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Brian interview from Cliff‘s List

mASF post by Jestor

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Brian interview from Cliff‘s List
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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

This is the type of information that should be posted much more often here.
This interview really explains a lot of stuff, most useful to guys who are well
beyond RAFC, and who are looking for answers to at least mid-level type


Brian Interview:

Brian was the subject of a great David DeAngelo interview for his Interviews
with Dating Gurus CD series. I really liked what I heard but wanted to get
more details and David
D. has courteously put me in touch with Brian and I asked him if he would do
another interview for my list. It turns out that Brian has been a subscriber
to these emails so
my request fell on sympathetic ears. What follows is what I consider a great
piece from someone who has truly mastered the art of dealing with women.

Clifford: Brian, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for my list. How
about we start with a short introduction about yourself (not everyone got the
DYD interview or will
necessarily remember it)?

Brian: Of course we have to start with introductions, my least favorite part!
LOL I am an entrepreneur, owned my own engineering & manufacturing company for
8 years or
so, was a millionaire before I was 30, bankrupt by 32. Currently (at 34), I put
together investment real estate deals (as money allows), and I am working at
setting up a new
website to teach people how to use their money to make money. The company will
be open for business next week. My initial response rate has been huge, so I
see this
company exploding (

However, it's very similar to when I first started my company. My net worth is
growing, but I am broke. LOL It's a good thing I don't take women out on dates.
Before, when I
was a millionaire, I did "buy" my dates. I owned a new Vette, new truck,
motorcycle, boats, wave runners, etc. I even had remote control boats to race
in the pool, while we
sat in the hot tub. Now, with all of this, I had all kinds of dates. I dated
Hooters girls, models, centerfolds, and the hottest women around. I did not,
however, have any skills
in actually dealing with women. Being wealthy kept the demand for me high,
which naturally led to me not chasing, so women pursued me. I still didn't
handle them correctly
though, because I spent TONS of money taking women on cruises, or trips,
shopping sprees, etc. This became painfully obvious after my brief marriage,
and very bitter &
expensive divorce. My ex wife was the hottest woman I ever "bought," and after
the divorce, and during the bankruptcy I found my natural chick magnets (money
and toys)
were gone. So I had to learn how to attract women without money or toys (when I
say I was broke, I mean like I couldn't afford to even drop $50 for dinner). I
also got custody
of my son (10 months at the time, just turned 4), so I don't have the freedom I
use to have in dating women and spending time with them.

Currently, I have gotten bored. There are four women I have been seeing for
over a year (18, 22, 25 & 31). In addition, I have slept with 60 or 70 women in
the last 2 years. I
finally learned how to attract women, and still not impress or buy them. Most
of the women have been between the age of 18 to 25, but some have been as old
as 49 (aerobics instructor who is soooo hot). Also, I have only had like one or
two one night stands in the last year, so most of these women have stayed
around for a while, even though they know I am seeing others, and I don't take
them out.

Also, I don't sleep around like I did right after my divorce. While I was
learning how to attract women with just my personality, I did sleep with lots
of hot women, but now,
given the diseases and moral issues with hundreds of women, I tend to be VERY
picky, and just keep the hot women who also have great personalities and
something going on in their life around. I use to think quantity, now I am all
about quality. Of course this comes from getting to the point where I have lots
of choice. I do, however, flirt and test
all women.

Clifford: I would like to get into a bit more detail about your dating history
- you say you "bought" your dates when you had a lot of money, but how did that
actually happen?
What I mean is, how did you meet them, did they just see the trappings of
wealth and pursue you (as you indicate above) or did you do or say certain
things to let them
know that you had money - what I am driving at is that I know that a lot of
guys who are reading this think that there are certain "hooks" that attract
women in the world
outside (eg. looks, fame, money, etc.) but it's rare that we get an insight to
what that actually is like (since most of them have no real idea of what being
wealthy is like and
many probably think they will get all these women "when" they do get rich). I
know in your interview you talked about how you were just hanging out with the
woman that
became your wife, that you had by chance made the right moves - I think there's
a bit more to the actual process than to just produce your bank account

Brian: I bought my dates in lot's of different ways. For example, when I met
Mrs. Hawaiian Tropicana, I was in my Vette, dressed very nice, and was just
walking into a patio
bar. She was very hot, with long brown hair. Well, she saw me getting out of my
car (we are just a few cars away from each other). I say hi (I cringe thinking
about what a
jack ass I was back then), and she says like "nice car." I agree, we talk
briefly, with her asking me what I do, and me bragging about the company I own.
Anyway, got her
number and called for a first date. That date was me taking her out in a limo
for an expensive dinner and dancing, roses and champagne included. When I asked
for the date,

I told her what I had in mind (limo and the restaurant The Polo Club). Anyway,
that first date cost me close to a grand. Some of our future dates were cruises
and weekend
trips to Florida. All told, I probably spent $15K in two months on her. I
honestly felt I had to spend cash to keep girls interested. Now, I date the
same girls or hotter, I am
older, and they have to buy their own beer when we go out. LOL

Another example would be the bar I frequented back then. I was a regular at a
little tavern that was a great Friday night hangout. At one point or another
every person in town
seemed to come through. I spent so much cash there, they would reserve the two
best tables in the bar for me and my group. A typical bar tab on a Friday night
was close
to a grand. I would see a table of hot girls, and just pick up their tab, or
send them a $100 pitcher of shots (not just one but 20 or so). Once again, I
spent cash to get
women's attention, and it worked. The downside is I felt kinda trapped.
Sometimes I resented always dropping that much cash, and there were always guys
and girls who
came around just for the crumbs of the money I spent. I knew I was being used,
but I got laid fairly regularly (not like now, but still better than most) and
just figured that was
the price of having hot women.

Now, when you date lots of hot women, and spend lots of money on these women,
they talk. And yes, many times women would seek me out, just cause their
girlfriend told
them about the money I had, or my house or whatever, and that would get the
girl interested. So, over half the women just heard or saw the trappings of
wealth, and showed
interest. That was my cue to try and impress them.

And Clifford, honestly, if you have money you can buy women. You can spend
money on your car and clothes to attract them, buy the whole bar a round of
drinks, brag
about your wealth, and you will date hot women. But most of the time the
relationship feels a lot like being at a strip club. Want to see some tit, drop
some cash. Even more
for a lap dance. Do you honestly think the girl likes you? And you know, most
women are taught to want a guy like that. They really try to like/love you.
They see you as a
great provider, who obviously likes them. But deep down that type of behavior
is repelling to them. Even though it isn't discussed you both know you are
paying for their
affections. They won't respect you, and I just can't see a relationship
starting like that working.

