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Size Matters...for pupils.

mASF post by OM

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Size Matters...for pupils.
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mASF post by "OM"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

On 5/21/05 9:31:00 AM, Magnus wrote:
>I liked your question on
>Showing Interest, but this one
>is a doozy!
>If she's still talking to you,
>she's interested. Forget her

My reason for the question: i am learning about body language and i know that
humans cannot escape to some sexual paterns...may look silly but just think: if
we were naked all the time, a HB would know if we have sexual interested in her
just by seeing our erection.

Pupils are a kind of erection. If you know how to look at it, taking into
account BL (body language).

Dont be offended, but i dont care about the fact of you liking or not my
questions, i put these questions because i am trying to learn something. If
someone wants to answer them, thats ok, otherwise, bye,bye.

"What if i ride in a bike at the speed of light? what happens?..stupid questio
hein? It was that that maked Einstein create his theorys.

Not saying that i am a Ensteins, just saying that stupid questions may lead to
interesting answers....why do we laugh? thats the question behind "cocky-funny"
and that created some interesting stuff about PUA. Well, that all for
now...btw, i am not angry with you, just explaining my point of view.

see you guys :-)

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