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how do you avoid the “me and my boyfriend” line

mASF post by iv0

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how do you avoid the “me and my boyfriend” line
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mASF post by "iv0"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

When it comes up just ignore it and go on. If it's on it's on. Sometimes(most
times) they mention it early on just to subtly let you know what the setting
is. It's true that the vast majority of hot girls have a boyfriend, most even
keep a whole "playlist" of AFC's hovering around them waiting for their turn to

I'm just speculating but I think 98% of the girls would be unfaithful to their
boyfriends under the proper circumstances, and around 70% of them already
have:) Btw I have been encountering the BF problem with my past 3 FBs. But be
careful though. For example last time I went to pick up my FB from her
apartment her BF was waiting at the entrance of her building(he's a total
stalker; suspects she's seeing someone else). Anyways I avoided the encounter
with him, cause he's bigger and dumber and I have a gun so it could get
unnecessarily dangerous. Rule number 437 is -- never fight over a piece of ass
lol :))

Cheers, Ivo

The more I learn about women, the more I like my BMW.

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