girl I number closed actually passing by grabs me by the ass *wink* “see
you tomorrow” hehehehe! I like that : )

Main belief/behaviour changes on this day: 1) I approached every single
kind of set imaginable… seated, standing, loud, quiet, lone wolves to
7-sets (and pre-ws I had never approached even a lone wolf). 2) I
acquired the belief (which I will always have from now on) that
rejections don’t exist. Really! It’s now a hard ingrained belief in me
3) I don’t give a fuck about anything at all…

Day 2

Day is the best day for the theory stuff that is actually practically
useful. In the day we learn a boatload of great exercise on how to
develop fluff talk, how to tell stories, how to be interesting. How to
talk about anything at all (the most boring facts even) and having them
leaning into you with excitement. At this point we also get this special
sheet with 28 questions, which when answered bring out great captivating
stories. When I saw this sheet, I went YEEEAAAH. I felt like kissing the
sheet. After you do this session, you can never EVER again have the
excuse that you don’t know what to talk about. You will be bombarding
girls if you wanted to after this session. We learned how to make
stories, how to make them unbelievably interesting as well as how to
fluff talk. At this time he also disperses about a dozen great general
tips and advices on everything from sex to grooming to tricks for making
conversations interesting at any point. He also shared some Indicators
of interest that I was not aware of and that made me slap my fore head,
some things you could have never possibly guessed! He also at this time
mentioned a bullet-proof vest for when a girl tries to blow you off on
the opening (unbelievably rare with what you learn), it’s just a simple
line, but I went YEAH after hearing it. Now the thing is… A lot of the
stuff he shares and gives is things you have probably already heard a
hundred times, but never used. How come? Coz you have heard/read them
among a 1000 other non-useful stuff and filler. Here on this workshop,
you only get the BEST of the BEST of the BEST skimmed and filtered out
of the filler. You just get those GOLDEN bullets and nothing else. Yes
this workshop is primarily about the overall frame, the higher levels,
but still these techniques and tricks are quite useful. You’ve had
instructor go thru all the possible crap out there, tried it all and
came out and given you only the best, the stuff that you do need to
know, use. So when he shares something with you, you accept it,
integrate it into you, forget it and basically have it work for you from
the start and with every single encounter into the future. An
interesting situation was when our formal part ended and we were
chilling… This babe comes walking by the café like she’s THE shit.
Everybody is looking at her, and her ego as inflated as it is, gets even
bigger. So we ask Attila who she is and he tells us that she’s a
Croatian TV star… At this point Olaf stands up and approaches her. From
the distance we see that she’s smiling, giving interest indicators to
Olaf, the whole lot… Then a freaking photo reporter comes running by and
starts taking photos of them two!!! Ha-ha, Olaf you’ll be famous man!

The night:

Not a very good night for me state-wise, no sleep and I looked like
shit. But the instructor was so good, that I got awesome results and
progress regardless. Also Zagreb was empty (everyone off to the
seaside)… so not much to sarge with. But regardless day 2 was a day
where he removed our last sticking points. Basically we could hold any
set for as long as we wanted to… We only ejected when WE lost interest
and basically this day cemented in us all the learning, it all became
automatic and just simply natural. The main thing, the main shift on
this day was that even when I was away from the instructors and just
chilling, honest to god no wanting to approach or anything… I found
myself just approaching girls out of the blue, for no specific reason or
intent. I am getting awesome attraction and everything without ever
giving it a thought. What did you do to me Attila!?!? From the dozen or
so sets I did… I especially well remember my first direct approach.
While we are passing the city square, Attila (obviously noticing I am
ready for direct) sends me off to a girl at the bus stop. I approach
her, turn her around, look her deep into the eyes and go “I like you,
what’s your name”… It wasn’t hard for me to be congruent with this since
she was a 9… Should have seen the look on her face, she almost stopped
breathing, she was so dazzled… Then there was an odd silence where we
just gazed each other like 2 lovers, I felt like I was in a movie or
something… and actually I didn’t have to do much, she practically ended
up trying to seduce me.