As far as my ex, yeah that started different. I knew her for about 3 years
before I got my first date. After high school she started working for my
accountant, and did
modeling. I always flirted, with little or no reciprocation on her side. Then
one day at her office I noticed she seemed upset. She had just broken up with
her bf (a month or so
earlier) and the new guy she was dating was being a dick. For the first time in
three years I didn't flirt, I just related to her. I never figured I had a
chance. A little after that I
was on my bike and I ran into her. I offered her a ride, which she accepted. We
headed out of town, riding on the back roads. I took us up to the lake and
spill way, where we
walked a bit. We just skipped rocks in the creek and bs'd about guy/girl
problems. I never thought I had a chance (she is that beautiful), so I never
even tried. I was 29, she
was 20. On the ride back to town, she kissed my neck, and that night I slept
with her. If I would have had my skill with women now, I would probably still
be with her. I
treated her like all the other girls though, spending $500 a month just to send
her flowers every other day, and buying her a new car and stuff.

After our brutal divorce she became my guinea pig. Every new tactic or ah-ha I
had when learning about attraction got used on her. For the last year she had
been laying
down lots of hints about getting back with me, but I just can never go back.
Too many things have been said and done on her part.

Clifford: Ok, lets move on to the change. I remember that in your DYD
interview it appeared that the DYD materials were really the springboard for
you "getting it." But many
guys read the DYD and other materials and, while understanding it, don't "get
it." Can you go into detail about your transformation? What insight can you
give to those who
haven't been able to truly grasp how attraction works?

Brian: Yes, from the material I read, DYD was the best start. But it is, as
you wrote, just a spring board. The one thing that David D. wrote that none (or
very few others did)
was that he kept a journal and made notes. Well, this gave me the idea and I
did the same thing. And I used lots of his, and other people's ideas to
practice and try.
You see, I didn't "get it" when I first read it either. I was going through my
divorce and bankruptcy when I started this research. I knew I wouldn't be
having sex till after the
divorce cause I wanted custody of my child, and I refused to give her any
ammunition. But damn man, I was frustrated, the woman I loved walked out on me
and Jr., my
company was going down the tubes, I felt lonely, trapped and basically angered.
Now, angered is down playing it. So, after looking back at the money I spent on
and the bragging and showing off I tried to do to impress them, I realized I
was 31, with very few female friends. In all truth, take away the money and I
didn't have what it
took to get a date.

I started reading. I couldn't date, while we were going through the divorce, my
son was with my ex, and I slept at a friend's, so I had plenty of time. I read
everything, then I
started applying. I would try different approaches, teasing, cocky and funny,
being nice.... anything I could think of just meet girls and get numbers. And
this was everywhere
I went.

In the beginning I was shot down repeatedly (100's and 100's of times). But I
knew I would figure it out. Now, I purchased a dozen online ebooks about
dating. I literally have
hundreds of books on dating and relationships, including books written for
girls. If there is an E-zine online that talks about dating, I would receive a
copy. Most give the
same advice Cosmo would give a man. Smile, be nice, show lots of attention.
And, for me, this just didn't work. But David's remarks and c&f did tend to
spark a little
interest. So I would do what I could to set up scenarios to just be able to say
what David wrote. And I started getting responses.

Now I don't use everything he writes about, and I do use ideas or personality
traits I cultivated from other places. More than anything the information gave
me a starting place
to go and do the things successful guys do to meet women. If you do what they
do enough, you see the reactions of the women, it all starts to make sense. Now
it's just
part of my personality, and I put very little thought into interacting with
females. It has become natural.

After a year or so, I went from not being able to get a number, to getting
20-30 a week. Even my best male friend took big notice how easy and fast I
could get a girl's
number. My timed record is 48 seconds from first walking up to her, to getting
the number, and my friend timed me on a bet.

I have also been a marketer by nature, and I used the same strategy with women.
I just got over all my BS about how I think an interaction with a women should
be, and
started looking at things from a woman's point of view. What would make a women
want to buy me? How do you make someone buy a product? I cultivated those
traits that
make people want something. And one of the best is "you can't have it." Most
people will touch a sign that reads 'wet paint' just to see if it is dry. I use
the same logic to
entice women to chase me. I don't get their numbers anymore (for the most
part), I don't call them, and when I first meet them I always ask questions
that make me look
very picky and that they don't qualify for. Oh, I also never, ever let a women
tell me what to do, or act rude in any way around me. Period. I will bust them
hard for this crap,
and not jokingly.

Something funny about that, the hotter the girl, the more likely she is to tell
men what to do, sometimes in a straight forward manner, sometimes subtly. I
have become very
sensitive to this and I flat bust them on it. If they get pissed off (half do)
I simply walk away. Don't give me any BS, and we will have fun, fuck with me
and I don't get mad, I
just cut you off. I have told girls, while they are running their bitch shield
to 'stop.... this just isn't going to work out. I could never kiss your lips
at night, if they are going to
chew my ass all day' I heard it in a song, and just adopted it. That is even
more attractive to them. When you demonstrate you are a man that demands
respect and you
are not willing to kiss butt just to talk to a pretty girl, they will usually
seek you out after they think about it.

Clifford: I would like you to elaborate on is how you wrote that you don't take
women out on dates. Can you go into some more detail about what you do
specifically from the
time you meet them to the time you get together with them? Also, I want to ask
you is about confidence. One thing that comes through loud and clear on your
DYD interview
is that you have a total sureness about what you are doing with women - there's
like no hesitation, you know what you are going to do, how you are going to do
it, when you
are going to do it, etc. The level of confidence that comes through is very,
very high - how did you achieve this? Were you always like this? You must
certainly have met
many other guys who don't have this level of confidence with women - what would
you suggest they do to increase their self esteem?

