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Field Report: “They Always Are!”

mASF post by jlaix

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Field Report: “They Always Are!”
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mASF post by "jlaix"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I went out last night with the intention of getting drunk with my AFC friends
and doing zero pickup. I need a break. So we went out to the bar and started

Unfortunately for me, HBs walked in. Trying to stop my rhyme is like trying to
stop crime.

I couldn't help myself. They were sitting at the table next to us. I lean over
and start improvising weird shit:

"Hey, guys. I read in the paper that Snoop Dogg is doing ads for Chrysler with
Lee Iacocca. What is the message there? Because I think the message is: Smoke
weed, fuck bitches and kill people and you will be a millionaire."

This opens them, but it's a five set and my AFC buddies are not helping, so I
just back off and resolve to go back to my drink.

I try real hard. But I go back...

"Hey, guys, is it okay for me to drink my friend's Jack and Coke, if he's being
a total fucking pussy?" They say yes, and I drink my friend's drink. I'm sorry,
he deserved it.

Again, I eject the set before starting into game.

THEN, these TOTAL CHODES walk in, wearing suits and looking very lame. They
open the girls. Awful, like, "Hello ladies. You look lovely tonight. Where are
you from? Why are you here? blah blah I'm a fuckin chode."

I can't help it. I roll in and start mocking them, imitating their styles:
"Hey, you are pretty... huhuh... what's your name? What do you do? huhuh... buy
you a drink? huhuh..."

The chicks start cracking up and literally ditch the chodes to sit with us. The
chodes are making comments, I ignore them... my friends start to insult them,
but I stop it. I say, literally loud enough so everyone around can hear, "Dude,
stop. Don't. That's not necessary. They already blew themselves out." I love
this shit, when I explain the meta shit out loud to people, they freak out. ha

So the chicks are totally into me now, and even my friends are sort of holding
their own. One of the chicks is a high 8, and I game her. Standard stuff, push
pull, etc. We venue change to the karaoke bar.

I keep it going, and by the end of the night, the chick is totally into me, no
kissing though, just kino and awesome vibe.

So I'm getting her number (loser club number close), and as she's giving it to
me, the UG friend starts to CB. She says, "She's not going to have sex with

I'm like, "What the fuck? Why would you even say something like that? This
chick is not my type."

The UG continues, "She has a boyfriend, and he's better looking than you."

Unfazed, I just chuckle and say, "Heheh... they always are!" and wink at her.

The look on her face is fucking priceless. I finish getting her friend's number
and say, "It was a pleasure meeting all of you."

And I'm out. :)


what's the difference between us? we can start at the penis; or we can scream
"i just don't give a fuck" and see who means it.

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