Day 3

Ok this is the day when we get to work with the legendary Shark. He is
going to be showing us day-game, but since we were so impressed with his
thinking, beliefs and view on the world (he impacted the entire
community!!!), we decided to drain every single thing we could from him
:D :D So we do some day game approaching and… Lemme tell you something.
It WAS scary at first. I finally got that rush of adrenaline and heart
pumping and anxiety that I thought I would get the first day. But nooo,
that was easy… I can’t believe I never approached in clubs before. A
baboon could do it. But day-game was IT. So we learn everything that
there is to know in day-game approaching. How to approach (physical
part), how to remove mental blocks, how to handle AMOGs/Boyfriends. And
most importantly how to go for instant dates… So lemme summarize how the
WS gave results. First approach - girl looks at me with a face of shock,
waves her hand and tells me to get lost-. Fifth approach –girl reacts
well to my opening, is smiling and receptive, but I eject after opening
for having no clue what to do -10-th approach, I get the girl smiling,
laughing at my jokes, giving me compliments and giving a clue that she
wants an instant date “we’ll continue shopping now”… All of this
achieved with simple 2 sentence briefings from Shark after an approach.
One interesting approach was when we were in a bookstore and we see this
cute girl leaning against the shelves. She happened to be my type
exactly actually. So Shark sends Olaf, he goes up to her and the last
moment… he bails out!! And Shark is like… Go. At this moment I must have
changed a few dozen shades of white… I mean Olaf was almost like a
role-model to me, and to see him not approach, and then ME approach!!!
So I go in there looking like a soldier sent on a kamikaze mission! So I
approach her and even though my major BL clues are ok… She reacts
confused to my “hi”. So I go ahead with the infamous shark opener “Do
you know who you remind me of…?” And she’s like all confused… I’m like
“Of some girl I should meet”. I give her my hand and ask her name and
she’s like “Eh, no I can’t” [confused face] haha. And this point I’m
like I don’t give a fuck about anything so I go “Why the hell not?!”.
And she goes “Because you don’t know me and you approached me like you
know me.” Hah- she’s a matrix agent! And I’m like yeah whatever… She
actually gave me indicators of interest later on?! Anyhow that was the
practical part, and it was good.

But the BEST part of day 3 is getting to spend time with Shark and his
philosophy. His view of society and his frame are intoxicating. You can
NOT be left unchanged after this session with him. Nothing will seem the
same anymore. You will acquire new eyes. You will see the entire game
and even the world in general in a different way. Just him sharing his
philosophy in the middle of the day-game approaches… It propelled me and
Olaf into a different frame and way of doing things. Some things just
became laughable after that… Also at the theory/philosophy part he
shared with us the way of beating our biggest enemy (the inner game»
part). It was unbelievably simple, yet profound and powerful. With the
understanding we then got (the highest level of viewing everything)… he
went into translating this into practice. How this translates into you
always knowing what to say and do with a woman… Because you’re aware of
the highest levels that even she’s not aware of consciously. He
basically took the whole understanding of women that he imparted upon us
and put it into one single weapon. This weapon you use on a woman and
she’s pretty much yours. After this session you can never have the
excuse of not knowing what to talk to women about or do with them. And
he simplifies things a lot, which is I am certain the key of his
success. He pretty much streamlines the entire inner game» into 2 -3
concepts and gives you 2-3 tools / weapons to use. You go out, use them
and get results. Even though unfortunately I can not go into details and
specifics of all the things he shared (I have 10 pages of notes just on
this session)… When he unveiled all this on us… I and Olaf were pretty
much crushed mentally. Shark drops on you such paradigm shifting things,
that basically your brain is fried. After this session you are basically
left knowing everything you will ever need to know, you have the whole
picture. Shark gives you the pieces of the jigsaw that change
everything!! When Shark left us, we both determined that our heads were
spinning. Literally, we were simply in shock. So we took shark’s advice
who told us “All will be ok, it’ll all fall in place, just go and sleep
until the night”… And right he was…

The night:

