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Re: racism

mASF post by bbeast

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Re: racism
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mASF post by "bbeast"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

You need to reframe. Actually I think that you have an advantage. Think
positively - learn everything you can about Tantra, Yoga, Kama Sutra
etc. It's a stereotype, they expect you to know these things and they
are the ULTIMATE chick magnet. Hint that you know them, act as you know
them. Believe that you are the best lover, trained in these ancient
traditions and convey it, don't say it.
Then it will work in your favour, not against you.

And next - I used to be in politics. I come from a country, where
political parties hate each other like clans, but once, some years ago,
there was a youth convention from all parties, some German foundation
organised it. And since we slept, ate and had leisure time in the same
places with "the enemy", you just cannot believe the sexual tension
there was between us, and most guys got lucky, including me, being a
worst case of AFC.

Set the right frame. You're Indian, you love it and you are the best
lover in the world!


mahmood357 wrote:
> Take it easy on the stereotyping. I don't do any of that shit--born in
> America, raised on pizza and burgers just like you. And I dress more or less
> like everyone else, with my own style thrown in. No accent, either. It's
> that slight differences mean a big thing to OTHER people within the social
> context, imo, and that is what I was trying to get at. Professionally, I've
> never had any problems, and I don't think I ever will. But trying to break
> into the game is really just a question of fitting in, and when you are
> about a place just 50 years removed from segregation, it's not crazy to say
> that it's harder to fit in (especially at SEC diploma mills, er,
>>6. There are behavioral norms.
>>Do you eat a lot of curry and
>>therefore have really
>>dreadfully bad breath? Change
>>your diet
>>Do you insist on wearing that
>>fucked up dot in the middle of
>>your forehead, carrying around
>>six-foot-tall Ganesha in your
>>car, playing bangly-bangly
>>whine doink-doink sitar Indian
>>classical music? Change your
>>habits! Part of PU is standing
>>out from the crowd of AFCs,
>>another part of it is
>>demonstrating (through
>>outwardly visible
>>behaviors!) that you
>>UNDERSTAND the social norms in
>>community. People can only go
>>so far away from their initial
>>assumptions before they simply
>>find the challenge of meeting
>>another person to be too
>>challenging. You have to make
>>up the
>>ground somehow. Don't present
>>SUCH an unfamiliar challenge
>>they balk at the opportunity.
>>Fit in ... not too much, but
>>enough, that you aren't
>>repulsive to your targets.
>>That curry-
>>breath thing has GOT to stop!

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