Brian: No, I don't typically date (like pick a girl up and take them out).
Honestly, when I first meet a girl, whether I take her number or she takes
mine, and we talk on the
phone that first time, if the conversation is going really well, I will just
tell her a time I am free and where to meet me for coffee. Usually Starbucks,
but a restaurant will do. If I
can tell she is REALLY into me, I suggest she come to my place and we make
dinner together (usually dinner comes after coffee). I don't offer to pick her
up, I don't buy
flowers, I may have one bottle of wine in the house for dinner, but I am not a
big drinker, and I learned that just having enough wine for a glass or two
seems sophisticated,
but it's not enough to get them drunk. This seems to build trust with them

Now, coffee dates tend to really intrigue the girl. I am not trying to impress
them, obviously. And, even if I like the girl I usually only spend an hour with
them talking. And
that's what I do, just talk and tease them, learn about them. If you listen
they will tell you exactly how to win them.

Dinner is a little different. I plan easy meals, but I make sure everything is
cooked slow, and we start after they arrive. I always give them a task, like
making the salad, or
cutting up vegetables. And we talk and tease. I treat them like an old friend
who has stopped by after being out of the country for a year. After dinner, we
sit and talk awhile,
then I usually suggest a walk around the neighborhood. A little exercise is
great, and you keep talking. Then I suggest a movie, and will get a bunch of
pillows and a blanket
for us. A pillow fight usually follows. That is a great activity for getting a
women sexually charged and it is fun. I usually resist even kissing them,
although I will enter their
space all the time (like I know I can kiss them and have them if I want, but I
like the tension - most women call me a tease around this time). After a couple
of hours in this
situation you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. They usually kiss me
first, and then I just follow the 2 step forward, 1 step back rule. After this,
where it goes is
usually up to you. When I first starting getting good at this, I did sleep with
the girl the first time I could. Now I don't, I make them wait and jump through
a few more hoops.

As far as confidence, yeah, I am confident. Thanks for the compliment. And no,
I wasn't always like this. Playing sports helped, building a business helped,
but my
confidence was shattered after my ex walked out, and when I first started
meeting women without money I was shot down so often it scared the hell out of
me. I remember a
few weeks after I started studying the DYD system, I saw a very beautiful women
out eating with some friends. It was my first approach since that first date
with my ex. I
went up and started to introduce myself to that girl. My knees were shaking, my
voice cracked, and I didn't speak in a complete sentence. LOL Bless her heart,
the girl I
talked to was sweet, and her friends were nice, and she said no to the request
for a number very nicely.

For the next year I made myself talk to people. I would approach women trying
different approaches (body language, voice, words, etc.). I also made myself
talk to everyone.

Old, young, men, women, children, whatever. Now, if I go out, within 15 minutes
I have met every person there, including the kids. And nothing bad has
happened. Nobody
hit me, no one threw a drink in my face. Some people liked me, some didn't.
Most are at least nice.
As I continued to learn, and became better with people, and specifically women,
I found it just doesn't matter. Some people will like you, no matter what you
do, some will
hate you, just for the way you look. It just didn't matter. Now, I care about
people, but not what they think about me.

The other thing that has really made a difference in how people deal with me
and like me is how I treat them. You could be rich, beautiful, whatever.......
I don't care. I dated a
women last year that won a Grammy in 1999, and was up for one this year. She
has a few albums out, has been on TV and done some children's sing-a-longs. I
interested in her, but not overly impressed. As far as I could tell, it was a
job, and the fame she did have meant she rarely got to 'put her hair down' so
to speak. So, with all
women all I care about is how they treat me, and how they treat others. Act
rude, and not only will I bust you and call you on it, I will walk away. I will
do this to a man or a
woman. This is part of my dominant personality. No one gets to disrespect me.
And I don't try to force people into my mold or change them, I just cut
contact. Most women
who test you on this issue will see you don't get upset or controlling, but you
are in control and if she wants to be around you that kind of behavior is not
Now, doing this has not only improved my confidence, but has made me very
popular. There are 3 taverns I go to about once a month. I walk in, and know at
least half the
people in the place. I spend the first 30 minutes just shaking hands and
hugging girls I know. I am not around them enough to seem predictable or
boring. And new people
that see me come in and say hi to that many people want to know me. Especially
women. Then I walk around and meet others. And I spend just as much time with
the old
man sitting alone in the corner as with the table of 10 hot women. I don't
latch on to anyone, and I get to talk to everyone. This tends to make women
want to know me.

Now, you asked what advice I would give to a man who wants to develop his self
esteem & confidence. Let me use an analogy. Take the bench press. I could show
you how
to set up the bench, I could show you how to breathe, where to put your hands,
your feet and the rest of your body. I could even show you the range of the
movement, and
how slowly to lower the weight, and how fast to lift it. I could tell you how
much I start with, and end with, how many reps and sets I do. I could even show
you my diet and
how I eat to fuel a workout. But you will never, ever get stronger or bigger by
watching me. You must do it. It's really simple. Know you are NOT going to walk
into a place
and be treated like Brad Pitt. Know your interactions are not going to be what
you want. Just have the mind set that you are going to go learn how to interact
with people.

Then do it. No excuses, no I want to read more. Just go do it. Don't be a dick,
and maybe, if you are really bad at social interaction, you should stay away
from cocky and
funny. Just be polite and say hello. This is not a great strategy for building
attraction, but is the starting point to gaining enough confidence to approach
a female. When you
can approach them, then you start working on learning how to attract them, and
not just interact with them.

Clifford: You wrote "And that's what I do, just talk and tease them, learn
about them. If you listen they will tell you exactly how to win them." Can you
elaborate on that
because there are two pieces here that I believe are critical to helping guys
obtain success: one of them is the "teasing" and the other is the "listening."
In terms of the
teasing, I believe that playing hard to get and teasing are absolutely
essential elements of attraction. I remember your story on the DYD interview
about how you reversed the
roles with the Hooters girl who took you out to a comedy show, and I noted your
comments here about "you can't have it." But I would like you to go into as
much more
detail about 'taking it away' and taking on the woman's frame as you can. I
think there's a very difficult mental contortion that most guys have a lot of
trouble with because on
the one hand they are expected to approach and consequently show the first
interest, yet then the way to do it is to pull it away and change the direction
of the interaction.

How did you get good at this? As for listening, what specifically are you
listening for because typically women are very subtle in this area and many
guys play it cautious
with them and don't pick up those clues.

