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How do you handle this one

mASF post by Sirducer

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How do you handle this one
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/17/05 8:28:00 PM, Iron_Rinn wrote:
>I hit a few roadblocks last
>night and am trying to learn
>from my mistakes. How would
>you guys respond to the

Get a good wing man.

>(read my FR for a more
>complete description)
>1. You open a 2 set of a HB
>and an UG. The UG is all over
>you and the HB is distant.
>How do you shift to get rid of
>the UG and bring in the HB?

Get a wing man. He will engage the UG after you have spoken to her as now you
can move onto HB. If the set is going nowehere but you still want to see HB
later, close both the UG and the HB. Get their numbers, maybe even grab the UGs
number first and then give your phone to HB to store her number. Then eject and
delete UGs number and call the HB a day ro so later. Solved.

>2. You are talking to a HB in
>a bar and she comments that
>she really is interested in
>the guy next to you and wants
>to meet him (you don't know
>him). What do you do?

Grab the guy and say how this girl here is interested in him and how you think
they will be the best couple in the club. If this doesnt blow the guy out,
eject and find a new set, fuck man, shes not the only girl in the club is she?

>3. The above guy moves in and
>is doing better than you with
>the HB. He seems like a nice
>guy (for what that's worth)
>and is not trying to AMOG you
>or make you look bad -
>he simply is doing better than
>you. How do you (or do you)
>get rid of him so that you can
>move back in on the HB?


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