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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated

mASF post by Sirducer

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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Well there you go mate, your sarges are very ROBOTIC! Your like Data from Star
Trek, for every little move you have a script and at the end of the night you
got nowehere cos your treating your fun night out sarging as a bloody strategy
plan. Guess what? Its not a plan, have fun, vibe and get the girls!

PS Cs vs Us bwhahahahahahha its so lame, I remember doing that shit, and the
HBs looking at me like I was a retard, never used that stuff ever since. If it
works for Style who lives around these little pop stars, great, for me its like
"no fucking way dude." Ah well have fun with the canned game!

Next time try this:

"Hey guys how are you going tonight?" Much easier and natural ;)

***Running bootcamps for Melbourne newbies, email if interested.***


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