Brian: As far as playing hard to get. Yes, I believe DYD's system where Dave
wrote to ask questions suspiciously, and to lean back and not be too eager. I
noticed this
really helped ease the interaction with the female, so I leaned back even more.
I did play hard to get at first. I would want to call a hot girl I met, or kiss
her as soon as I
thought I could. LOL Even though I was ACTING laid back, I was still wound
tight on the inside. Now though, I really am hard to get. I am really bad at
calling girls back, I
forget birthdays (one of the girls I have been dating for a couple of years
Bday was last Monday, 7 days after mine, I forgot. LOL), I don't try to kiss
women early anymore,
etc. The few times I go out and some girl latches on to me, I will not go home
with her and sleep with her. I may next time, but not the first time. This is
exactly opposite of
most guys, and the girls take notice of it big time. Also, I tease them about
being too aggressive and messing up their chances with me, etc. People want
what they can't
have, and if a woman thinks she can have you when she first meets you she is
less likely to want you.

And that leads perfectly into teasing. I am not a clown, I don't cut up all the
time. But I do tease, at irregular intervals. As you do the things that
increase attraction with the
girl (the whole scope of the interaction) you can visibly watch her get more
nervous/excited. And I just tease them more about how obvious it is they like
me, and how cute it
is, etc. And I do this in the middle of other conversation, so there is no good
lead into the comment. I just watch, and when I see her attraction rise I say
it. Even if she is
talking about something completely unrelated.

And that really is the HOT woman's frame. When you meet that hot woman that all
guys drool over she is usually very flirty, she knows all men want her, and she
will tease
them about wanting her. She will act flaky from time to time, and rarely will
she chase you or call you. That is, she will do these things if you are the
average guy. But, if
when you first meet her you take her frame, & do it more than her, she
literally will start chasing you. My first aspect of stealing her frame is from
her body language. No
matter what the topic, I will wait to see her body language, and then
exaggerate it. For example, within the first minute of talking to a woman, I
will notice how far back she is
leaning when she is sitting, then I simply lean back more than her. What I have
noticed is she will start to lean towards me the more I lean back. My natural
tendency is to
lean in, so I have to concentrate at the beginning on not doing that. I have
read this is mirroring her. But whatever, I take her body language and go
larger with it (and always
away, never in). Also, when I tease, my voice and body language are usually
opposite of my words.

Another aspect with taking a girls frame is this whole "buy me a ring" crap. I
really thought about this, and given my past, and how much money I have spent
trying to
impress them, I noticed our culture is just geared to a man giving women stuff.
Even the biggest femmanazi out there expects her man to give her an engagement
ring. Well
F*CK that. When girls have talked about having a relationship with me, or why I
won't settle down with them I always switch roles and ask what kinda ring they
are going to buy me and I always tell them I want "two carrots." This throws
them. They will always back up and tell me I am supposed to buy them a ring. My
response is usually, "but I
am not the one asking to settle down." Then they tell me it is the man's role
to buy his woman a ring as a token of his affection.... to which I ask if she
wants a business
relationship or love relationship, cause me having to buy a her a ring, so that
she gets the benefit of having just me, while I am limited to just have her,
sounds a lot like a
business relationship. Sometimes, after joking about this a few times, I have
had girls show up with those cheap fake rings you can buy for 8 bucks. We have
a good laugh
about it. This also works if the topic comes up at all when you meet them. Like
when they ask if you are married, you ask, "Why, are you thinking about buying
me a ring?"
Also, I simply believe, if the girl has talked to me for 60 seconds, then she
likes me and is attracted. So I take the hot woman's frame even more. Teasing
her about liking
me, flirting, touch her arm, then tell her I will charge her for any more. Or,
by just being aloof if I am not in the mood to flirt. A little arrogance mixed
with good conversation,
and a little lack of attention on your part will send the message she will have
to work for you.

And this brings us to listening, which wraps her frame, and teasing together.
You see, no matter how cute your line is, it will never be a good as if you
observe her, and listen
to her, then custom fit that to her. For example, you wouldn't want to use the
line "Nice shoes, what are you 4'2"? " on a girl who was wearing very thin
soles, like sandals.

But if the girl is tall, and wearing like 3 inch trendy boots, this is a
perfect line. So when you start interacting and talking, listen to her answers
and watch how she tells you

Another example, if the girl tells you how she really hated the way her last
boyfriend spent more time with his guy friends than with her, and she says it
in a kinda wispy,
almost remembering, way, then it is likely this girl loves the challenge, and
wants a guy she barely believes she can hold onto. If she made the same
comment, but said it
with more anger or pain, then I would be willing to bet she desires more of the
security of being with a protective man, and that she will respond to a little
politeness better.

Either way, I first empathize with them of how I know how that feels, and then,
tease them about how they will hate me, that I sound just like their ex and I
spend more time
with my friends, etc.

Also, if you ask your questions right, she will give you more specific ways to
win her. For example, I was at a coffee date with a hot little 21 year old
waitress. We were
playing back gammon and just hanging out. In the middle of the game, out of
context, I asked her something to the effect of "You seem normal, why don't you
have a
boyfriend. Did you just get out of prison?" She kinda laughs, and tells me
straight out that most men bore her, and she is looking for a challenge. Well,
I listened, and not
only heard the words, but applied them. I knew she had my number, so I never
did call her to ask her out, or say thanks or even talk. About a week later she
called me, we
chatted and I got off the phone fast. Basically I made myself a HUGE challenge.
And we ended up dating till she went back to school. Even while we were dating
and now, I
don't pursue her even a little.

Now Cliff, all this is bonded by one aspect of your personality. Your belief in
you. Some call it confidence, and it is, but it is also a little more. You
wrote "As for listening,
what specifically are you listening for because typically women are very subtle
in this area and many guys play it cautious with them and don't pick up those
clues", and
you are right. Women are subtle. I am sure I miss lots of their subtle signals,
but the real problem is men are cautious. David D. wrote in his book that he
gives you
permission to burn any interaction with a woman. In case some readers haven't
read his book I give you permission to burn any interaction with a woman.

So, stop being cautious. Sometimes I say things that are just too arrogant.
Rather than apologize, or say I was only kidding, I just believe in myself, and
I know, no matter
how it came across, I meant it as teasing, so I will look her in the eye and
nod slowly and say "yeah, I said it." Now, I say those words exactly like I was
saying, "cummon,
don't you enjoy humor?" Most of the time the girls will punch you in the arm,
or blush, and you can watch the attraction go up. Mainly because I stood firm
in myself without
getting self conscious or nervous or back peddling.

Women love men with balls (no pun intended). So when you tease, have balls.
When you approach, have balls. When you talk to other people, have balls. When
you listen,
have balls. You don't have to agree with her, or everything she says. And in
doing this I have learned that you can get a women emotionally charged with a
verbal conflict,
and still win them.

