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I Might Suck

mASF post by TheTruth21

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I Might Suck
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mASF post by "TheTruth21"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I am really good at nailing girls in my social circle. This whole cold
approaching girls is making me feel like a little bitch.

I had a presentation this morning, so we diddn't go out long last night. Here
is how it happened.

We came in and I was scoping out the place. I walk over to the bar to get some
water. A girl hb7 is standing on on the other side of the bar. The bar tender
goes over and waits on her first so I shout at the bartender about how she is
skipping me in line, and she smiles all giggly. Great. She keeps looking at
me off and on and I will look back and shake my head and smile. Then the 2nd
bartender comes by and takes my order, then ask the girl hers again (the 2nd
bartender diddn't know she had been served. I shout again about how she
already tried to skip once, she laughs out loud at me. I get my water, and I
walk past this girl on my way out. I reach over and grab her side (like a
semipinch to get her attention) when she turns I tell her skipping people isn't
nice, as I am walking past her.

I walk outside, planning on reopening later.

Some guy beside me as I walk out opens me about something. I talk to him for a
minute then,

I go over and talk to my buddies and 2 UG are sitting behind them.
So I ask them if the chair at their table is taken, as if i want to take it to
use by my friends. They say its not, so I just sit down and stare blankly.
They end up being older than me, and one of them has a boyfriend that was on
his way to the bar, but she seems to be digging me anyway, either way it was
just a talkin to people warm out.

We have to leave the venue, so I do get to reopen HB7, which I dont like cause
I thought I was golden there.

We proceed to a new venue later, and 2 ug and 1 6.5 are sitting together. A
bit older than us. Me and one of my buddies walk over and I open with, "Settle
a bet for me and my buddy, Who do girls like better Bradd Pitt or Johnny Depp"
The line opens the set well. However, after they anwer for a second I back
turn to my buddy and talk about how what they said doesn't count bla bla bla.
They semi back turn as well. I reopen by asking if the one that answered 2nd
was influenced by the first. I think I just hung onto the opening line to long
and diddn't transition well. Either way, It was lound and hard to talk, and
they diddnt seem to be feeling out, so I ejected.

I did 1 or 2 other semi approachs, noting significant.

How do you guys go about picking up girls in clubs so loud that you can't talk?
Where there is no place in the whole bar besides outside you can go and it be


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