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Re: Fuck Up Report: ahh.. russians! - ANALYSIS -

mASF post by Sirducer

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Re: Fuck Up Report: ahh.. russians! - ANALYSIS -
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/19/05 5:57:30 AM, AtoZ wrote:
>Right, but just like any
>bratty HB10 with fake high
>self esteem and a
>subconscious craving and
>dependence on attention, they
>will turn into cuddly
>fleecy sheep once they
>establish that you are a truly
>dominant man who knows
>what he's doing. Sometimes
>those 180 degree attitude
>shifts are downright
>psycho to watch, yet it
>happens all the time.
> wrote
>> Russian girls think their
>pussy is golden... they wonna
>be treated like
>> princesses so if your
>game sucks, watch out, youll
>get used and spat out!
>> ***Running bootcamps for
>Melbourne newbies, email if
>> -Sirducer-

I come from a Russian back ground and I find Australian chicks are way easier
to game and ar open to a lot more things for much more little price.

***Running bootcamps for Melbourne newbies, email if interested.***


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