I learned this from one very hot woman I dated. I tried engaging her on several
occasions, at different times. Each time she would kinda respond, but
immediately go back to
talking with friends and ignoring me. After one such time, I told her something
to the effect that no matter how good she looked, acting like a spoiled stuck
up brat would
always keep her single. Holy shit, she tore into me. I was a dick, an ass, how
dare I, etc... I kept my cool, and just started smiling and leaning back and
slightly nodding.

After a few minutes she finally clued in on my body language and asked why I
was smiling. I told her I knew she would probably be fun if I could just get
past her bitch
shield. She laughed at this, we ended up talking and dating for 3 or 4 months.

As for getting good, I did it the same way I became confident. I screwed up a
lot, and kept doing it. I noticed after I started getting numbers, I had a
large amount of girls
calling and canceling the meeting before we got together. So, just to see what
would happen, I started calling the girl before we were to meet and canceling
the date. I would
just say something came up, and I was sorry I wouldn't be able to make it. I
noticed women I broke dates with start calling me. And if I set something up
the next time, they
rarely broke the date. Also, when I had no shows (they stood me up), I would
call them the next day, and expect the voice mail. I would leave a message to
the effect of how
sorry I was I didn't show up, and I didn't have their number or I would have
called, and since I stood them up, I wouldn't blame them if they never talked
to me again, but I just
felt I should call and at least say sorry. LOL Lot's of girls would call me
back, and just say it was no big deal, and if we set a second get together up,
they usually showed. It
was weird. Now though, it's been a long time since a girl broke plans with me.

Clifford: I would like to know how you manage your women. Describe to me a
typical week/month in terms of how often you speak to them (who calls who),
what you say to
them, how often do you see them, what you do when you are together (you
described on the DYD interview about a girl going on a date, coming home and
then spending the
night with you - how exactly do you have these women set up and what did you
say to them to set them up this way?), etc. Do you treat them all the same
basic way or are
there important differences from one to the other? Do they ever meet each
other, either just socially or for threesomes (or moresomes)? It seems clear
that they know you
are dating & sleeping with other women - what are you doing that is keeping
them around (you mentioned one woman that you've been seeing for a couple of
years below)
and how do you deal with their resistances to you being with other women (eg.
concerns about STDs, for example)? And the other thing is that you seem, like
many guys
who have reached your level of success with women, to be emotionally immune to
them. I don't get the sense that you could fall for a woman anymore now that
you have
them figured out.

Brian: Thanks for the compliment. And manage my women, you are killing me. I
don't really manage. My system is kinda easy. I start from the "I am not
looking for a
girlfriend" frame. I really do not want one. So when I first meet them, and we
talk, they ask what I am looking for in a girl, I always, without fail have a
cocky & funny
comeback about rich, bisexual, and not just one. Now, no matter how clear I am
about not wanting a relationship, every woman, without exception, thinks they
are going to
change me and settle me down. So the first few weeks, they really expect me to
chase them and be with just them. They soon learn that isn't going to happen.
So the
majority of women I have been with last 2-3 weeks. Now we have 2 categories,
those girls that enjoy me so much they continue to be with me while they either
wait for me to
change and settle down, or they look for something better. Most of the girls I
have dated any length of time fall into this category, and most have had
boyfriends while they
were with me. Some new guy that wines them and dines them, and bores the hell
out of them so that they always come back to my bed. The other group just drift
and end up calling a month later for another hook up. And since I make no
promises, I have no worries. Just last week the 18 year old, 5'11 120 pound
hottie showed up
while the 25 year old, 5'2 89 pound hottie was here. I have dated the 5'2
hottie for a year or so, and known the 18 year old for 6 months. She just
turned 18 a month or so
ago and we started dating. Now, when 18 showed up, I just invited her in,
offered her some coffee, then left the room to get the coffee. The two girls
talked, I came back, we
all talked for about an hour, 25 had to leave, so 18 and I spent more time
alone. Neither girl asked about the other, and I offered no excuses or
explanations. So, for the most
part, it is the girl calling me, and us deciding to get together.

As far as a typical week. Well, let's take last week. Friday night I played
golf with my buddies, illegally on a course till about 2 am. We used those
go-nowhere glow in the
dark golf balls. Saturday afternoon the 18 year old stopped by on her way to
work. I met her at Taco Bell around 6 to eat dinner with her. Then I went to
hot 31 year olds
house. She cooked me dinner, and I ended up spending the night. Met a new 22
year old for coffee on Sunday. Sunday evening was with a new 19 year old that
came over
and helped cook dinner with me. Monday day the 18 year old stopped by. Monday
night I had my kid. Tuesday day I had 25 year old over when 18 year old stopped
by. I had
my kid Tuesday night, but I allowed 27 year old over with her kids (only a very
few girls are allowed around my son). Wednesday I played golf with the guys and
had 20 year
old meet me at my house after. Thursday was with Jr. Friday, early evening I
met a group of waitresses from one of the taverns out for drinks before they
went to work, then I
went fishing with the guys and my son.

As for how often we speak. I have no idea. The 18 year old has a huge crush on
me. I talk to her almost everyday, but I never call her, and I only answer
every third call or so
(she is also the sweetest of the group - very innocent and she likes to clean
my house). The rest of the girls will call me between 1 and 10 times a week.
Like the 27 year
old, she only calls once a week and if I miss her call I call back. The 31 year
old is hot but very emotional, she calls 7-10 times a week, and I talk to her
about every other
week. The 20 year old is new, and only called a few times. The 25 year old
calls 3-4 times a week and I talk to her once or twice. Trying to think of all
is this is funny to me.

Honestly, I am real bad at taking calls, or calling back, but when I do talk to
them, I tend to tease and have a great time with them.
As for setting it up this way, it wasn't planned. I just started getting lots
of female attention, which made me less eager to call or talk to anyone, which
got me even more
female attention. And if a girl gets mad or doesn't like it, oh well.

And I never act like I plan on sex. Usually I act like we are just hanging out,
and let the woman seduce me. So they usually have to 'persuade' me to stay the
night or let
them stay. It seems like the more I try not to sleep with them, the more they
try to sleep with me. Oh, and I do turn women down. I won't always stay the
night, or let them
stay, and I keep it unpredictable.

