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Field Report: walking home from gym

mASF post by Iron_Rinn

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Field Report: walking home from gym
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mASF post by "Iron_Rinn"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Still working on improving day game:

sweaty and disgusting walking home from gym, spots HB7.1

Me: hey - can I ask you a quick question?
Her: uh... sure.
Me: can I get directions?
Her: ok. to where?
Me: I need directions to best get to know you
Her: to get to New York?
Me: to Know You
Her: what? to New York?
Me: no. I want to KNOW YOU.
Her: smiles, blushes
Me: well, I see you have a sense of humor; that's important
Her: (silence)
Me: uh - how old are you?
Her: 23
Me: oh, well that's 29 in woman years
Her: no, 18
Me: heh heh. hey, I gotta run. gimme your number
Her: I have a boyfriend
Me: cool. I have a girlfriend. we can hook them up.
will your boyfriend make us breakfast in bed?
Her: no
Me: oh, forget it then. I'm out (walks away)

Strengths - 3 sec rule, getting better w/ comebacks (mainly stolen from posts
I've seen on line), direct

To work on - apparently I really need to work on my projection. it's funny
cause usually people tell me I have a really loud voice but I guess I get quiet
when I am
nervous in approach. Also maybe I should work on
being cocky/funny a bit more and not ejecting as quickly.
Plus, maybe I am trying too quick for the number.
Perhaps I should try doing the DYD turning around and
then turning back w/ the "hey, you got e-mail?"

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