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The Myth of Flash Game

mASF post by san***m@at***.com[ ? ]

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The Myth of Flash Game
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mASF post by "san***m@at***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/2/05 4:54:00 PM, Dimitri wrote:
>You go out to the club. You
>just opened a girl then jumped
>into some routines, gotten her
>laughing and giggling. You
>jokingly flirt with your
>wingman like he’s your
>boyfriend. The girl touches
>you and you say “Hands off the
>merchandise.” Everything’s
>going well… but then she
>leaves to dance, or to see her
>friends, or… something, and
>you don’t see her again.


Great meeting you and Woodhaven at the NYC SS seminar. I think you guys are
very cool and right on the money.

With regard to this post and the subject matter:

Too many people try to over-simplify an approach as basically coming from ONE
vibe, whether it is being sincere, dominating, cocky-funny, genuinely curious,
low-key, high-energy. etc.

The fact of the matter is, any good sarge requires that a guy be able to
cycle through and offer different vibes/energies, according to the situation
and the unique woman or women he is facing.

This is so common sense, it ought not to even have to be discussed.

Part of the problem with "flash game", as you put it, is that it is very
energy intense. It takes a lot of focus and after a short while, a guy can burn
out. I think also, it can come across as being very insecure; always having to
be the center of attention(as opposed to knowing different ways of being the
center of attention and knowing when to cede attention to others) can be seen
as a sign of a guy not being comfortable in their own skin.

I think there ARE some guys who can make "flash game" work well, because it
is their entire lifestyle, and not just how they deal with women. It's how they
deal with EVERYONE. And, in that sense, when THESE guys do their "flash game"
it isn't game. It's them. It's not something they turn on with women, it's how
they walk through the world.

Not a healthy or balanced place to be in, and you can read for yourself the
emotional/mental rammification of always having to "be on".

In any case, I think the real key to success is flexibility, calibration,
grounding yourself, and self-respect.

Flexibility to offer dominance, genuine curiosity and understanding,
vulnerability/sincerity, sexuality and playful fun. Calibrating how the other
person is responding. Being grounded into your body and your body's energy and
the whole body's ability to offer "gut" and "cock" wisdom. Self-respect enough
to say, "you know, I don't like the vibe I get from this woman or this group,
and I'm going to walk". Knowing when to call it a night and having the
faith(and the procedures) to learn from every experience.

The opposite of flexibility are doctrines that dictate things MUST happen a
certain way. Often, these are the writer's own limiting experiences that they
then cast as "TRUTH", with that huge, capital "T". Even worse are doctrines
that dictate that flexibility ITSELF is unmanly, unattractive,
un"Alpha"(whatever the fuck latest weekly
pseudo-scientific-social-evolutionary-psychology misquote of the week defines
it as) and something that will cause women to immediately enter menopause and
the nearest convent with vows of eternal chastity.

You know, the funny thing: for years I have taught my students to only
"pattern" as far as you can test and see readiness in a woman. That if, in the
middle of a sarge, she looks at you and says, with all earnestness that you can
totally read as being true, "You know, all I'd need right now to take you home
and fuck you with the wildest ride of your life is one more beer" then you
should NOT launch into the Discovery Channel pattern or the Blow Job pattern.

No. Your pattern ought to be "BARTENDER!".

Congrats on a great post and you are welcome, with Woodhaven to drop by an
event any time.



Step up
Ease up
Offer up
Reach out

>That wouldn’t be too
>upsetting, but it’s the fourth
>set of the night. That you
>lost like that. And your
>numbers aren’t panning out
>when you get them.
>What’s going on here?
>There’s a style of game that
>gets guys into conversation
>and gets reactions that are
>seemingly positive from women
>without getting you real
>results. The problem is that
>it’s all flash… you’re not
>really getting anywhere.
>A solid interaction that leads
>to sex or a relationship
>usually doesn’t look too
>impressive to onlookers. If
>they catch you opening her,
>they’ll be impressed, but
>within a few minutes, you’ll
>look like old friends catching
>up. A few minutes later and
>it’ll look like you’re her
>When Woodhaven introduced
>Natural Game», some thought it
>was called that because it was
>a style used by “naturals” -
>Not the case. It’s called
>Natural Game» because it’s what
>women naturally respond to.
>It’s broken down from
>successful seductions across
>the ages, and it works.
>When you carry an interaction
>seductively, in a natural,
>cool way, you get results. You
>get women. When you entertain,
>and be flashy, it looks good
>if you’re trying to impress a
>guy nearby, but it doesn’t get
>real results with the woman at
>nearly the frequency of a
>cool, natural approach.
>Some instructors demonstrate
>flash game to impress their
>students. It impresses, too:
>If a guy has never gotten with
>a woman off a cold approach,
>how would he know what a good
>interaction looks like? The
>barrage of joking around,
>crazy routines, and flashy
>stuff looks like just what the
>guy was missing: But it’s not.
>How many approaches have you
>done without getting
>consistently good results?
>Anyone who says you need 1000
>approaches before you’re at
>all good is full of shit:
>Flash game takes that long to
>get rolling because it’s a
>poor formula. You’re trying to
>make bad game work okay (and
>getting really bad habits in
>the process).
>Flash game might be better
>than nothing. You’re going to
>get more results spitting out
>ridiculous nonsense than you
>will sitting at home eating
>potato chips. But if you’ve
>done even dozens of approaches
>and you don’t feel like you’re
>getting further along each
>time, it’s time to reanalyze
>your game. Flash game might
>look cool for your buddies,
>but take it to the next level
>and start getting the women
>you want.

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