Now, I have never had any kind of STD, and this is very important to me, so I
always use a condom. And I keep a box in my car, gym bag and dresser. As a
matter of fact, I
have dated several women from the local Walgreens just from buying condoms. I
will go in and buy 2 or 3 boxes of the Magnum economy packs (that's like 64-96
Without fail, the woman checking me out will blush and try to make some joke
about it.... I will just tell them practice makes perfect. Do the usual tease
and flirt and then I
let them take my number. The 25 and 18 year olds both worked at Walgreens,
although, not at the same time.
When a girl first sleeps with you, she is likely NOT thinking about STD's.
Most seem happy when I bring out a condom, and I don't ask what they want. It
is a condom or
they can blow me. After some time, they may bring it up. But usually, it's
after we have had sex. Now, I think the real issue is not about disease, I
believe it is about
control, and you being with just them. Usually I just avoid the issue, or ask
if they are telling me they have a disease. If they continue to pursue the
matter, I just point out
this is the way I am. If you don't feel comfortable with me, then you should
stop sleeping with me. They may get pissed, but I have never had one stop
sleeping with me for
this reason. Like I said, most girls don't make it past a month, so I really
don't care, and for every one that stops seeing me, I meet 20.
I do role reverse on them here too. I will ask if they have anything, or if
they are sexually safe. If it looks or feels like they may have an issue with
my rep, I just grill them a
little about it. I have also noticed, by NOT having sex with them as soon as I
could, I not only look like more of a challenge, they worry LESS about me
sleeping with
someone else. I am much harder to get, so less likely to be sleeping with
lot's of women. LOL That's woman logic, and we know better, but perception
can be a dangerous

As for threesomes, when I first started getting good at this, I was able to set
up a few with college girls (even had 3 18-19 year olds at once). I had a great
time with it, and a
few of the more open 'hippie' chicks shared me with friends. To be honest
though, I prefer one on one. The 27 year old is bi, and she does invite me to
join in when she gets
a new gf. She and I have been together for over 2 years, and we have even gone
out and picked up girls together.

Now, why do the girls stay, or keep coming back? Well, obviously, most don't.
They are around for a few weeks, then they are on to the new guy that shows
them more
attention. Lots of these girls do tend to keep popping up though, calling and
wanting to get together every couple of months. But the ones that do stay have
fun. I have a
great time, I love teasing them, when I do go out, I enjoy meeting and talking
to lots of people, and I easily build rapport with people, and most of the
women enjoy this.
Almost all of the girls tell me they have never felt this close to a guy, and
they can tell me anything. I don't judge them, or try to change them, and I
think this is key.
From talking with the girls that have been around me for any length of time, I
have heard that most guys are always trying to fix their problems, or they feel
like the guy is
trying to change them. You know, on a subtle level. I used to invite girls to
workout with me when they showed interest in my training (I thought I was being
nice), but I
realized most of the girls take this as me saying they need to get in shape, or
they aren't good enough. Teasing them about that is fantastic, but actually
trying to change
them is bad, bad, bad. So I don't ever offer a solution or advice unless
specifically asked, and then I give it to them honestly, even if it pisses them
off and I know that isn't
what they want to hear. I also don't care if they date. As a matter of fact, I
encourage them to go out with other guys. I believe the more time they spend
with the kiss ass
guys who try to impress and buy them (the old me), the more they like being
with me. I never, ever get upset about them dating or sleeping with someone
else, and I can
talk about this without judging. If they ask about other girls I sleep with
(like for details) I will tell them I have never, I am a virgin (I have said
this while I was 'in' a girl).
The other aspect is I never talk about boring crap. No work, or school or
anything. If they start I will tell them to stay away from boring topics, and
they only have me for a
little while, impress me. And I tease them unmercifully, at the oddest times.
The exception to this is I am a good friend. I don't lend them money ever, but
if they have a flat, I
will pick them up if I can, or if they need something moved I will help out.

"Emotionally immune" This is a good phrase. Yeah, back long ago, I would get
jealous easily. Even hearing about a girl's ex bf would make me jealous. I
would like a girl and
go way overboard calling and buying gifts and stuff. This was all my
insecurity, and I leaned on the girls. Like I was looking for her to fulfill
me. Anyway, those days are gone.
I started very bitter after the ex, and was emotionally detached. Now, I am not
bitter. But I am a lot more stable in myself. I don't need a girl to make me
happy. I don't need
someone around. Every where I go there are hundreds of women, and now I know
how to meet and interact with them. I have no fear of them. Can girls still
hurt my feelings?
Of course. But no more than one of my guy friends can. I am sure you understand
what I mean. I have gotten to a place where I am comfortable just being me. I
don't need
to impress, or buy, or take a girl out. I am not needy at all, and with this is
a super level of confidence and balance. Since I know I have the skills, I just
don't worry about
outcomes anymore. Now, I also don't put myself in a position to be used in a
way I would not like. I trust everyone, I tempt no one.

In rereading your question, you asked what I do with them. Well, new girls is
obviously us cooking dinner, but you can only do that so many times with a
girl. It's not so
much what we do, as how I am around them. I would like to relate a very typical
evening, that has happened so many times or ways, it is almost scripted (the
attitude and
results, not the details). I will take the last girl this happened with. We
talked, she got my number, she called. I was busy, and never called her back,
she calls again a week
later. I invite her over for dinner, she asks if I would rather go to a sports
bar with her. I have plans for the first day she asked, so I decline (this is
another Hooters girl). She
calls a few days later and invites me out. I keep teasing her about being my
bratty little sister, and how, if I go out with her, it's just to hang out and
have a good time and
become better friends. She arrives at my house. She walks in, I grab my stuff,
we leave. I drive us to the bar. We arrive, and she asks me to buy her a beer.
I tell her to buy
her own beer, that I never buy 'children' alcohol (she is 22 or so, 5'4, maybe
100 lb. with nice perky breasts and long brown hair). She buys her own beer
(and isn't happy
about it). She sees some guys she knows and goes running off (this has happened
so many times, I believe this is a standard dating rule girls follow to test
the guy). I do
not follow or even get upset. I just start meeting people around me. When she
comes back I am sitting with 3 other girls having a fun conversation. When she
arrives I
introduce her, talk for a few more moments, then join her at the bar. She asks
if I want a beer, and I say sure. She goes up to a group of guys and flirts,
and brings us back
2 beers. I just laugh and tease her about how happy I am my new friend can
charm beer out of guys. I also tease her she needs to go charm me up a new
Ferrari. She sees
more guys she knows, and runs off. I meet more girls and a few guys. When she
comes back, I always introduce her. I never met any of her friends, nor did I
ask too or try.

