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mASF post by BlueMystery

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mASF post by "BlueMystery"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

Hey guys!

This is my first time posting, and I would appreciate some advice with my
current situation.

Background info: I'm an RAFC and am practicing PU material almost ever day.
I'm currently in a relationship with a HB8 and we've been together for 4
months. Everything in the relationship is good, only that we are currently
living in different countries (Im on vacation in a different part of the world,
and she will be going to germany on vacation as well) but we will be rejoining
in 4 weeks.

I've been reading a lot here and am working on maintaining a strong LTR by
keeping the tension by being CnF, mysterious, then emotional, etc...and
creating drama.

Speaking of drama, I accidentally created too much drama for my GF in one of my
emails, and I was wondering what some of you guys think would be the best
course of action to go the other way and make things fine again (the balance)
while remaining Alpha.

Anyways, here's her reply to the email I sent (which I unfortunately didn't

I'll also give what my intentions were, so that I could more easily learn from
my mistakes.

<<<<<This first part, I was just trying to gossip and get her to reveal more of
the "girl secret code", but I think it backfired and instead created
(My lines)Oh, you know
> what this one chick said to me?
> Anyways, she told
> me that it didn't count because she was like "it was in a different
> country" kind of argument. What do you think?

(her response) How am I supposed to react to that question?
You don't honestly expect me to give you the permission to fuck that
bitch, do you?
Do you want me to fuck some guy when I'm in germany, because I'm in a
different country? How do you like that thought?

If you fuck her lose my number.

<<<Here, I was using a line I found on this forum to experiment (I'm not taking
credit for it, and Im sure it wouldve worked on a different context) didn't
work out the way it was supposed to.
(my lines) Are you still working out like you're supposed to? You'd
> better be, or you're gonna look unfuckable, which'll be too bad.

(her lines) I hope that's supposed to be a joke.
It better be or you just turned unfuckable.
I wouldn't have expected you to be so superficial.

<<<<<<We planned to go to Miami when I came back, so I gotta rebuild attraction
for her to regain that fun state.

(my lines) Awww, how sweet that we're going to miami

(her response)You better give me a very good reason why I shouldn't think that
over again.

<<<hehe, I was trying to be cocky n funny, using DYD shit I think it was.
Didn't go well tho.
(my lines)Missing you, hope to hear from you soon. I miss you a lot
> Sandra.......especially in the dark

(her response)Doesn't sound much like it.

Thank you for ruining my day.
It's always nice to start a day by getting really pissed off.
Especially if it's by someone you'd expect something else of.

End of message.

My purpose was to experiment:
/1 talking gossip with my GF.
/2 Show that I have standards (she wasn't working out)
/3 Anticipate the fun we'd have together
/4 Play cocky funny.
/5 and most importantly, just tease her!

I think that I simply busted too hard on alpha without calibrating it, and this
whole plan backfired.

How should I go about responding? Should I reframe it as though she read the
email wrong and that i was just teasing her? Would that work? Any advice would
be mostly appreciated.

Thanks alot you guys, you're the best!

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