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mASF post by Fransisco d'Anconia

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mASF post by "Fransisco d'Anconia"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

I am still pretty new to this game, but of course I aspire to (and will) become
the best. Recently, I have been experimenting with peacocking. I must say, I
find the feedback and reactions quite amazing (I have only been reading pick-up
material for six weeks, so if this is something that has been discussed until
boredom, just bear with my rookie enthusiasm).

In evolutionary biology, the peacock's tale is the pet example on sexual
selection's triumph over natural selection. The males extravagant tale is is
quite an attentiongetter, but it is actually harmful for it's survival. It
costs scarce energy and nutrition to build, it makes the peacock easier to spot
for predators, and makes it harder to escape. This communicates a very powerful

"Imagine how excellent my genes must be when I can sport something as
outrageous as this and STILL survive!"

I have just picked up the term peacocking from others, but have an
understanding that it involves dressing very extravagant when going out. Last
saturday, I went out wearing trendy jeans, white suspenders hanging down on the
sides, black shirt with rolled up sleeves, white tie, white hat, wrist bands
and a rough blazer. I got so much attention (of the good sort) it was simply

My take on this is that the effectiveness of peacocking does not simply come
from the fact that you will get attention, as some guys I have talked to seem
to believe. If you look at the reaction girls have towards guys who look like
something cut and pasted from GQ, they will often see him as some poor bastard
who is simply trying to hard. He will get noticed, but he will come across as
insecure and needy. It's not him, it's not real, he just copied something he
saw in the desperate hope it would get him somewhere.

The hidden gem in peacocking is to make it smart with a hint of outrageous, by
combining clothing that convention states do not _really_ go together. This
will send the message that you are not a clueless fashion-ignorant chump, but a
guy so confident that you dress exactly how you want and couldn't care less
what others think.

You are purposefully "incurring a cost" by getting dressed in a way that is
easy for frigid women and beta males (predators)to ridicule, because you are so
hot stuff that it won't make a lick of difference anyway.

Any thoughts?

"Biologically speaking, if something bites you it's more likely to be female."

Desmond Morris

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