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20 Rules for Pick up by McMaax . Any feedback!

mASF post by McMaax

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20 Rules for Pick up by McMaax . Any feedback!
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mASF post by "McMaax"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Rules for Pick UP by McMaax....

I have incorporated TD's style, Swingcat, David DeAngelo, Mystery, Carlos Xuma
and Derek Vitalo.

1. Follow TD's 25 points. If you don't know what they are. Go to and click on Tyler Durden
2. Calibrate your value versus Targets value before you plan your approach.

If she is a 9 and you area 7

Then you can use High Octane Material
Be more assertive
Give her at least 3 Negs
Do takeaways at emotional spike points.
Push and pull more
Open loop her
Qualify her to the max
Get her seeking validation and acceptance and approval from you

If her value is lower than yours

Do not need to use negs
Be more playful
Show more insecurities
Can make sinceren compliment

So always calibrate who , what and where you are sarging.
CALIBRATION is the name of the GAME

3. Approach a one set with an opinion opener, But the opinion opener
has to seem like you only want an opinion from a female and she just happens to
be in the
area. If you actively look at her, with a smile and ask her for an opinion. He
anti slut defense
and anti pick up mechanism will kick in and you will be blown out. After you
have successfully
opened her and she believes through body language and other subtle things that
you just want an opinion.
you can hook her with stories, routines, and ball bust ..qualify her. Like take
her answer and bust on it.

4. Remember women do not sleep with men who choose them. as this violates the
anti slut mechanism
that is why women chase and fuck men who play "Hard to get" . This is TD's
section in Bristo.
Basically by you playing hard to get and making a woman chase you, you seem to
convey that you dont'
want to get down her pants desparately, you have other chicks cuz you play hard
to get and when you switch
the tables on a woman like this, she doesn't feel guilty about sleeping with
you because SHE CHOSE IT. and in society
it's the women who choose so she won't feel like she is violating societal
convention and will be more apt to justify
fucking you. She will say yeah but I chose him. She did because you pushed her
buttons, acted like a challenge, did takeaways, pushed and
pulled her, and this made her chase you so it seems like she pursued you for
sex. This is what you must do in a pick up.
Play hard to get. Meaning ball bust, and qualify her. Then screen and accept

5. Approach at 45 degree angle.. and only close the angle if she earns it by
responding to your opener and material. If she doesn't
turn your back to her and just walk away. Women do this to guys all the time
and it makes guys follow and chase them to find out
"hey what the fuck" what's wrong with me or what did I say to seek her
validation. The same shit will happen when girl or set give you a
"I'm not interested" response. Immediately diaqualify them and turn your back.
They will chase you.

6. Do takeaways at high emotional peak points. Once you deliver your high
octanc material like Cocky/funny, and she is engaged or laughing. at the peak
of the laugher. Turn your back slightly away from her and break eye contact.
She will attempt to re engage you to chase you because she wants those feelings
you gave her. Remember people will chase to re build reapport with you when you
attempt to break it. ALso, people of higher value break rapport, while those of
lower value try to build it.

7. Always follow this step in your pick up.

Approach-Show value-attract-rapport-extract

There should be kino throughout. Less to more but she has to earn it
Also body angle gets closer as the sarge progresses.

Remember, anytime she does something that you do not approve of

Re open body angle
Lean away
and less kino

This way she becomes dependent on seeking your aceeptance or approval

8. In a two set. Engage the cockblock alittle more than the Target
Complement her. Socialize with her. This will build social proof
and her freind "Target" will see that wow this guy is cool
"hey if you can't beat 'em ..join 'em cuz my friends all do.
Neg the target and give her less attention. But you must constantly
check to make sure that she is still in the game. Don't completely
ignore her otherwise she will think that you and her friend are hitting it off
so always make sure the target is still in the game. The ratio of attention to
should be 70:30

9. Talk slowly and from your diapgram. Deliberate pauses and delays
Do not say "Right" or "You know" when you speak

10. If a girl asks you a question, do not be to eager to answer it. Shows too
much fuckin' interest.
Just ignore it and she will say "Hey ....did you hear my question" which means
she is eager to seek validation
from you by you answering or communicating with her. That is the position of
power you want to establish. Where the
tables are turned.

11. Do not smile too much wen you meet a set or a girl. Shows approval seeking,
AFC tendencies. Only smile
as a reward to what she says if it impresses you. This willl condition her to
seek your validation . She has to earn
You leaning in, smiling, kino'g her and such. Then she will become like an
approval seeking guy.

12. Grab a cell phone talk on it like you are on the phone with a chick and
then open a set with an opinion opener.
And say "Hey let me ask these girls Jennifer" like you are talking to Jennifer
on the phone....and let the girls hearing you talking to a girl on the phone.
this will build
fake social proof. Also make you appear that since you are in the area where
the girls are you just happen to be asking them.
Also, it comes across as the girl on the phone with you or imaginary chick also
wants to know the opinion and girls will not detect this as you
trying topick them up. I have done this several times at York with success.
Just rememberd

13. Say hey are you confident enough to accept a sincere compliment. She will
say "Sure" then you say " Me too, k you first " LOL!

14. IF you go up to a girl. and she starts to act rude, uninterested. Just turn
your back and reject her. Girls do this to guys. Slam the doors in their
faces and what does the guy do try to rengage. Do this to chicks. When they
give you a reaction you do not like:

turn your back
break eye contact

Treat them the way they treat us. they will chase you. Tyler durden refernced.

15. Only do handwriting analysis, palm reading, strawberry field. After you
have gained some prizability in her eyes.
This is more mid game. The first 5-20 minutes you should be qualifying her.
Busting her, breaking rapport with her.
and getting her to seek your validation. Then once you have atttracted her. You
ain't done. Then you must screen and accept her.
Then you can go for comfort and rapport. In this stage, turn down the high
octane Cocky/funny with more subtle take aways, if she
busts on you, just go slient and break rapport. Do not go back to the
attraction phase. You got this far so keep it at the rapport level.

16. Also use situational operers. Notice something she does or is reading, and
just make a cocky/funny remark

Do not say

What are you reading
are those split ends and other rapport building questions.

Do not ask functional, boring everyday , AFC questions but unique, emotinally
engaging questions
make a cocky funny remark
Everything out of your mouth should challenge and disvalidate who she thinks
she is. She will try to validate herself through your acceptance.

17. IF you missed what a girl is saying, don't say" What did you say" shows too
much interest. Who gives a fuck. Just stack routines.and engage her on your

18 Bring her closer to you and then push her away. Once you have attracted her.
Push and pull.

19 . KINO, KINO, KINO. ALways touch a woman. From light to more. She has to get
used to your touch.

20..Wing with guys who are good, not AFC. They will rub off on you. Find people
who know what they are doing. Also record and audit your sarges in a journal.
You need to find out what you did wrong and also right. Please get into the
habit or recording your activities. Otherwise you won't know what to do, what
to dhange, what works and what doesn't. Take my advise.

BONUS COMING UP IN MY NEW E-BOOK ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MCMAAX

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