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mASF post by Señor Fingers

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mASF post by "Señor Fingers"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2005

Looking back on my experiences in this game, I realize that the most
powerful shift I have made in my approach was the move from a longing for
acceptance vs. the desire to find what I was looking for. I know that sounds
cryptic, so allow me to elaborate.

When I first got into the science of seduction, my motives were completely
different. I was a validation seeker, whose self-esteem was directly linked to
how people perceived me. If I met a cute girl, my intent was to win her over
with my charms. If she liked me, I felt validated and in turn liked myself. But
if she blew me off, even if I played a cool front, deep down I would bang my
head against the walls and live in a state of woe and dismay at how unworthy
I was, until I met someone who would mend my fragile ego with their
acceptance. And so the vicious cycle would continue. My self worth was like a
leaf, blown mercilessly to and fro on the spastic whims of others. I had no


Wanna know the most twisted part of this whole scenario? I wasn't even sure
if I liked these people! Yet in a constant struggle to win their favor, I would
crank out a plethora of field-tested routines, jokes and stories in an effort
get them to like me. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but all I did was sub-
communicate my own neediness. Did I get laid? Of course I did. But I noticed
that when I was in this frame, I was attracting women with low self esteem,
and hohum personalities. Yeah I was getting ass alright, but I sure as hell was
not any happier or secure in myself either! Probably because I was a little LSE
with emotional issues of my own, but that's whole nother story. At the end of
the day I was not getting what I wanted, because I was too busy trying to be
what I thought other people expected. Now aint that a kick in the pants?


It wasn't until I started to really progress on my professional and spiritual
path, that I got tired of hot chicks with mediocre personalities and made the
paradigm shift. After years of granting women my approval based on how
fine they looked, I felt that I, being someone who is good-looking, talented
and ambitious to boot, deserved better. I didn't just tell myself this, it was
inner conviction that only a true queen would be worthy to share my love. My
friends laughed at me and called me a gay monk when I would turn down
easy ass. But I couldn't be pressured away from my choice, and started to
search for something deeper than a big butt and a smile. The result had
surprising side effects...

All of a sudden, I was the chooser and all of these hotties had to live up to
expectations. Call it qualifying, Push / Pull, or whatever you want, the point
that women can sense when you are not easily impressed, and it drives them
crazy when they meet someone who doesn't worship their looks right off the
bat. Most of them invest so much time and money on clothes, make-up,
nails, accesories, not to mention the countless hours of prep time before they
even step out the door, that it totally deflates their game when you show
more interest in who they are than how they look. I don't know if this attitude
showed in my body language or some other subconscious cues, but I wound
up getting hit on aggressively, even fought over by girls I never thought
would never give me the time of day.


At the same time, you can't be completely oblivious to their sex appeal. You
must show them some scrap of validation, so they know you are a sexual
being who fancies them. The trick is to show tentative interest, as in you like
them but aren't totally sold yet. Don't go out of your way to impress and for
once give THEM the chance to sincerely win you over. In order to pull this off
successfully, you have to feel 100% comfortable with yourself and approach
with the unshakeable confidence that you will always get what you want from
any interaction, be it a number, sex, or a learning experience. Things get so
much easier once you learn to flip the game and get these women seeking
your stamp of approval instead of the other way around. The big question, as
always, is how??? There are many things you can do, but before I get into
that, there is a major don't that should be brought to light.


If you ever feel insecure or unworthy around a pretty gal, then it's high time
you kicked that negative sh!t to the curb, took a deep breath and realized
that most of these chicks put so much effort in their appearances because
they are only trying to mask their insecurities. The status you place on them
is also an illusion. Though they pretend to be annoyed by it, the truth is that
they thrive off the daily validation offered to them by anonymous men. I was
always baffled by this behavior. They have the nerve to complain about horny
guys in the street as they squeeze into skin-tight jeans and strap on their
Wonder-Bras. Is it any wonder we have had so much trouble understanding
them, when they rarely make any damn sense?


For ages men have been scratching their heads, trying to figure out what it is
that these crazy b!tches really want. Is it money? Power? Prestige? Well for
starters, let's not get delusional here. A secluded internet nerd who acts like
chooser will not go very far. You must be attractive to attract! Sure, there
plenty of ladies who would lower their standards for a rich or powerful man
with zero looks or personality. But unless you live the solid gold lifestyle
don't mind dealing with gold-diggers, it's time to focus on what women are
really looking for.....EXCITEMENT!

Every girl, from her first romantic fantasies, dreams of a mysterious
adventurer who will jump-start her mundane world and make her feel more
intensely than ever before. This emotional instinct is something very alien to
our logical minds. All we want is a sweet piece of ass that will bring us a
sandwich afterwards, and we are totally at a loss when we see a beautiful
woman (who could have anyone she wanted) ends up with a major assh0le
who mistreats or beats her. The truth is that, jerk or not, he is fulfilling a
deep emotional be punished, hurt, anything to make her FEEL
because emotion is the way in which a woman establishes her reality.

Let's face it fellas, ladies love drama, and if you are not a great author of
own life, then you will fail to intrigue them! It is sad that some men choose
exploit these emotional weaknesses with pain and intimidation, because it's a
huge waste of energy and everyone loses in the end. If you really want a
woman to fantasize about you for the rest of her natural life, then you must
touch that emotional g-spot with excitement, inspiration and compassion.


