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mASF post by TheAnswer

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What is new under the mASF sun?
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mASF post by "TheAnswer"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005 harm met, I was just being lazy. OK here is the original post:

I think going out alone is probably one of the best ways to become a top notch
PUA because not only does it force you to interact, but it also forces you to
think ONLY about practicing your material and timing instead of worrying about
your social circle / wings. However, a lot of people just learning this stuff
are scared that they will not have enough social proof to sufficiently sarge
women of particular quality. THIS IS RUBBISH (as they say in the UK). If you
can go into a club and create your OWN social proof, not only are you becoming
a cooler person overall, but habitually doing this will tighten your
interactions with very high status people. Since most hot chics are very high
status, go out alone and make it a goal to befriend the coolest group of people
in the whole bar before it gets too crowded so you can hang with them the rest
of the night and not become desocially proofed.

What I'm about to explain in this FR is not only how I got social proof, but
literally, took a very upscale bar (Y Bar in Chicago if any of you bootcamp
attendees remember) by the balls and made it MY OWN.

So, I first got there around 10 pm and barely anybody was there. The party gets
jumpin in Chicago around midnight, but I didn't care. So I first talk to the
manager there since there were barely any people there. Here's the line you can
use to chat up any managers/bouncers and build social status:

"Hey man, do you live in Chicago (or whatever city you live in)? OK Cool...oh
you're a manager here?? Well I need an opinion on something, I'm not from here,
I just moved here from little sister just got engaged and I want to
throw her a big one last HOORA for her and all of her friends and I
was wondering what are some cool spots in town to do this? (wait for response
and cut off) Oh cool man, but I'm thinking of having an all champagne
party...what kind of champagne do you have? How many bottles for about 35
people?"(they will usually give you their card and shake your hand)

This opener for socially proofed groups has been MASSIVELY field tested over
the past 4 weeks and that is why I'm finally posting it here. This is an
immeadiate DHV opener not only for the manager, but say it LOUD and groups
around you will hear you.

Then, I roll to a cool/socially proofed mixed group and run this opener with
some minor modifications by not including the hired help lines. Note, this
routine is best usually for top end venues but DOES tend to work almost
anywhere. I've used it successfully in dive bars as well as posh lounges. So,
after the opener, I compare and contrast the Chicago and LA nightlife with the
whole group, making sure to talk with mostly the guys, sometimes acknowledging
the girls. This is a mild DHV because I show the people that I'm from a cool
ass town like LA, I'm dressed very fashionably, and I'm talking about social

Last night, I did this to perfection on a really bitchy looking snooty group at
the lounge and they opened the fuck up. I did some stock DHV's for the guys and
talked about where the best places in Chicago are to pickup girls. They invited
me to their VIP table to come and drink with them. It's THAT EASY. Just look
like you are in fact as cool if not cooler than them and talk about cool
things, like night life and you should be set.

So, I sat down with them and shot the shit with the guys...Naturals can pickup
on my alpha vibe and I assume rapport with them just because I'm cooler than
them (at least that's what I believe). I move on to get to know everyone in the
group and BAM -- I've created my own social proof for the night. This effect
always snowballs and the socially proofed groups in these bars are regulars and
will introduce you to the workers there and bartenders and other club
promoters. I met the VIP host at another hotspot in Chicago last night and he
said to come in whenever I want and he'll have a table ready for me. Nice.

So, how do you solidify friendship with the really cool groups and become the
leader of men?? SHOW THEM YOUR PICKUP SKILLS!!! Don't tell them what you're
doing, just go run sets and bring the girls to come and sit with your new
friends. I did this last night and had the guys literally JAW DROPPED. The
"leader" of this group saw this HB9 and was like WOW she's beautiful and I'm
like OK I'll go get em here, so I PUed her and her 8.5 friend, brought them
back to VIP, and my value skyrocketed in front of all the guys. The 9 is
chatting the guy and I'm chatting the's textbook. I had the 8.5 on my
lap for about an hour, but the guy blew himself out with the 9 and she went to
dance. Surprisingly, the 8.5 stuck by me, I timebridged, got a kiss, and she
said she had to hang with her friend. Wutever, It's a solid number. $$$!

So, I washed, rinsed, and repeated this entire process with the VIP club
promoter sitting across the room from us and the guy was accomplishment
introing me to everyone he knew -- and he knew fucking all the hot chics and
natural guys in the place. So, with that kind of massive social proof in this
upscale lounge (I'm DHVed from just getting into this place) I can go straight
from A1 to A3, or else I'll overqualify myself to any girl less than 9.5.

After getting to know all of these people, every single fucking set blew WAY
open. HB9s and 9.5s were high fiving me and hugging me. I got another girl to
come sit on my lap, ran about 45 mins of game, moved her in the club, but I
wasn't really interested in pursuing her after she asked me if I had any "blow"
(cocaine) at my place. I don't dig chicks who do drugs...ahh well.

So, GO OUT ALONE and work on your social skill set. This is a basic framework
of certain things you should do to get in good with the most socially proofed
people in the club that will prevent you from looking like a loser going out by
himself and assist you in meeting hot ass chics. It's normal to your peergroup
that you're out alone cuz your "new in town" as referenced in my opener.

Big ups, keep gaming.

"G'head envy me, I'm ASF's MVP, and I ain't goin' nowhere so you better get to
know me" -The_Answer

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "TheAnswer" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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