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day 2: who pays

mASF post by Sirducer

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day 2: who pays
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Look, there is no certain rules who pays and who doesnt. More so the bill is
usually split in half, you pay 4 bucks and so does she. But for example last
week I met a chick for drinks I was 15 mins late, so its only naturally that I
offered to pay for her drink as I was late and felt obligated to be nice to
her. Mind you 30 mins later she was sucking my dick.

So all the situs are dynamic, if you think that a girl is simply using you for
a free date, dont pay, if you wonna get out of paying for her, the easiest way
is to have the right change for your drink, when you finished drinking, get up
and say your going to the loo, just before you walk off give her those 4 bucks
and ask her to pay for both of you, shell take the hint. Or if you dont wonna
complicate things then just walk up with 5 buck note and if the charge is 7
bucks for both drinks then ask her for those 2 bucks missing and pay the
difference! 5 bucks aint gonan kill you or your "alpha" image lol

For pool and bowling, well dude thats half half. With pool it gets times
usually unles u got a game card, dont be cheap, just get the damn card. With
bowling its like 15 bucks per person, expect her to pay, no question in that!


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