When you live life to its fullest, there is no need to perform for the sake of
winning favor. People will be drawn to you naturally because you possess that
certain something they find attractive but can't quite figure out. Banish worry
and doubt from your thought patterns because they never help and always
hold you back. Be imaginative in everything you do and open your eyes to see
all of the great, funny and interesting things that make life worth living.
Behind the most boring everyday rituals, there are simple pleasures to be
enjoyed and great stories waiting to be told...if you can't see this then what
you need is a change of perspective. If possible, try to get some traveling
under your belt. Nothing will give you a greater sense of perspective and
appreciation for your world than alien rituals, cultures, and environments.
Traveling has helped me in so many aspects of my life, that I get restless if I
stay in one place for too long, and can't figure out how people can settle for
the throbbing monotony around them. Each day is on opportunity for
adventure, so even if it means going to a different part of town, get out of
tired old cycles that are weighing you down and get some fresh energy in
your life.

Another facet of excitement is spontaneity and decisiveness. In a sense you
must learn to sweep yourself off your own feet before you can do it for her.
The world rarely sticks to your plans anyway, so you are better off rolling
the punches and yes, even enjoying the unexpected twists in the road. There
is a Spanish expression that I love so much, it has become my motto...

"Nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más"

It means "Never go to sleep at night without knowing something new". Apply
this to your own life and it will naturally extend to your romantic approach.
Women absolutely adore a man who will grab their hand and say, "Tonight we
are going someplace special and you are going to LOVE it!" Anticipation,
wonder and surprise are your allies in this game, so take her places she has
never been before and teach her something, because people never forget
their first time. Your goal is to have them thinking, " Who IS this man?"
Remember that the moment they stop wondering about you is when the
boredom sets in and that pretty much means Game Over.


Be aware of your potential and believe in your ability to fulfill it. This is
best gift you can give yourself. It is also a wonderful thing to share with a
woman who you also feel has greatness within her. The bottom line is that we
all want to feel like we matter... that our lives have some kind of meaning.
This is why dreams are the most powerful part of my screening process. I love
to ask what they envisioned for the future as a child, the type of future they
are anticipating today, etc. What a girl wants out of life will tell you more
about her than anything else. This helps me weed out the boring ones who
are more concerned with "American Idol" than their own lives.

Once I find out what she dreams of, I do one of two things. If she is on the
right path, I express my sincere admiration because it is rare to find people
who live life on their own terms, and I have great interest in anyone who does
this. More often than not, unfortunately, I encounter a woman who has given
up on her life in a sense. In this case, I do my best to reinforce the fact
she is totally capable of realizing her potential by showing her that, despite
the people who called me crazy along the way, I have worked hard to fulfill
my own destiny. You would be surprised how few people actually encourage
these things nowadays. It's not a seduction ploy either. I really believe that
all have so much to offer, yet so few of us have the balls to defy convention
until someone believes in us. I have ex-girlfriends who I haven't seen in
years, but they are still head over heels in love with me because I made them
see all they had to offer the world and how stunningly beautiful they were
beneath the surface. And aint that all anyone really wants... to feel worthy,
desired and powerful?


I can't stress this enough, but learn to be a good listener! The worst thing
can do is feign interest or simply "uh-huh" someone to death. People
appreciate insight from an outsider's perspective and deep down we are all
looking for someone who gives a damn about our problems. This is not to
say that you should be the emotional tampon. The instant a girl starts to
complain about her life, job, friends, etc. I remind her that she always has
choice to change any of these things and sometimes we can't embrace a
better future if we are holding onto a crappy past just cause it's comfortable.
At first I sympathize with them and show I am on their side, until I can see
how they make themselves suffer needlessly, at which point I get them to
laugh at how silly they are being.

Transmuting worry and doubt into laughter is one of the most powerful
things you can do for a woman. I know it sounds crazy, but females have this
innate necessity to be make themselves crazy and then be pacified by you in
order to experience a wide range of emotions. Though it drives me nuts
sometimes, I have to admit, the sex is quite enjoyable after such episodes
because there is so much more that the two of you are expressing. This
might seem annoying at times, but I actually find it adorable how they
overcomplicate their lives and are desperate for someone to come along and
make things simple for them. On an instinctual level, they want you to shake
them up emotionally, which is why you want to reduce their stress to peace
and vanquish boredom with excitement. It should be noted that some
women, no matter how hot or great they seem, might not be compatible with
you on this energetic level. Two uptight and paranoid people will drive each
other crazy and two laidback folks will probably get bored very quickly.
Nature dictates that we experience an abundance of energy when two
extremes collide and find balance. As my mom always said, "There is
someone for everyone"


The most important step you can take to getting what you want out of life is
actually deciding what that something is. Seduction is not so much about
being a one-man circus to get a piece of ass, as it is about seducing the
universe into materializing your desires. This applies to your career, your
physical being, and your sexuality. Even if it seems stupid, write down your
vision of an ideal job, body and mate. Make a list of the things that you want
to change and the possible methods of doing so. One of the biggest turn-offs
for a woman is a wishy-washy man, and you would do your self a great
service to eliminate the words "I don't know" from your vocabulary. It is
to err on the side of daring, rather than caution, because this is the only way
to change your life for the better.

I suppose you could try to fake these attitudes I have outlined with nothing
more than a few daily self-affirmations, but personal experience has taught
me that only when you truly see yourself as a winner, will you feel legitimized
to score a "10". And your actions, not your words, will determine how you see
yourself. The old saying rings true my friends, beggars really can't be
choosers. The beauty of it all is that until the day we die, we always have the
choice to be either one.

All the Best,


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