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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated

mASF post by Sirducer

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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/18/05 4:44:00 PM, So_Cute wrote:
>I'll write it out, got it from
>toecutter and Stevie pua.
>I usually say, "Do that again"
>and look at their palm and
>tell them it's interesting. I
>tell them that my granfather
>was a famous fortune teller
>and he raised me a lot when I
>was a kid so I learned how to
>do lots of this stuff. This is
>only after they give me an IOI
>so I know they are attracted.
>This gets them interested so I
>then qualify them with this
>"Are you honest? Well I don't
>know I just met you... Ok, if
>you were in a room full of
>people and they all looked
>like you... physically (kino),
>how would anybody be able to
>tell you apart... like, what
>are some cool characteristics
>you have?".
>I'm thinking of incorporating
>the trust test at this point
>too. Anyway, they qualify, I
>validate and move into the
>palm read. Half way through
>the palm read I position her
>in front of me so I am reading
>over her shoulder with my arms
>around her "because I can see
>it better this way" lol.
>"OK, relax your fingers yeah
>that's good. OK, well there's
>3 main lines in your hand...
>this is your line of life,
>this is your line of love and
>this is your line of fate.
>First of all, there all pretty
>much the same size, his means
>you're very well balanced. Ok,
>this is your line of life,
>now, the length of this line
>doesn't tell me how long
>you're gonna live, but it
>tells me some other
>interesting things... see how
>it doesn't intersect with the
>line of HEAD, ok, well this
>means that, in the early
>stages, you were very good at
>school. You're the kinda
>person that, once you get an
>idea into your head it can
>stay with you for a long time,
>now you might not act on it
>right away but you can let it
>build up over time, then you
>go for it.
>This next line, this next line
>here this is you're love line,
>or your line of heart. This
>tells me all about your
>emotions and how you express
>them... See how it doesn't
>intersect with the other two
>lines, this means that, on one
>hand, you can be passionate
>about some things in life, but
>other things, the kind of
>things that people aren't
>interested in, you steer clear
>from them... see how it steers
>away... your heart and your
>MINE can be two separate
>things. Like some things that
>don't make sense to you, you
>can still... fall in lvoe with
>them... like, you can.. fall
>for someone, and it may not be
>logical, it may not even be to
>your advantage, but you can
>still feel strongly for it
>You have a long ring finger,
>are you good at reading
>people? Do you sometimes feel
>like you know someone when
>you've just met them? (Don't
>let her answer) Or before you
>even meet them, because a long
>ring finger is a sign of
>psychic potential.
>OK, this is your line of fate,
>this tells me all about your
>career pathway, geographical
>changes, what your family is
>gonna be like and other things
>like that. It's a normal
>smooth flow which means you're
>gonna have a good strong
>career in life and you're
>gonna make good things happen
>along the way. Oh and it stops
>right her underneath your
>finger of jupiter, this tells
>me that you're going to have a
>lot of luck when you're about
>35. Maybe you'll win the
>lottery, maybe you'll be
>famous? I don't know, but
>something really good is gonna
>happen to you... remember
>that. And judging from the
>lines... it's hard to tell but
>it looks like you're gonna
>have like, 2 or maybe 3
>children. and you're gonna be
>so happy with your partner
>You're the kind of person who
>can... imagine a time in the
>future... years and years from
>now, you're gonna be able to
>look back and see so many...
>special moments you had with
>people... I don't knwo if you
>can feel it (anchor), but with
>me that's a really good thing.
>Put your hand flat out, this
>here... this is your mount of
>venus... see how it goes up
>like a mountain. Now, this is
>strange because you have a
>caged pattern, this tells me
>you have a caged heart. Now,
>if you were married, id say
>you're entirely devoted to you
>husband but since your not,
>this means you have a great
>deal of trouble... giving
>yourself fully to others, and
>you'd make yourself a lot
>happier if you could just,
>when you find that special
>person... just give your self
>entirely to this person and
>act on all of the things that
>you may WANT to do, but never
>allowed yourself to do before.
>And looking at how deep your
>line of sun is, this tells me
>that as a little girl you had
>dreams and fantasyies of
>Prince Charming. And you'd
>sometimes imagine the perfect
>prince for you, and having the
>perfect marriage and the
>perfect life. I mean, can you
>remember what you felt when
>you thought of him? Well I'm
>sure you WILL recognise when
>he is right there in front of
>you, but ..
>looking at how your life line
>curves this way, I can tell
>that you sometimes don't take
>chances. And sometimes you
>want to shoot yourself in the
>foot because you didn't try
>something new, or because you
>didn't go for what you wanted
>and it got away. You'd make
>yourself a lot happier, if you
>could just, when you see
>something you want, just go
>for it... you only live once,
>don't let good things go by.
>That's basically it. I usually
>say that word for word and I'm
>planning on moving into the
>question game when I've
>finished this and going for a
>kiss close at the end of that.
>Seems like a good idea.

Dude, seriously are you an entertainer or a guy that likes to fuck women? So
much bullshit to read/learn over so little, why are you doing retardedly long
cold palm reads when you could be filling her ass and trying to lay her? Are
you so into it cos the "all n mighty" toecutter told you this with his side
kick stevei?

You are either very new to ASF or very naive, which one is it?

***Running bootcamps for Melbourne newbies, email if interested.***


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