After a few hours of this, girls are asking me about her, and asking for my
number. 3 guys come up to tell her how hot she is and how beautiful, etc. She
looks at me, and I
shrug and say "I think your tits are too big." She laughs, and the guys have no
ideal how to take it. They end up buying both of us shots and beer. One guy
keeps asking for
her number (trying to hide it from me LOL). I finally tell her to give the poor
guy her number, as the shots he bought were excellent. She gives him a number,
but I don't think
it was hers. We leave. In the car she complains her neck is sore. I start
rubbing it. Before we get home her panties are off, and I just carry her
straight to the bedroom.
Now, minus specific details, this scenario has played out so many times I swear
it's like dæô vu when I go out, or meet out, a hot young girl. But every single
time I act this
way I get free drinks, and I sleep with the girl. Every time. It kills me.

Clifford: On the DYD interview, you mention about approaching women using "Are
you single?" as an opener. From there, you commented how you are not looking
to get into a conversation, a comment which I didn't find that David followed
up enough on. You also mentioned going out and getting 5-25 phone numbers in
one night, and,
if I understood it correctly, either getting a number or leaving with the girl
within about 15 minutes. You made this sound like buying a can of tomatoes at
the grocery store -
you go in, find what you want, take it and leave. Now maybe it is that simple
for you, and from what you've written in this interview it seems like your
methods may have
evolved, but I would like you to go into some specific detail of what you do on
a cold approach that is so efficient and which doesn't involve a conversation.

Brian: Yes, my game has evolved since I was interviewed by Dave in December.
That was almost a year ago, and while my attitude is the same, my strategy has
changed a
little. I can't remember the last time I got a girl's number. I was trying to
think, and it's been months. I just give mine out now. Call, or don't call,
that's ok. Now, this doesn't
work if you ask for her number and she says 'Why don't you give me yours?' Here
she has the power, and complying in the kiss of death for you. But, if you just
tell her you
don't call girls, here take my number, you keep the power, even if she doesn't
take it right then.

If I see a girl that interest me, I still open with are you single? and follow
with are you rich, and then back that up with are you bisexual? When I was
getting numbers, I really
wasn't trying to get into a conversation. I used my openers, then I just said I
was busy and I had to go, but write your number down. I didn't try to keep the
girl interested right
then (usually).

Last night, me and Jr. were shopping and a hot brunette caught my eye. She was
maybe 25, 5'4, 110 lb. with an ass that screamed 'fuck me.' As soon as I saw
her I started walking
her way, and she saw me and started smiling. The first thing that popped in my
head though was 'I have my son with me' and then I thought of not approaching,
so I walked up, and
just chatted. We talked a bit, and she ended up taking my number. She did ask
what I thought about my son watching me meet a woman to which I asked my son
'What do we do with
hotties?" and he yells, "Tease them and runaway." It just shocked the hell
out of her... LOL

The exceptions were when I was in a really powerful or horny mood. I am out,
meet a girl, use the openers, and within 5 minutes just say, "I am going here,
cummon." and
leave with her. Almost all of this working is how fast you can build trust,
rapport, and increase her attraction. It is the whole sum of your personality
and communication
acting in harmony. It's only been the last year and a half or so that I have
been able to do this.

As for getting 5-25 numbers 'like buying a can of tomatos', well, it kinda is.
I know, if you would have told me I could do this 4 years ago, I would have
been like 'sure you
can.' But honestly, it is a cake walk, once you believe in yourself. If I ask a
girl for a number, I not only expect her to give it, I expect her to be happy
about it, and be waiting
for the moment I choose to call. The simple question is, can you walk up and
get a girl's number? In my timed bet I walked up the girl who was sitting with
her mom and
friends and said 'Are you single?' She kinda smiled and blushed. I continued 'I
am with friends right now, and I can see this is not a great time for either of
us to talk. You do
have a look I find interesting, and I would like to talk to you sometime and
get to know you. Do you have a pen? All the girls dug and found one, and I just
said here, write
your number down. She did, then I teased her about not getting my name (hers
was on the paper). Now, if you can do that, you can easily do that 5 times in
an hour. and if
you can do that 5 times, you can do it 25 times. No big deal.

Now, even in my interview I mentioned I don't bat 1000. Girls say no. I have
walked away from lots of girls cause they wouldn't take my number, and I didn't
take theirs. The
next time I see them, they are usually very interested in me. But it doesn't
always go my way every single time. The difference between now and 4 years ago
is it goes my
way more than it does the typical guy, and that is from my learning. I have
lots of girls who want me and sleep with me. I have so many female friends now,
I just don't have
time to talk to every single one of them every day, or even every week. I do
not come from a place of needing a date, so even when I walk away, I walk away
from a place of

And we all talk about a girl wanting a challenge, and a powerful man. So who
looks stronger, the guy that gets her number, or the guy who turns her down
telling her that he
doesn't call girls (which, by the way, is another role reversal). When she sees
I am not kidding, that I really will leave without her number and not be the
least bit worried
about it, it turns her on. I have had girls chase me out the door saying 'ok,
give me your number' or the next time I see them, we talk and tease about that.
Them telling me
what I am missing, and me just laughing and telling them it doesn't matter they
have already screwed up their chances with me. Usually, when I see these girls
again, I can
feel the sexual tension go up. I am likely the first man who ever walked away
from their number. The second time around they usually take it. But even if
they don't and they
are all pissed off at me cause I hurt their poor little self esteem by not
taking their number or doing what they want. What I really did was save myself
a whole bunch of their

A big part of the puzzle is what I expect. I mean, I do all of the things to
increase her attraction, but I also fully expect her to do what I want. If I
want her number, I expect
her to give it. If I want her to take mine, I expect her to take mine. If I
want her to leave with me, I expect her to leave with me. That really is a big
difference over most guys,
and I am sure my voice tone and body language relate this to her. Most guys ask
for a number 'hoping' she will give it, surprised if she does. I am shocked if
she doesn't.
Here is another example. I ask my male friend to do something for me and I am
not sure if he will. If I ask an employee to do something for me then I expect
it done just as
fast as humanely possible. In both situations I ask, but in the situation with
the employee it is nonverbally understood, that while I am 'being nice' asking,
I expect what I
want to be done. Same with women. If they are single and I can make them smile
with my first couple of comments the I really expect her to want my number and
to get to
know me. It would be in her best interest.

