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building rapport

mASF post by ease_of_disease

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building rapport
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mASF post by "ease_of_disease"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/10/05 3:10:00 PM, Skyfire wrote:
>Im just wondering what are
>some good ways to build up
>rapport after you do up the
>initial approach.

The short answer is start with verbal flirting (using cocky and funny and
eventualy when shes comfortable with you adding clues that she likes you or
joke about you two getting together (like if she bumps into you later on after
you meet her just say "getting physical already, i barely know you!")

After you start the verbal flirting you need to jump into the next level and
get into a mix of physical flirting too. (hands on flirting) Like fun stuff, if
your friends now and shes comfe joking around with you and hanging out with you
just go somewhere like the beach (since your friends itll be fun) and than add
some physical aspects like if the watters too cold throw her in the watter or
use your hands and spray her with the watter to get her wet. It's teasing and
she'll connect having fun and being physical with you.

The whole point is to eventualy get physical with her sexualy, and actualy
flirting like this the whole time will get her thinking about you sexualy all
by itsself. So shell actualy probably put the first moves on you, OR set up the
situation for you to take charge and kiss or whatever.

Women always do that, they dont take charge and start the physical kissing or
whatever, but they set up scenarios where YOU CAN. A girl will sit on your lap
if your by the computer talking to her friends online, or jokingly see if your
tickleish and grab your chest and tickle, thats when you look deeply into her
eyez and ALMOST kiss her, but stop yourself (to create anticipation) and then
continue to increase sexual desire...

It's a more fun kind of thing than serous. because your playing physicaly and
verbaly but this approach works. and is the only technique some people use
(relying on their fun traits to get women)

I get really deep into a full length scenario in my thread right under yours.

called THE MAIN RULE (Meant for AFC's)

I know the
>usual talk about her shit but
>im just wondering what you
>guys do.

See talking about her and everything already assumes you know how to verbaly
flirt with her. Thats how you start all ALL of her interest in you. I've lost
girls before because my friends that were with me and my girl were SOOO good at
verbaly and physicaly flirting that they got attracted to them instead.

So... you have to TALK ABOUT NOTHING but in an interesting way.

NEVER talk about logical things like the weather (unless your TALKING ABOUT
NOTHING like how the clouds look like something sexual or something silly
thatll get them laughing) [and thinking sexualy]

But ya get it? Im just starting to understand all this myself but its like you
need to joke around to her and do it with the right voice tone too. MANY of my
jokes and flirtings go bad because they cant tell im joking or i dont say the
flirty jokes right... but get this down and youll bed the finest girls.

>Also, do you guys use SS , and
>if so are you getting results
>from it? It seems good on
>paper but it seems a little
>tricky to use and a lot to

Yea all the stuff like SS and everything goes ALONG with knowing how to
lpayfully pace and lead and know how to flirt first verbaly than physicaly too.

Its like everything else is an attachment to it.

Por exemplo, you cant play mario bro's 64 without the nintendo 64. The game
system is essential. The game system is verbal and physical flirting...

Anyways there ya go. i hope you were bored enough to read all this :) it realy
is deadly important if you 'get it' when i talk about this stuff.

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