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mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/17/05 3:24:00 PM, Pnutt wrote:
>==-aright, so if you dont
>wanna read the whole thing,
>maybe just pick out a
>paragraph and try to help with
>that one?
>man ive really been running
>well lately... attraction is
>easy, rapport is easy... i
>havent had the chance to
>practice closing bc of my
>ltr.. love her.

WTF! If you love her then why are you here? Why are you working on breaking
this love down to shit level???

Look I am the biggest player that I know, but when I go into a ltr and I were
to fall in love, playing is the last thing that I would do.

You will get what you put out. If you love this girl why would you want to
hurt her this way??? Or maybe you just think you love her and maybe your just
addicted to her and you don't want to let go cause some other guy will be
fucking your shit.

BUT, i think
>there may be something wrong
>fundamentally with my game...
>i do extreme cf.. call girls
>out on liking me, hitting on
>me, put on puppy dog charm
>face all the time. and it
>works for the most part. but
>problems that have just
>recently started reoccuring is
>that when i do things like
>this, in the moment theyre
>totally into it, and i think
>thats because emotions are
>high so the pathway is clear
>for this. then they go home,
>calm down, emotion is lost and
>they think 'this guy thinks i
>like him, thats arrogant (not
>in a good way) hes a tool he
>thinks everyone likes him etc.
>just a theory,

I'm glad you said this "just a theory,". You don't know what is truly going on
until you ask and the person will give you a totally honest answer.

This is also a real problem with running a total c&f game. You become a
entertainment monkey instead of being taken as a serious player.

but it seems to
>be whats happening.. im still
>trying to find out the
>pattern, because it could be a
>number of things. it kicks up
>attraction, but in the long
>term i think its destructive.

Yes, in the long term it does become destructive. Especially if you continue
to lay it on after you start seeing the girl. I have a natrually sarcastic
wise cracking prat fall creating type of humor at other people expense of
course. This style always seems to destroy the womens self esteem and ends up
causing resentments in the end if I keep doing it.

I just went out with a super hot babe today for our first date:

Ok at the end of the date I walked her back to her Hummer, yeah a hummer girl
makes big bucks and before she left I said you have something on your shirt.
She was wearing these workout close and this tight teeshirt and has these way
way too big implants. She looks down and I flip her lips. Sure she laughed
cause she is a gemini like me but doing shit like this for some folks will get

>ALSO, after awhile, theres
>nowhere to go. you can only
>run this kind of game for so
>long until you run out of
>places to go. we get it. youre
>cocky, youre funny. all the
>girls like you. what else can
>you give me.

Exactly. Then it's time for them to see if your a REAL MAN or not.

ive been trying
>rapport, but it doesnt seem to
>be moving the interaction
>along and it seems to maybe
>only myself hopefully, but
>that its backtracking and
>trying to hard. like, for some
>reason i feel they can see my
>gears turning and thinking oh

I see your true insecurities are showing here huh! c&f helps you over come your
fear of women initially but you really need to just get a handle on that issue.

ive got nothing else, i
>better go for comfort and
>trust. i think another part of
>this problem is due to the
>fact that i have nowhere to go
>because i cannot fuck these
>girls. im in my ltr and its
>like... well what do you want.
>we cant have sex. i mean,
>obviously, that would be the
>smartest idea to move it
>along; to close, but i mean..
>i cant do that. so maybe thats
>part of it.

Again why are you playing this game??? Obviously it's because your your petty
little ego. Your ego driven. Your not in control of your own life. Your ego

>ANOTHER problem, is i think cf
>in an extreme way as ive been
>using it makes me come off too
>much like a player. im sure
>theres been stuff on this site
>about how to get past that. i
>know girls secretly like
>players and its a turn on, but
>how DO you get past that?
>like, its NOT just a shit test
>for some girls... they dont
>take you seriously if you come
>off like a player.

Taken seriously for what purpose??? Are you reffering to marriage material in
the girls heads? Or just in general seriousness. I'm asking because I get
take very seriously except in the area of getting married again. Women all
want it and they have even asked me about the possiblity, but some of them
won't post the question seriously.

And it's no big deal.

do you
>still just take it as a bigger
>shit test and just agree with
>it and proceed? like, when i
>get that vibe that thats what
>they think, i go running back
>to rapport. and i think thats
>shitty, sloppy, and plain
>another problem, is I think
>its putting it out too much. i
>think theres something
>dramatic about NOT knowing if
>you like each other, and at
>the same time aknowledging
>that she does is a great
>emotion amp.
>AND, this is the final
>problem... when you assume
>that the girl likes you, and
>its verbalized, its like
>everything is SHUT OFF.
>COMPLETELY. emotion can be
>running rampant but if that
>comes out, its game over.
>like, i guess it still works
>in a cf way, and it has, and
>still does, but i think if you
>come out and logically say
>that it fucks it up. do i
>forget completely about
>aknowledging this (which is a
>key part of my game) or do i
>go with it and just make sure
>it comes at very oppurtune
>times and has gotta be funny
>as hell? i mean i suppose i
>could switch the frame up and
>go from aknowledging like td
>and commenting on the
>bodylanguage and the
>interaction like td does, and
>instead go with more cf
>romantic frames like kooper.
>if you read this, sorry.
>please help.

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