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Re: Car sex

mASF post by Sirducer

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Re: Car sex
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: Sex Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/1/05 9:27:14 PM, finalD wrote:
>Alessandro wrote in
>news:[email protected]
>> Sirducer wrote:
>>> I usually dont pull HBs back to
>my pad as I share it with my brother
>>> but last night I managed to
>fuck and cum twice in my car... the
>>> carpet burns a bitch
>> but
>>> this girl made me cum twice
>within an hour...its awesome finding
>>> girls that like sex and arent
>afraid to state it!
>> Park it somewhere, get her on all
>fours on the passenger seat, then
>> come around and take her from
>behind doggie style.
>Flop the front passenger seat forward as
>far as it will go, both on its
>rails and as a recliner. (I.E., run it
>up towards the glove dashboard
>AND tip the back-rest forward toward the
>buttock-rest.) Then put her on
>top of the back of it either facing up
>or facing down. Meanwhile YOU go
>get in the BACK driver's-side seat
>kneeling (or standing in a deep
>crouch) and take her. You might have to
>support her ass, which will
>essentially be floating above the empty
>space where the feet of the
>back-seat passenger-side rider are
>supposed to go; but otherwise, you
>have more left-right and front-back
>leeway. Basically you're using the
>maximum distance available in the car by
>lining yourselves up
>diagonally, from back-driver's-side to
>front-passenger-side, and from
>back-floor-level to front-ceiling-level.
>Sort of.
>Did any of that make sense? :P ...
>Then, when you get sick of that
>position, simply pull her toward you
>and seat yourself in the middle of the
>back seat. She should be able to
>lean a bit into the gap between the two
>front seats, putting her feet on
>the back seat next to your ass (note
>that she can, still, be either
>facing toward or away from you).
>Did any of THAT make sense? :P ...
>The surest way to corrupt a youth is to
>instruct him to hold in
>higher esteem those who think alike than
>those who think
>Friedrich Nietzsche

Hah thanks for that detailed description mate :) Will use it in the future!

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