When I woke up that night I felt an unbelievable sense of centeredness,
of calm and inner piece… Shark was right… It all fell into place. It was
time to go out and kick ass now. So…This was the best part of the
seminar. This was wow… It’s like I spent the whole night basically
feeling like I’ve been a natural all my life. I was approaching the best
girls in the club, getting awesome results. Going around, having fun,
getting indicators of interest from just about every chick in the club…
Day 3’s night is basically the time when you get glimpse of what it
feels like to be at your best. It’s all a blur to me now, the experience
really… The point is, this is where it all comes together. You see what
its like to operate at your level 10. We did everything imaginable,
mixed sets, 2 sets, 9-sets, 5 amogs and 1 girl sets (don’t ask lol), 10s
and 1s… Everything!! It’s the compelling future to shoot for when you
come back home. Attila also gave us a sheet, a structure of the
approach. Basically a step-by-step guide of the GAME… He did warn us
that he dislikes structures, and this is just a rough guideline. BUT hey
a giving structure to a computer geek!!! Damn… I felt like I was holding
the holy script in my hand he-he

Comments/Critique on the workshop:

What can I say…? It’s a life changing experience. I mean I was the guy
who before the workshop was below zero. And I got experience what it’s
like to be operating at my 10. But to summarize it as simply and as
clearly as possibly; it’s not just about overcoming approaching
techniques, anxiety etc… No in fact this workshop is much more advanced;
in fact I’d recommend it better to guys who already approach on a
regular basis. The only problem I could see with this is that a lot of
the success that you get on the workshop, you get it from catching the
instructor’s feelings and frame. They’re contagious. Yet they don’t
teach you how to get into that frame/state on your own… So that’s a bit
of a problem I see there. Personally I handled it with the “state of
power” book which I highly recommend to everyone. I can (almost) achieve
their frame by myself with it. Another thing is I guess that relates to
hark. He’s awesome for the philosophy/inner game» stuff. But (and this is
me guessing), I don’t think he would be such a great instructor at
night. Because he’s a natural a lot of his best attributes he has
unconsciously, so I don’t think he can teach you everything he does. You
will get much more from modelling him. On the other hand Attila is the
best possible choice for an instructor as he to some extent can identify
with a non-natural (he-he, what a word). The results Attila gets from
you are almost like magic, you have no idea how he does it. But he just
does. He’s very unstructured and coming up with just the right exercise,
explanation or concept on the spot. By the end of the first night all
your sticking points will have been removed. This whole thing is not a
biggie either. Just mentioning this if anyone has perhaps the chance of
picking whether he works with Attila or Shark at night, I’d pick Attila
for night and Shark for day. But since I got that in this workshop, I
think I got the perfect workshop!! : ) Another issue is obviously the
price… Since I’ve deposited the price has been steadily climbing up… All
I can say is that I was unbelievably fortunate in that I got to work
with Fidentia» while it’s still brand new and in the promotional stage.
So I got a workshop with 2 students at 2 instructors for 600$. If you
want my honest opinion, which I am sure you want if you’re reading this
review… I would definitely if I knew then what I know now, no matter
what, done again this workshop for the price I did it at. BUT… if it
were the price of say an RSD bootcamp (1500$) and it had for example 6
students (their capped number)… I don’t think I would do it again. But
for now while its still hot and upcoming I would urge every ASF kid to
do it. Hell if I was rich, I would probably donate a Fidentia» WS to
every ASF member or at least a session with Shark. Another random thing
I wanna throw in here is their attitude towards the student. It was sooo
personalized that at no time do you feel like a client, you feel like
you’re visiting your older cousins for help with your game. In fact
money never ever even got mentioned. They never mentioned it! It wasn’t
until us (the students) were practically going like “can we please
pay!?” that money got involved. … In the sense of personalization, we
always at all times felt like they understood exactly what we want and
are asking for. The workshop was unbelievably flexible and personalized
to the student.

