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Turning Club Game into Real Game, how?

mASF post by Legion5

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Turning Club Game into Real Game, how?
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mASF post by "Legion5"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Ok I'm wondering, if you build up a fake relationship and all this BS with a
girl, or what's called club game where she lets you in very fast just to kiss
you for instance.

How do you translate that into a meaningful relationship?

Some things I've tried to just joke and say "do you want to have SEX?", and
she's like no, this leads nowhere.

I've tried this a few times and compared to cocky funny, deep and all this
stuff, the character, is more congruent with me.

I've only done this to a limited amount, but after only a short time with this
"extreme sarcasm", I've had a woman give me her info, 3 others be very

The game is run like this:

Your brutally honest with the girl of your intentions, i usually don't make a
comment about her looks because honestly it doesn't matter to me.

like: "hey I need a make out buddy for the club, party/next five minutes, your
going to be that"

then you run some obviously exaggerated fake exaggerations like "oh by the way
your my new lover/best friend" just make fun of the whole friends with
privileges, best friends forever, best friends, girlfriend/boyfriend thing.


Anyway, this Brutal Honesty combined with extreme exaggeration so for instance
being like:

"yeah those 5 billion moron homosexuals who just hit on you must have been
boring" (not that I've said that, but it's an example)


Anyway I've had a past success with this, but it was kinda by accident, I was
running a BS routine with marriage, and the girl sucked at keeping her end of
the joke up, so I told her she was bad at it and was like, let's have a real
conversation, and it progressed straight to "relationship like conversation".


Ok so if I'm running this game and I'm having fun with the girl, and not even
bringing up relationships, there's a way you can sort of tell that she wants to
be in a relationship with you or date you, ie she really likes you.

Point being, even if she doesn't how do you go about going from this BS "being
best friends and wanting to have each other's babies" to, a real relationship?

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