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Field Report: Sin Vs The World

mASF post by Sin

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Field Report: Sin Vs The World
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mASF post by "Sin"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Great night

Went out with my friend Kennedy from England, and I tell you this guy is
freaking awesome I dunno if I would call him a natural but he goes up to girls
he wants to talk to without one moment of hesitation...he must have approached
ATLEAST 50 girls that night....and of course I had to as well in fact I opened
the first set....3 girls....heh 2 of them we ended up dancing with the other
was just I dunno to cool to dance I guess...the one I was interested in was the
pacific islander girl..this girl was thick as fuck but man I totally crashed
and bombed a couple times ...

1. Didn't pass any of her shit test I guess ("Why are you nervous?" "I like
your friends name better" )

2. Didn't pay attention to what the girls were saying ( tried to put on the
impression that I wasn't to interested but lol I must have put on a good act
because I really wasn't paying to much interest LOL).

Anyway after those 3 girls we opened up another 2 girls (my mind was thinking
social proof since I wanted the Hawaiian girl from the 3 set) dance with this
white girl who couldn't dance for ish....but hey I got my arm around her and
dragged her to the dance floor I think she may have been interested but she was
just not giving me any positive feedback...I ended up switching partners with
my buddy maybe to show some "disinterest" make her chase me but in the end we
left that set

Wow I opened up a lot of sets that night...and really got rejected pretty
good...I kept asking girls to dance and they said no lol heck one girl told
me....*as I was looking her dead in the eye* "No, I don't want to dance with
you." and left...I think the success was I took it...handled it and kept

Another set I opened up were these group of girls..(opened by my friend Kennedy
of course) totally got bombed out, they made fun of my zipper being open (my
express pants don't have a zipper but buttons so it sorta leaves my fly open)
but I told I like when women look there...X-D He got one of the girls numbers
he told me the one light skinned chick liked me but I guess I couldn't follow

not to have an excuse but around 2:00 am my lower back was hurting from
standing so long...and I literally just went up stairs to a couch and started
watching tv (yes I know but I need a break) I guess those rejections were
worrying me the fuck out ..but who ever said PU was 90% mental 10% tactics is
correct....your mind will kill you more then any rejection will

Oh btw best moment of the night was my nerd moment...what is a nerd moment?

Girl-where are you from?

Me- *try for cocky funnY* China.

Girl- Really?

Me- Yeah like Marco Polo (marco polo is the explorer who openend trade routes
btw Europe and china)


*sigh* LOGIC SUCKS SIn spark EMOTIONS lol but yeah I freaking talked to so
many random blown out almost everyone but I kept doing it..

Opened up one girl hot white chick....tried talking her she 30
min...I was like bitch what are you a doctor? I have to make an appointment to
see you...*eject*

I noticed though that when my friend wasn't around and I was soloing....It was
harder for me to approach babes (my pu drive went down like 80%) but when my
friend was around I was way ready to go..I dunno maybe he has that fabled "PU

Man so many bitch shields..not to generalize race (being black myself) but it
seems black girls are really hard to open for me...(but I noticed they got hit
on all the time in the club..I mean this one girl I was looking at walked from
the bar to the bathroom...she got hit on by like 10 guys)... It was cool to see
other guys picking up chicks...see them crash and burn and move on...even the
most ugliest (sorry if this sounds superficial) guys out there were out there
BUSTIN their ass trying to get some play....

Still had those AFC moments where I wanted to approach a girl but didn't
because I had a preconceived notions the girl would reject me (I assumed higher
value..bad bad bad)

Nice night plus I like how Vegas nights is ghetto as fuck lol...people smoking
weed, drinking beer, getting was hot...although outside of the place
looks like a cheap strip joint. I want to go here again...and practice..I think
this area (being ghetto) where all the girls get hit on mad by a bunch of
dudes will make being in Kennesaw much more easier (I dunno for some reason I
got a lot more feed back from the white chicks then the black I
said not trying to generalize race here but....thats what I experienced)

Oh'm going job hunting with my friend mark and Kennedy...and we
WILL open some sets

Saturday I'm going to a bar in Kennesaw called baileys to watch some fights
with some friend and we Will open up some sets

and sunday I dunno I may just call that my day of rest lol

The journey to pick up artist has begun

oh btw another nerd moment

When Kennedy told me lets open up these 2 girls on the set as we were walking
up the stairs I pictured us as obi wan and Anakin going into battle light
sabers drawn XD yeah I'm that fucking cool

ttyl mates



It feels good when you opened up so many sets you can't count

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