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Different seduction methods (theorical, long)

mASF post by jacques

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Different seduction methods (theorical, long)
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mASF post by "jacques"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

This is not directly applicable to PU, but I wrote this little text on how the
different seduction methods work to help me choose a method adapted to my
problems and I figured that I could as well publish it here. It is one of those
"general" posts like the famous "How do you want to pickup" post. I find it
helped me a lot to understand why people disagree on what method to use
here. I find that understanding how the methods work internally allows me to
better adapt myself to a given chick. Your mileage may vary.

Let's start by listing what all PU methods have in common:
-they are directed at the emotional brain of the girl. This is the most
important point: women do not decide to fuck with their rational brain, it is
an emotional response. This is why nerds don't get laid.
-they follow a pattern of escalation from eye contact, verbal contact, touch,
heavy touch, sex. This is simply how human mate and has actually been
scientifically proven to be an universal structure across all continents and
-they work at increasing the "attraction/discomfort" ratio. You build
attraction. You build comfort. When the girl is attracted enough and
comfortable enough, she is ready for the next step.

Now for the differences:
My understanding is that the main difference between methods is how they
handle the "attraction/discomfort" ratio. This also explains why some
methods work better on some chicks: party chicks need to be attracted, but
are easily comfortable, for example. Shy chicks need a lot more comfort, but
are easily attracted.
As to the difference, my feeling is that there are only 3 big groups of
methods: "direct" (like Gunwitch), "cocky and funny" and "romantic rapport"
(e.g. NLP stuff, gone out of fashion here lately). So how do these methods
deal with attraction and rapport? For attraction, the idea is always the same:
you want to prove to her that you are "the man", that you are dominating.
Now the question is "what kind of man are you going to be?".

"Direct" methods, like Gunwitch or any "be the alpha male" stuff builds
attraction with a deceptively simple trick. Considering that girls are
to a certain type of men (the ones that look and act like a cross of James
Bond, Vin Diesel and Marlon Brando in "A streetcar named desire"), to get
them attracted you just have to look and act like those guys: aggressive (in a
manly sense), dominating, muscular, rebellious.
The main problems with this method are building comfort (since you must
look like a dangerous guy) and actually acting like this type of guy. If you
start from a "nice guy" frame, you will have lots of work before you'll be
actually be able to play a convincing "bad ass". Remember: the girl will judge
you subconsciously from your body language and little subliminal messages
you send yourself, so you need tight game for this method to work.
Symptoms that you are failing: the girl asks you "why are you doing that?",
e.g. when you kino. Or she says "You are a nice guy. You don't need to do
that.". This means "I am comfortable, but not attracted". When a girl says you
are a "nice guy", it means "you don't look like my idea of alpha".
Ways to improve on that method: inner game» and lift weights. Peacock like a
pimp, a rock star or a gangster.

"Cocky and funny" is also about building attraction, but for a different set of
qualities. It aims at demonstrating that you can dominate with your mind. If
you think about it, it makes sense that girls are attracted to intelligent men,
socially intelligent men. In the stone age, those were the ones that sent the
bad ass warriors out fighting, handing out medals for the few that came back
alive. They also invented fire and all sorts of useful things.
"Cocky and funny" aims at building attraction by proving to the girl that you
can dominate her by your intelligence. That's why it must be funny or you'd
sound like a wise ass. Remember: you are not aiming at her rational brain.
Symptoms that it works: you get lots of shit tests (each test passed allows
you to prove your domination). Symptoms that you are failing: the girl does
not laugh.
I find that C&F has great advantages for "nice guys":
-it makes the girls attracted very fast, which is always good
-it displays mental qualities like humour that nice guys can have
-it is playfull, which is also consistent with a nice guy image
-it confuses the girls a lot, which is good if they want a "bad ass" which you
aren't, at least in the beginning of the interaction
-it allows intellectual guys to play a "dominant" frame
-you can seduce over many days (e.g. asking for e-mail for a day 2), which is
easier for a beginner.

Of course, there are disadvantages:
-it is not adapted to loud places like clubs (you need to talk)
-it is slow
-it doesn't work on dumb chicks and is risky with shy or LSE chicks
-you actually need to understand humor
-you get more shit tests (also because the girl is confused)
-probably it increases last minute resistance (because of the playfull frame
and because the girls are confused).

Note: you need to actually believe that you are smarter than the chick for C&F
to work. It does not make inner game» superfluous.

The last method, also adapted to "nice guys", is the "romantic rapport"
method. It is those methods where you try to build some "incredible
connection" romantic stuff. It's when you build lots of rapport on the
emotional plane. The idea is to get the girl experience lots of positive
emotions with you (e.g. remembering happy stuff from her childhood, etc...).
Then you build on having her experiencing positive emotions more sexual in
nature (feeling of freedom, sun on her skin, etc...).
I can't really talk about that method, because I never used it, but my feeling
that it aims more at building comfort than at building attraction. Which is
probably the reason it is not popular here: it will not work in clubs or with
typical "party girls". OTOH, it would probably be a killer at a new age
convention. ;-)
Symptoms that you are failing: girl refuses the connection (e.g. asks why you
are asking questions) or drifts to negative emotions.

Now, it goes without saying that the methods can and often should be mixed.
There is no inconsistency in an intelligent bad ass that gives you positive
emotions from the point of view of the girl. And even if you choose to go "all
one method", it is always a good surprise for the girl to discover "He is
intelligent, too!", "He can be romantic!", etc... And if you happen to meet a
chick that is not responsive to your favorite method, you can always try to
practice one of the other. For example, if you like C&F and meet a shy chick
at a new age convention, you can try to build an "incredible connection"

This being said, try to know where your assets are and choose the method
that is best for you. Which is easier said than done: most guys have the
wrong ideas on what their assets are: what you want to know is what type of
man women think that you are when they first meet you. And the only way to
know is to approach 10 women and listen carefully to find out what emotions
you create in them naturally, then choose your method based on that, taking
into account your personal preferences as well.

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