Post workshop thoughts:

I know everyone wants to know the how many, what, how, where - post
workshop… So lemme first get the practical part out in the open and then
get to the stuff that really matters…

I sarged a girl on the train home and got a date… Wherever I went I got
10 times more IOIs than before. I naturally get into flirty
conversations with clerks, attendants, strangers. I can without a
problem say hi to anyone I want to. I got 3 new acquaintances in my gym
in just one week (had none in 4 years previously)… I am funny, relaxed
and engaging with people. Oh and I no longer have any excuses, just
laziness ha-ha…

Ok happy? : )

Here’s the deal. On this workshop you learn EVERYTHING you will ever
need to know in your entire life to get a handle on this. Really!
Everything! In fact when I came back… I would look at these books,
videos, seminars on dating… and they all seem so FUNNY and ridiculous…
Skimming thru ASF seems like watching kids in kindergarten. Yes now I am
left without anything to do… It’s scary… They took away all my excuses
and creative avoidance away… I no longer need to learn anything new. I
no longer need to ask any more questions… My whole paradigm shifted…
It’s now no longer a matter of “how will I”, “will I”, “If I will” or
anything like that. It’s now just, “when I”. Seriously, since the
workshop I live in a state of total centeredness and trust in the
future. It’s now just another integrated part of my life, I no longer
have to ever worry, think or ponder about it. It’s just natural. Sure…
there’s a lot of work left… You don’t come back and live every day like
its day 3 of the WS… You drop a bit to a lower level… Usually somewhere
between where you were pre workshop and where you were on day 3. But
it’s no longer an issue. It’s something that you will naturally progress
in, live a fulfilling life around and just forget about LEARNING. It
just becomes a natural part of your life in which you progress at your
own pace.

For the logically inclined among you (i.e. all men) it means

Pre-WS: -2 (no kidding, totally asocial guy)
On WS: 9-10 (you name it, I can approach and attract it – in a club)
Post-WS: 3-4 (friendly, social guy who gets flirting and attraction from
women easily, but no cold approaches yet)

The common pattern that is apparently seen with this workshop is that
guys peak at the workshop, they come back home and drop a few levels
(getting to be much above where they were before workshop)… And then
eventually over time build themselves back to the Workshop level thank
to the post-workshop support. Anyway I feel it in my gut that I can
never EVER go back to who I was… It’s simply impossible. They killed
that guy literally. I am now at least at the level of the average guy… I
know I can get a girlfriend now in the usual ways of acquaintances,
social circles without a problem. It’s going to take some time and
effort to get to where I want to be ultimately, but I have all the
tools, weapons and the exact map now. It’s now just a matter of time.
Before the workshop I felt soooo disoriented. I would try one thing,
then give up, then try another, then get another product, then do this,
then that, then the other newer thing and then!!! Boom I would get
depressed. And then frustrated, and then start all over… Now
post-Workshop none of that is present… I now have THE map. That’s it… I
just need to go and take the journey.

Post-workshop support:

Now when I read a previous review and it said that the private forum in
itself is worth the price of the entire workshop, I was thinking “ok,
he’s exaggerating”. But lemme tell you, he wasn’t from what I’ve seen so
far. I mean, just imagine the fact that it’s a forum filled with people
that went thru the exact same experience as you did, before you; the
best instructors (in my opinion) on the planet and unlimited support.
They go far beyond what their call of duty is from what I can see with
the help they’re giving students that they have worked with a looong
time ago. And the pattern is just that, they rebuild everyone back to
the WS levels and above. I also got a phone call from my instructor
Attila :D and he will be calling me back again. : )

In any case… I got from this workshop exactly what I wanted. I got
direction, I got focus, I got the how and now I can make some money on
Ebay selling my old products :D Anyhow I am actually not that pleased
with this review because it in no way does it do justice to the
workshop, it just simply can not show just how pleased I am with it. But
I had to hold back in fear of writing something that looks like a TV
shopping testimonial (god I hate those). What you want to know is
whether you should take this workshop? Well I think it was pretty clear
by my review that I think every single guy who isn’t Rick H should take
this workshop! Now : )

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