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So you made the eye contact, now what?

mASF post by Alpha Romeo

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So you made the eye contact, now what?
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mASF post by "Alpha Romeo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Ok, first off, I've been off of these boards for months, I hit like 2 1/2 posts
and realized that most of the people here are tools, and I did'nt need to post
and read instead and not put up with stupid shittin drama that occurs.

Here it is playa, your style is me......most girls that I have tagged were
gamed the way you were, I was fuckin brain washed by these fuckers, my whole
idea was to evoke every god damn emotion I could with the girl and keep em that
way, and it worked, and it is always with WHAT you say, and how you say it, too
many damn people are scared to sound like fuckin poets, but thats what
works....for me.....and apparently you. So I had a buddy who was clearly jelly
(jealous) and told me I was a fuckin phony, with how I gamed, and that no one
does that and that you make fuckin useless girls fall in love with you and
shit, blablablah...I believed him, he convinced, I changed my way, and kinda
swung his way which was asshole/alpha....then i read this shit which is all
cocky funny, and works for me also because i'm a confident fuck hole, who quite
frankly is sexy a tight tshirt in the 50', I think, do regress back to
who I am, and let the bitch melt in my hands and make her feel like the only
girl in the world, or go on jabbin her for a night until she's dizzy and stick
my dick in her? I'm fuckin brain washed......I just can't believe I am readin
this shit by you because it is me....PS, i'm black too, on the inside ;) (Irish
baby!)....also why is everyone scared to discuss the effects being black as a
white person with other black people? I have very open convos about how people
tippy toe and shit and make sure not to step on toes WITH black people, which
to me is just saying "i'm a fuckin racist and need to watch what I say in case
something flips" Most agree with me...

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