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Emotional Level Calibration

mASF post by RED5

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Emotional Level Calibration
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mASF post by "RED5"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/15/05 2:27:00 PM, Magnus wrote:

Well timed post for me as I have been thinking about something similar.

>Essentially, attraction to and
>success with a particular girl
>seems to depend heavily on how
>close she is to me on the

That what I've found

>I often find that I don't
>bother approaching a
>particular set, even though
>they are physically
>attractive, I don't like the
>energy about them. Experience
>has proved this judgement
>right. I'm pretty sure I'm
>not backwards rationlising
>approach anxiety, as I often
>approach the set anyway and
>get blown out or lose interest
>myself. (In fact, in
>situations like last night, if
>I'd trusted this intuition I'd
>have stuck with the right

I have also found that my gut feelings are also correct

>When you think about the
>successful couples you know,
>are they around the same
>emotional level? The ones I
>know are, almost without

Each part of a successful couple in my view reflect what they need on a
sub-conscience level through there evolutionary DNA programming. Like if the
girl is very self confident she will need a guy that is very self confident.

Note: They reflect what they need not what they say they need hense a girl will
say she likes a good guy with a good job. But sub-consciencely her DNA
programming will over ride society programming and will be attracted to a
characteristic she is reflecting.

People are attracted to what they are projecting out to other people. And the
great News is the girls you are most attracted to will most likely be attracted
to you its genetic programming.

My take is similar to yours but I think it all has to do with our evolutionary
DNA programming which is our auto-pilot programming in our sub-conscience.
Which we fuck-up with our brains conscience thought process.

Our evolutionary instincts got us laid, choose the right girl for us, until we
started thinking to much. Its a lot like a virus in a computer as we go along
we pick up these viruses from society that fuck us up.

When you see a beautiful girl you shouldn't feel fear only attraction. You
should look at her with a dominant male lustful expression... without fear.

Fuck running late for appointment catch you later


>I know a couple who are both
>obsessed with Pride - both
>very good looking, fitness
>fanatics, into home
>improvement etc. Another
>couple are around the level of
>Reason & Love, they are all
>about working hard at their
>jobs and taking holidays and
>enjoying life. Actual
>interests, hobbies, tastes,
>matter much less than
>similarity on the tone scale.
>Most people in the world are
>generally existing around the
>middle of this scale. When
>guys find this site they are
>often somewhere between Shame
>and Anger, at least in
>relation to any part of their
>life relating to girls.
>People below the level of
>Pride don't tend to hook up
>much, because they still have
>standards, and though other
>people at the same level are
>compatible, they are not
>attractive to them. Instead
>they idolise people at higher
>levels, but they have nothing
>to offer to those people so
>they have no chance at success
>with them.
>Some examples;
>Personally I put myself
>somewhere around Reason,
>bordering on Love, much of the
>time. Which isn't much above
>where I was in my teenage
>years, but I've been to Shame
>and back since then, and now I
>feel like I'm on a path of
>self-development that will
>take me higher.
>All the girls I hooked up with
>in the US were generally
>happy, balanced people, around
>the same level. One of them
>turned out to be a bit lower
>and I lost attraction for her
>rather than let her drag me
>In talking to some models last
>weekend I realised that they
>were very much about Pride. I
>tried to intellectualise with
>one of them (Reason), but
>while she was bright she
>didn't light up like more
>scholarly girls did.
>Cocky/Funny, done right, I
>think is on the level of
>Acceptance - you must accept
>yourself to laugh at yourself.
>The only material that really
>connected with her was talking
>about high society (Pride) in
>NYC and LA. But she hadn't
>made the same negative
>judgments about those things,
>so she turned me off, and I
>changed the subject. (I'd
>also tried to qualify myself
>on the subject and failed, in
>this instance, but the
>emotional level of the topic
>was correct)
>Last night, I was kissing a
>girl who is very
>happy-go-lucky and bright,
>around the Reason/Love/Joy
>mark, but I ditched her
>because I was meeting a girl
>who is more around Courage and
>Neutrality. They were equally
>hot, but I just got bored with
>girl #2. After this
>realisation I would not make
>the same decision.
>I'm very careful about whacky
>spiritual ideas, but I'm
>pretty sure people have a
>sixth sense about this sort of
>thing. The other day, sarging
>with Jet Tiger, there was a
>girl standing with her back to
>us. Even though I couldn't
>see her face, I found her
>attractive. I opened with our
>standard canned Vienna opener,
>but there was a voice in the
>back of my head saying 'drop
>the canned shit, change
>threads'. I pushed it anyway
>because my state was low, and
>she didn't hate it. Then her
>friends arrived, JT made her
>take a photo of us, and she
>left, mournfully looking at
>me, probably wondering why I
>wasn't trying to continue the
>On the bus on the way home
>from a club on Sunday night, I
>opened five girls, and
>naturally my target was the
>hottest girl. Again, by the
>end of the bus journey, I had
>a pretty good taste of each of
>their emotional levels, and
>the one closest to mine had
>gravitated towards me. I
>#-closed her, and in seeing
>her again last night, this
>choice was ratified.
>Thoughts, opinions?

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