Clifford: Please expand on what you wrote about what you expect. The question
(which I realize I dwell on) that is most critical in all these interviews is
"getting it." If you look back on how you were a few years ago, what do you
think would be the best way for someone to go from where you were to where you
are now?
What other insights could you think of to help guys to finally have that big
realization that leads them to massive success? Obtaining the kind of
confidence that comes
across in what you wrote is the holy grail of seduction world - I know there
are guys having some success that don't come close to having the attitude you

Brian: LOL Yeah, this question touches on everything. I talk about 'getting it'
as do lot's of other guys. It is not really one word or attitude, but a whole
personality and
lifestyle, and probably differs from time to time. But the real key is, I know
how to amplify a woman's attraction, and I know how to create and keep sexual
tension. This is it.
I can make a girl FEEL these things. I do this with my attitude, which
compliments my body language, and voice, and words. It is everything, all the
details from meeting
her, to sleeping to her, to marrying her to burying her (with this ring, I am
dead.... my favorite line).

I am starting to sound like The Tao. You must become one with yourself
grasshopperson. I kill me.

Really though, how does a guy get here. Well, for starters, do you really want
here? Let's talk about that. When I first set out to get good with women, I
really just wanted to
learn how to meet and date a few women without the benefit of toys and money,
and to know how to deal with my ex to show her what she messed up. As I
progressed, I
started having women try to get me to be with just them. And, at that point I
didn't want that. So I decided, I would learn how to sleep with multiple women,
and not be hung
up on one. There is some good side and down side to this.

But for starters a man must decide what he wants. Does he want to become the
type of man that can attract and keep an exceptional woman? Is he looking for a
wife or
girlfriend? Does he want the reputation of being a player? Does he just want to
sleep with as many women as possible, or only the hottest women around?
I think most guys will say the hottest women, or most. I think they say this
cause they don't have the balls to admit they really want just one exceptional
one. I see this with
lots of guys writing questions about "How much of a player they have become,
but there is one they really want, how do I get her?" See, if you are really
good at getting
them, and you are a player, you couldn't care less about 'one.'

So a man must decide what he wants. Then he must learn the 'mind' knowledge.
That's all the books, the CD's, dvd's, ebooks, interviews and newsletters. Then
he must
apply, and learn how his own personality must be grown to utilize his
knowledge. You must go do. And you start wherever you start. Some guys are so
shy, they must
learn how to even walk up to a girl and say 'hi.' Some guys are just going to
have to learn how to amplify attraction after they meet the girls. Some guys
have it all down, till
they actually get in the relationship, and they are going to have to learn to
keep attraction and sexual chemistry alive. But all this happens with knowledge
that is applied.

So just go do. Face rejection a few hundred times. Become very calm and
comfortable in control of yourself at all times. As you start seeing success,
just re-decide what
you want, and modify your life to fit your goals.

There is no pill, or magic word, or pick up line, or secret body language pose,
or certain look with eye contact (although there is some merit to the
'Zoolander' look - LOL), or
anything else. It is everything about you.

When you go out, meet a hot girl at a bar, do you ever buy her a drink? If you
are looking to go to the next level, you need to start telling her to buy you
one. Now, till you
really get the attitude down, it is not likely to happen. Be prepared to get
lots of no's. But then it starts happening. The other suggestion is to stop
getting numbers, and
make them take yours. Same kinda deal, you will get lots of no's till you get
it down, then, presto, tons of chicks calling. Just some ideas, and if you are
comfortable with
being told no for a while, it is one of the next steps.

I just can't give a better explanation. But here is how to judge for yourself.
If you see a girl that sparks even a moment of interest, do you approach her?
It has been well over
a year, and I can't remember the last girl that I felt attraction for that I
didn't approach. I can remember one girl from 9 years ago that I locked eyes
with, who took my breathe
away. I can still remember her smile, and her walking away. And I still
remember what a jack ass I was, and how many months I beat myself up for not
having the balls to
just go say hi. Win or lose. I was scared. Scared others might see, that she
would say no, that a huge bf would kick my butt, that a meteor would crash into
me as I
spoke.... LOL But I don't ever have that problem anymore.

So if you are out, and you ever feel this, you know you are just going to have
to make yourself GO DO SOMETHING. Win or lose. And with enough losses and
practice, you
don't ever have to feel this again. You can walk away every time feeling great
cause you approached and got her number, and you know, if you want her, she is

Clifford: You made a remark in the beginning that you are bored now. Is this a
case of be careful of what you wish for because you might actually get it?

Brian: Yep, I am bored now. It's not that I don't still hear 'no', or that I
walk into a bar and every woman is just throwing themselves at me. Not at all,
I still have to start most
of my interactions with females, and I still have to read the signals and push
the old attraction up. Based from just my looks, with the age group I date, I
would say, when I
first start talking with them, they do not see me as a potential mate, lover,
bf or anything else. So I start below their base line for attraction. However,
I know that they will be
attracted to me, and all I have to do is be the man I have grown to be. And
this is true.

But yeah, I am bored. I am starting to see things like the average hot woman, I
think. I just know if I talk to the girl, meet her for coffee, invite her to
dinner, she will sleep with
me. What I really enjoy is the girl that understands attraction too, and knows
how to flirt and create sexual tension back. And, if you are the dominant one,
they just don't do
this a whole lot.

As bad as it sounds, I would prefer a challenge. I would prefer a girl not let
herself sleep with me on the first date. It's hard to explain, but just having
a hot girl is not all that
exciting. As a matter of fact, they usually have lots of drama in their life.
You just wouldn't believe all of the crap these women create for themselves.
David D. really hit the nail on the head when he wrote/said that finding a
really exceptional woman is hard to do. Once you have the attracting and sexual
tension parts of
your life with females handled, and you keep your power for yourself, you find
that women start acting like the wuss guys we read about. They call all the
time, send gifts, etc... and there is no excitement there after the 100th time.
Does this make sense to you Cliff?

Clifford: Yes, it makes sense. Of course, you realize that you will not
garner a lot of sympathy from my readers!
In fact, I'm having a hard time feeling bad for you myself! But I have to
thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and to share your
knowledge and experience with the guys reading this.


"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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